The Sky’s Your Limit With Today’s Travel

    The Sky's Your Limit With Today's Travel

The Sky’s Your Limit With Today’s Travel

Most of us love to travel and hanker after a sense of adventure, but with once-exotic locations now becoming commonplace, we are increasingly looking for travel experiences that offer something a little different; a special adventure that combines both excitement and tranquillity.

Travel today is extensive and varied. Modern technology has enabled us to communicate on a world wide basis and also to be able to visit locations that were unheard of even a generation ago. But most of us are not content with just visiting somewhere else: we also want to experience the sights and sounds, the smells, the taste, the history and the culture. Therefore today’s successful travel companies have to cater for visitors who want an activity break and adventure experience, an environmental trip, a laid back beach holiday, a discovery break: the list is endless.


Equally innovative has been the demand to combine two of more different experiences within one holiday. For example, a couple of weeks in East Africa might involve climbing Kilimanjaro for the first week, followed by a week on the beach, or on safari. Indeed, some popular travel enterprises can even combine different types of experience in the same activity. Take balloon rides, where the exhilaration of floating thousands of feet into the atmosphere also allows you to sit back and enjoy an unsurpassed view of the landscape far below. Throw in a few extras, like champagne, flowers and chocolates and you could contend that the ride also takes you into the realms of luxury travel.


Balloon rides throughout the UK are also a good example of another recent travel phenomena; the staycation holiday. Initially, the decision to holiday at home over recent years was determined by the onset of the recession and the accompanying reduction in household budgets. However the vast diversity of travel experiences available in the UK has persuaded many travellers that there are many other, compelling, reasons to explore within the shores of their own country.

Britain’s long and rich history, combined with dramatic contrasts in landscape, provide ample opportunities for adventure, activity, cultural and wildlife travel experiences, among others and, again, there are numerous possibilities to combine different experiences within the one holiday. Many people, for example, would contend that a canal boat holiday is perfect for relaxation, peace and quiet and as a means of sampling key aspects of British history. But canal cruising through traditional industrial areas also enables us to see, at close quarters, the variety of wildlife that survive in the centres of our cities. And, if you pack the family’s bikes, you can berth the boat for a few hours and cycle right into the heart of some of the most beautiful countryside to be found anywhere in the world.

Staycation travel also ticks one of the key boxes for those increasing numbers of us who love to travel but are worried about its impact on the environment. With aviation now accounting for our fastest growing source of carbon emissions, many people are looking to find alternative ways to journey that do not cause so much environmental damage. Staying in Britain and reaching your destination by train, bus, a fully-occupied, fuel efficient car, or even by bike or on foot, are all inventive and exciting alternatives. And, of course, this is not just confined to travelling within the UK, as the carbon neutral Eurostar offers direct links with the enviable high-speed rail network of mainland Europe.

Travel is still as exciting, or relaxing, as you want it to be: the choice is yours.

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