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Here comes our tips for planning a family vacation…   Summertime is here and it is time to plan the perfect family vacation.You know the one trip that you and your kids will be talking about for the rest of the year… the one that you won’t want to come back from.

Before you cringe at the thought of trying to come up with the most exciting and fun vacation that your family will love…

Don’t worry, you don’t need an adult beverage for this, take a deep breath and follow these tips on how to create the best vacation for you and your family.

Tip One – Talk to Each Other

While planning a family vacation ,do yourself a favor and talk to your spouse and kids about what they would like to do. While you may be thinking that Disney World Florida is the place to be, you may be surprised to find that your munchkins would rather spend time splashing in the ocean or even a Great Lake.

Tip Two – Set a Budget

Speaking from personal experience, a budget will really help you enjoy your time away and not come home to an ever mounting pile of bills.

We know with our family of 5 what a vacation is going to cost us. We also know our spending tendencies. I recommend a separate account with a debit card that you use only for vacation and leave access to the other accounts at home.

Or use cash only, that way you know at all times what you have and what you will be able to do. You can also consider getting yourself Family Vacation Planners to help you in the planning.

Tips Three – Be Realistic

Again, speaking from personal experience, a vacation is supposed to be fun. And only you know what that fun is for your family.So don’t be all stressed out planning a family vacation.

If your family is a laid back go with the flow type bunch, then don’t stress about scheduling a bunch of “to-do” things on vacation. Do what you want to do.

Tips Four – Prepare for Departure

1) Clear your desk at work before leaving. Leave good notes behind for coworkers to follow. Plan on catch up time when you return. Inform clients you will be gone so you will not bebothered.

2) Remember to take any necessary items either for you or for the kids. eg: medications, feeding bottle, favourite toys, battery chargers etc..

3) If you are planning a family ski vacation, do make sure that you have all the things that you need. And do check the local weather and road conditions before departure.

Tip Five – Remember Your Kids

Our hectic lives give us enough time apart. Make this quality time with your kids, do what they want to do, take part in activities that are going to be fun for them.

It doesn’t matter if it is a crazy roller coaster with your teenage daughter that makes it so you can’t walk a straight line afterwards, or jumping into that go-cart with your preteen son and racing your heart out, make it fun for them.

After all it is only 20 minutes before your equilibrium reestablishes and your tail bone that you bump on the back of the seat will heal in time.

Tip Six – Pick Family Friendly Places

Again, Disney is a magical place. However when your munchkins are very young Disney isn’t the most fun for a family.

Yes Mickey and Minnie and the princesses are wonderful, but the crowds and the lines take away the fun. Plan ahead and you try to go there in off-peak season. Planning a family vacation, is also also about getting more information about your destination.

Tip Seven – RELAX!

I can’t stress relaxing enough.

While I teased in the beginning about planning a family vacation which is ideal… the most ideal vacation is going to the one where you and your family are able to simply relax and enjoy being together.

It doesn’t matter if that is a tent in the back yard with a campfire at night, a weekend get away at a local hotel where they can jump on beds and go swimming, or making the trip to a big name must see place.

Tip Eight – Look for the Deals

One of our friends and her family recently drove to Orlando. They made a stop in Ormond Beach, stayed with a friend on the ocean for free, then they drove to Orlando.

Instead of staying in Disney they stayed at an incredible hotel 3 minutes outside of the Disney.

The hotel was only 5 years old, and they were there for 6 days, the kids loved the huge pirate ship in the pool. The hotel also offered shuttle service for them if they wanted it. She also managed to save some money on the tickets as the hotel sold tickets to everything in the lobby for less than gate prices. Their hotel bill for the 6 days… $658.

Had they stayed inside Disney at a resort hotel, the cheapest could easily be $2200! You too can have an affordable Disney family vacations! Planning a family vacation by the available deals can be very rewarding indeed!

Tip Nine – Create a lasting memory

Plan a head and you too would have a list of your Memorable Family Vacation Spots to share and cherish forever! More Info Click here

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