The Top 4 Things To Do With Kids In London, England

Traveling with kids can be a challenge on many fronts. When you go abroad you have to also factor in not speaking the local language. This is why London is a great idea for a first-time international trip with children. It is much easier in a logistics way than going to somewhere like Spain, for instance. 

Another benefit of going to London for a first-time trip abroad with kids is that there is so much to do. London is a bustling metropolis and has something for everybody. In this article, we will go over what you should plan on doing if you go there with kids.

1 – Harry Potter tours

If your kids love Harry Potter then this is likely going to be one of the first things they will want to do when you arrive. If you’re staying at one of the best hotels in Central London then you are in the right area to do one of the many Harry Potter walking tours. 

Some of the key scenes in the series were filmed right in Central London so fans of the films will want to see those locations. Many will be instantly recognizable while others are slightly hidden away and will need to be pointed out by an experienced guide. 

If you have the time then you can get out of the city and go to Warner Brothers Studio and do a tour of the set where they filmed most of the movies.

2 – London Eye

Even if you weren’t traveling with kids, you wouldn’t want to miss taking a ride on the iconic London Eye. It is a massive and slow-moving Ferris wheel that gives you expansive and breathtaking views of the city. 

The gondolas are very large so you can walk around inside and enjoy a 360° view. The lines are quite long so make sure to book your ticket in advance. Waiting for over an hour with fussy kids is a sure way to ruin the day.

3 – Duck tours

Seeing London from above in the Eye can give you an interesting perspective of the city. Seeing it from the water should be your next stop so you can complete the experience. 

Duck boats will take you around the major points of interest in the city and then drive right into the Thames for a fish-eye view of the city. You’ll pass by some timeless sites like Big Ben and Parliament without dealing with crowds or traffic as you float down the river. 

4 – London Aquarium

If you have already gone on the London Eye then you will get a discount to visit the aquarium which is practically right next door. It is a rather small aquarium but is a nice way to get out of the chaos of the big city and enjoy some quiet time looking at fish from all over the world. 

There are a lot of interactive devices for the kids to get a full experience there and they usually love it. 

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