Things To Do In San Diego In The Rain

    Activity Card-California

Activity Card-California

It was Jason’s birthday, my brother from another mother back from my Stanford days.  We decided to head down to San Diego (we both live in Vegas now),  for some rest and relaxation after grinding out our finance jobs for the past 18 months!  How I ended up in Vegas and not New York is another story, but that’s exactly what happened –sin city baby! So, we hopped in the beamer and off we went, to lands of San Diego where we heard the fish tacos, sands, ladies, and cocktails on the beach were all amazing.

We stayed at the cozy hotel in Pacific Beach, put our shoes up on the porch, kicked back, and it started pouring rain! I’m not talking just rain, I’m talking the stuff you see in the movies where the faces become blurry, and it looks like you are watching Scream4 or something, it was bad.  So, what did  we do? We headed to the local fitness club, showed our Activity Cards, and we found ourselves in a steam room that was something out of Paradise.  I don’t’ know what is it but San Diego seems to have the best steam rooms this side of the Mississippi.

For those in the SD area, try Urban Calm, it’s great.  Well, let me back of for a second, and tell you that our saved the whole trip! See, sometimes it’s not about where you are going, its about what you are going to do once you get there, and we had no clue! We pulled out the Activity Card, checked what fun things to do were in the area on our cells, and we were off to adventure San Diego even though it was pouring cats and elephants!

Our next step, gas lamp for an amazing pub tour (again, 50% off with our Activity Card, can’t beat that!) – the pub tour was delicious and amazing. I would never think to use the word delicious for a pub tour, but if you were to see the appetizers that came with our beers, you would think that you were entering the pearly gates ! I would check out Island Prime, the Yard House, Searsucker, or Croce’s.  After that, we found ourselves using our card again at an indoor squash facility, which was a lot of fun, and then some movies down in the Gas Lamp.  Overall, if you are looking to find fun things to do in the rain, there are a bunch, but it’s really who you are with.  Being with friends in the rain is better than being along, that’s the moral of the story, and I can’ wait for my next adventures in San Diego but for now it’s back to Sin City, baby! –

Jason, The Original Vegas Adventure Guru

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