The Vacation of Your Dreams: 5 Cost-Effective Ways to Take It

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by Jainnie smith,

In recent years, people have decided to give up their vacations because they aren’t able to afford to go anywhere fun or interesting. Between getting to where you’re going, then paying for food, accommodations, and entertainment, you need to have a fair amount of money to enjoy your getaway. Reconsider before giving up your plans to enjoy yourself, however, because if you’re smart about your savings and look for cost-efficient booking techniques, you can still take some much-needed time for rest and relaxation.

Start a Nest Egg and Set a Savings Goal

The best way to make sure you get a vacation is to save for it. Start at least six months early and have an idea about where you want to go, because you have to set a savings goal for yourself. Budget wherever you can even if it means cutting back on luxuries, such as skipping the movies (and those expensive treats), limiting your dinners out, and cutting out the retail therapy. You can also add to your fund by putting in spare change, work bonuses or tax refunds, or getting a small, part-time job.


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To avoid temptation, think about putting your vacation fund in an interest-bearing savings account. That will add even more money, because every penny counts. If you simply have your vacation fund in the house, you might end up spending it on that new video game console or those cute platform pumps at the mall. Having to start all over again because you blew your holiday money will just make you feel defeated.

Travel to Where the Deals Are

Different places offer different deals throughout the year. It’s also cheaper to travel to certain places if you go during the off-season. For instance, avoid Miami, South Padre Island, and Palm Beach during Spring Break. If you’re dying to travel to Paris but worry about the cost, think about going in July or August. These places are quieter in the off-season. You don’t have to deal with enormous, noisy crowds, the prices are down at restaurants, museums, theaters, and other hotspots, and you can really enjoy the atmosphere at your leisure.

Many popular destinations also offer special deals at various times. It might not happen when you wanted to go, but if you know that you can get into your favorite theme park at half price, isn’t that worth it? Check out the places you like best, get email notifications from your favorite attractions, and discover what’s on offer at any particular time.

Sign Up with a Vacation Points Club

You might not have the means to afford a summer home or your own weekend getaway, but joining a vacation points club is the next best thing. This option is affordable and flexible. You’ll have the opportunity to pick your vacation days, meaning that you can choose the most cost-efficient travel dates, and you’ll always have a place to stay. To get all the latest information about deals, plans, destinations, and properties, keep a close eye on Facebook page for Bluegreen Resort vacations. You can see all kinds of fun photos and interesting updates; you’ll also get an idea of what plans are right for you, the best ways to earn points, and even travel planning tips.

Time Your Travel Dates
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Are you flexible with your travel dates? Remember that weekend travel is more expensive, especially in the summer and around holidays. Everyone wants to take off between Friday and Monday. Ask for a few extra days off because you’ll save lots of money on airfare and train tickets if you’re willing to leave on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

By traveling on the actual date of a holiday, you’ll get cheaper tickets as well. If being somewhere on Memorial Day, Labor Day, or New Year’s Eve doesn’t matter as much as just getting away, you’ll lighten the load on your wallet. The dates around holidays are more expensive, because travelers want to get to their destinations on the holiday.

DIY the Vacation Essentials

Once you reach your destination, you can still save your money. By choosing amenities with equipped kitchens, living rooms, and even laundry rooms, you’ll save on essentials and luxuries. Although you don’t have to do it the entire time, think about cooking in a few nights during the holiday, or at least eating lunch at home. Wash your own clothes, which can also cut down on the amount of luggage you travel with, and have a night in watching movies.

By planning strategically and saving money where it counts, you can still enjoy a vacation. How do you plan for your best holidays?

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