Tips For Traveling By Auto

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It is always fun to go on a road trip. I have some tips and tricks that just might make it a little more comfortable and fun.

Tip #1: Always be prepared

This means making sure you have plenty of water, both for drinking and for the radiator. Make sure you have spare belts, hoses and fluids for your vehicle.
Keep a repair manual for your specific vehicle, in the vehicle at all times. Keep a well stocked first-aid kit in your vehicle. Keep at least 1 flashlight and fresh batteries. Keep energy bars, or something similar, with you while you travel. These come in handy if you break down and have to walk for help.

Tip#2: Vehicle maintenance

Never hit the road without checking your fluids, hoses, belts, tires and looking for any signs of leaks. If your belts look frayed, change them. At the very least, carry extras with you. Avoid driving long distances on worn or “bald” tires. A worn tire can blow and cause an accident. Make sure your vehicle has been serviced by a professional at regular intervals.

Tip#3: Map it

Always plan your route. This may not sound spontaneous or fun, but it can sure benefit you in an emergency. Planning out your route can also save you time as opposed to “winging it” and trying to figure out which exits, highways and interstates to take as you go along.  It is always a smart idea to have an alternate route planned out in case of road construction or adverse weather conditions.

Tip#4: Research

Get online and research the route and area you are going to be traveling through. You can find discounts and coupons for everything from you hotel accommodations to restaurants. This can save you time as well as money while on the road and after you reach your destination. Print out the coupons and take them with you. If using a coupon while calling to make reservations for rooms, give the coupon code.

Tip#5: Tell someone where you are going

This is so important, let someone know which route you are going to be traveling and what will be your ultimate destination. Figure out a check in time or date that you will contact this person to let them know everything is okay. If you do not call to check in, then they will know something happened. If something does goes wrong, like an accident, people will know where to begin looking for you. This simple act just might save your life in the event something terrible happen along the way.

Tip#6: Miscellaneous

Take a few blankets and pillows for comfort sleeping while on the road (obviously not the driver). Alternate drivers when traveling in a group. This way, everyone gets the chance to relax while on a long trip.

The best tip I can give is to plan ahead and to drive safely. Enjoy your next road trip!

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