Things to do in Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks- Ak,

Fairbanks- Alaska,

Fairbanks, Alaska is a great place to go for a fall vacation.  Fairbanks is a great place to tour on your own if you wish.  You can pick up brochures for walking or driving tours at the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitor Center.  Be sure and do this because the brochures are really helpful.

The walking tour is 1 hour long and will take on a historical tour of downtown Fairbanks.  You will visit the sites of Captain Barnett’s landing, the First Avenue bath house, and the “Row” which is where the prostitution houses were located.

Fairbanks, Alaska is considered the friendliest town in North America by many people.  It does not matter what time of the year you go to Fairbanks you will have a great vacation.  Before the Alaska Highway was contracted Fairbanks was a mining town.  An Italian immigrant named Felix Pedro is said to be the first person to discover gold here in 1902.

Fairbanks has an economy based on oil, gas, gold mining, coal mining, military and tourism.  It is the gateway to Alaska’s interior and the Arctic.

Fairbanks has many things to do.  You can visit the Chena Lake Recreation Area.  The Chena Lake Recreation Area is made up of over 2,100 acres.  The most popular place in the park is Chena Lake.  There is a 259 acre barrow pit whose bays, peninsulas and islands give it a natural appearance.  Chena Lake Recreation Area has much to offer visitors.

Another great thing to do in Fairbanks is to visit the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum.  There are over 70 early American cars on display.  There are horseless carriages from the 1800’s.  There are 1930’s classic cars.  You will also see steam automobiles and electric carriages.  There are many other types of cars on display.

Another thing you can do is go see the Riverboat Discovery.  The Riverboat Discovery is the only stern-wheeler in Alaska.  The Discovery III takes people on a half day cruise on the Chena and Tanana Rivers.  The tours are run everyday.  The Discovery III will take you down the Chena River.  You will see old homesteads along the river bank.  There are also many modern homes.  On your return trip you will visit the Old Chena Indian Village.  This trip is one you will not forget for along time.

Another thing to do is visit the Wedgwood Wildlife Sanctuary.  There are 1 ½ miles of walking trails.  They will take you through a forest area.  It will take you around Wander Lake.  The trails are wheelchair and stroller accessible.  There are places to rest along the trails.  You will see over 100 species of birds, 15 mammals, 3 kinds of fish and many different kinds of plants.

There are so many things to do in Fairbanks any time of the year.  You will love your fall vacation in Fairbanks.

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