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Alaska was first settled by the Russians.  In 1867 the Russians sold Russian America to the United States.  In 1913 construction was started on the Alaska Railroad.  Ship Creek Landing in Anchorage was the railroads headquarters.  Anchorage is also a very popular cruise ship port of call.

One of the must things to do in Anchorage in the fall is to visit the Alaska Zoo.  The zoo is open year around.  The zoo has over 100 animals on exhibit.  There are polar bears, brown bears, black bears, tigers, moose, wolves, snow leopards, lynx and caribou on exhibit to name a few.  There are also ravens, eagles, hawks and owls.  Tit is located on a 20 acre park.

Another thing to do is visit the Anchorage Museum.  It is considered one of the most popular attractions in Alaska.  The museum has 600 Alaska Native artifacts on loan from the Smithsonian Institute.  There is a planetarium and an Alaska Native contemporary art gallery.

Going to Potter March is a great thing to do if you like bird and wildlife watching.  From April to October you will see Canadian geese, pintails, canvasback ducks, red necked phalaropes, horned and red necked grebes and northern harriers.  You can see gulls, Arctic terns, shorebirds and trumpeter swans from May to August.  You will also see moose and muskrats.

From the bridge on Rabbit Creek you can see Chinook, Coho and humpback salmon.  Potter March is one of the best places to watch wildlife in Anchorage.

Another great thing for you to do is visit Far North Bicentennial Park.  You will find great adventure here.  There are no marked hiking trails but you can explore the park on foot.  It will be a fabulous experience.

Another thing to do is visit The Alaska Native Heritage Center.  You will learn about Alaska’s 11 major culture groups.  There are story telling, Native song and dance and artist demonstrations.  The Alaska Native Heritage Center is located on 26 acres.  There are 6 authentic native dwellings to explore.  The tour of the Alaska Native Heritage Center lasts 2 to 4 hours.

Another thing to do in Anchorage is visit the Sourdough Mining Company Restaurant.  It is a replica of an old mill house.  This is a great place to eat.  They serve Alaska Seafood, Barbecued favorites, salads and sandwiches.  You can enjoy an after dinner drink at the Creek side saloon.

After dinner you can go to the Tent City Theater.  You will watch the adventures of Dusty Sourdough.  Song and story telling will take you back to the gold rush days.  You will enjoy it.

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