Three Destinations to Explore the Culture of America

The United States is impressively vast, ocean to ocean. There are mountain, plains, deserts, and various tropical destinations. All of these have formed some of the most diverse group of individuals well before settlers began arriving on the soil. The cultures formed well before modern times have continued to strive to this day; these places and culture harbor some of the best experiences for travelers.

imageThe following list is three of these destinations where you can explore new cultures and the wonderful locations that helped shape them to what they are today.

1: The French Side of Louisiana

Louisiana was once part of French control before being purchased but it gave the state enough time to instill French language and culture. In fact, there are distinct types of languages you may find in the area from French, Creole French, and Cajun French. Many have disregarded cities such as New Orleans but it’s one of the most prime locations in the United States to experience authentic French culture.

New Orleans is a little rough around the edges but you can expect:

·  Rides throughout the city via classic street cars

·  Explore the dark side by visiting a voodoo shop

·  Party hard during one of the many parades and events

·  Listen to the sounds of Jazz while chowing on Cajun/Creole food

Of course, Mardi Gras is the big attention getter for New Orleans but stopping in when it’s not happening is well worth the travel. Accommodations are easy to find, the food and people are great, and there is a real Southern, French vibe you can’t get anywhere else!

2: The Native Americans of the Chickasaw Nation

The Chickasaw Tribe lived in the Southeast (mainly around areas such as Mississippi, Alabama, and Kentucky) until they migrated to Oklahoma in 1832. The new land they found settlement on is now referred to as the Chickasaw Nation, which comprises a handful of counties toward the lower-middle region of the state.

Reasons for the destination:

·  Incredible views (from mountains, lakes, and waterfalls)

·  Thriving nightlife (from nightclubs and casinos)

·  Expansive dining (from high-end restaurants to basic bistros)

·  Community events (from dances to music)

The area has many different, fun activities for all ages. Its location is incredible for those who want to go off to the mountains on a hike and then come back to the city to experience real Native American culture.

3: The Latin Explosion that is Miami

Miami is a hot spot for play boys and play girls but really that’s only what most see on the surface having watched shows like Miami Vice. When you reach the city it is far different from what you can imagine. There is certainly the high rises and South Beach but beneath the media glitz is an expansive collection of Latin American cultures (all of which bring their unique flare you can’t find anywhere else).

Within South Florida (and especially in Miami) you’ll find:

·  Colombians

·  Cubans

·  Dominicans

·  Haitians

·  Hondurans

·  Nicaraguans

·  Puerto Ricans

Similar to how they say the United States is a melting pot – Miami is one that blends so many Latino cultures that you won’t have a lifetime to explore the various foods, traditions, and events what Miami has to offer (though it’s still worth the try!).

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