There’s an App for That: Top Mobile Apps for Travel



by Kevin Thompson,

Wouldn’t it be great to know where to get free Wi-Fi, a deal on a luxe or hip hotel and if you can expect rain on your next trip? Well, there is an app for almost anything you need while traveling…and that means anything. Don’t worry about being in the dark when it comes to delayed flights, city maps and possible accidents while away. Here are some top mobile travel apps you should download now. Go get your phone.

Wi-Fi Finder

When you are in an unfamiliar town, or even a familiar one, it’s not always easy to access Wi-Fi for little to no cost when in need of Internet access. This little nugget of an application locates hotspots and gives you details on how to get there or contact them. For iPhone, iPad and Android. Free.


Recently revamped, the GateGuru app’s goal is to take some of the stress out of your excursion. It’s touted by Tech Crunch as the go-to resource for your travel day, while you can turn to other useful apps for planning and booking. With almost one million users, this tool directs you to everything in almost any airport including restaurants, ATMs, shops and services and it gives you the ability to review your experiences. The advantages also include the ability to manage your itineraries and access crowdsourcing to find out the wait times at security. The most recent update includes car rental arrangements and improvements continue to be made. For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android. Free.

Hartford Mobile

There is never a good time for a car accident. Especially, though, while away from home. The Hartford Mobile App allows drivers a sense of security, though, because all of your auto insurance user information is loaded right in the smart phone app. Access an accident checklist, report an incident, collect and exchange driver info and submit accident photos and notes right from your phone. Not only is this app handy while away but while driving in your town. For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android. Free.

Weather Channel

Exactly what it claims to be, the Weather Channel app allows you to load multiple cities and get projected weather for up to ten days. This forecasting is extremely convenient when you are going to, say, Portland, Oregon or Paris, France due to the frequent weather changes, often by the hour. Planning for weather conditions is essential before and during any trip so this app can save the day. For iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire. Free.


Yelp is a good place to look for local eats and happenings of the specific town you are in. Because it was founded in 2004, there are millions of subscribers and reviewers, some reliable, others not so much, but the foundation that’s been put in place is solid. You can locate anything from a barber shop in Tallahassee, FL to pet boarding on 67 rue Balard in Paris to an Indian restaurant in Sydney, Australia. The world is your oyster. For iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone. Free.

City Maps 2Go/Maplets

Simply put…you are traveling, you need maps. These apps allows access to maps even when there is no access to the Internet. You can get maps for cities, provinces, regions, islands, ski resorts, subways and college campuses. suggests you download the app while you have Internet access so you can use it when you do not. For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Charges apply.

Hotel Tonight

Created exclusively to be an app, Hotel Tonight offers last-minute deals on hotel rooms across the globe. Find boutique, luxe, hip, solid and charming accommodations for deeply discounted prices. The deals aren’t available until that day at noon. But, never fear, there is a selection of hotels and the availability of lodging in cities across the globe is growing. Whether you are traveling or simply want to do a staycation in your home town, you can rely on a last minute deal using this app. For iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android. Free.

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