The Pittman Wash Trail & the District- Two Jewels in Henderson Nevada

We have lived in the Henderson area for almost 5 years now, and it still amazes me how few people are actually aware of the Pittman Wash Trail and The District. These are two unique and wonderful features of this area, and who better than a resident to write about them!

 The Pittman Wash Trail:

The Pittman Wash Trail & the District-

The Pittman Wash Trail & the District

Pittman Wash Trail is a long stretch of developed run-off and natural area that carries floodwater from the mountains south of Henderson, to the Las Vegas Wash, and ultimately into Lake Mead. It functions as a combination walking/jogging/biking trail as well as a nature walk and bird sanctuary. This is also a dog-walking paradise, judging from the number of folks taking advantage of the opportunity!

The vegetation here is really something – desert within the heart of the city of Henderson! It’s like entering another world once you get into the actual wash area. And it has its own hazards – if you walk down within the vegetation, you do have nature to contend with. There are warnings posted about being aware of flood conditions caused by the unseasonable rains we have been having, etc. And there are critters of which to beware, as well. But don’t let this stop you!

Most of the people not walking dogs tend to keep to the paved upper areas. There are benches and picnic tables at which residents and visitors can sit and admire the view. And what a view it is! A vista of sand, desert scrub and trees, birds galore and in the distance, the mountains.

The path leading roughly parallel to Windmill Parkway is a long, scenic, winding trail. You pass markers celebrating the lives of people and pets who have passed. It’s fascinating to look at their little memorials and envision them walking the path you are now taking. This is a beautiful combination of sun and shade, nature and civilization. And if you walk long enough, you come to the sanctuary and oasis of Silver Springs Recreation Center, with its beautiful pools and information area. Well worth the visit to get their Parks & Recreation brochure (Henderson Happenings).

This is also a bird-watcher’s paradise. Interpretive signs and kiosks identify local wildlife and you can spend a good amount of time just lost in the spectacle of nature. For those more interested in the local vegetation, there is such a variety to show your children! Get them interested in the nature around them – pull them away from their game systems for a while and take them for a real walk or bicycle ride to appreciate what is available for them. Who knows – there may be a budding ornithologist there!

Bring along a microscope to see the smaller side of things. Or a telescope to view the mountains or scrub part of the wash. Let your children explore the natural world, in order to appreciate the gift that the City of Henderson and conservationists have given us. We are lucky to have this area to explore.

The District:

Located at the intersection of the I-215 and Green Valley Pkwy, The District  is also a truly unique place in Henderson. The lights in the evenings make it appear as in a fairytale, and when you add the spectacle of Christmas, The District can’t be matched. Phone – 702-564-8595

There’s creatures galore – dogs are welcome – and there are little potty areas for pets as well. There’s green areas for children to play on, as well as an actual little play area with equipment.  It boasts itself as pedestrian friendly, but I would add child and pet friendly to that label as well!

You can find a multitude of shops to visit, restaurants to enjoy, You can find  a dog Bow-tique ! There’s Gymboree and a Children’s Fitness Center too!   There’s even a bookstore . SO much to see and do!

And if you visit the Cheesecake Factory side of the District, you can find the Carousel! Here, you can not only revisit childhood, but you can also schedule birthday parties and other events . Beautiful in the evening with all its lights and the sheer size of the carousel itself.

At the District, you can also see free movies – suitable for the whole family – under the stars on the Green (during season).  Other events include:

  • Mutts on Main Street – the pet adoption opportunity (February 20th and March 20th – 11 am to 2 pm);
  • Nevada Child Seeker’s 5K Dash And Stroll – Saturday, March 13, 7 am to 12 pm: and
  • Best Buddies Festival Of Friendship, a fun walk and festival scheduled for Saturday, March 27th, from 10 am to 5 pm.

All Events are on Main street.

So do yourself a favor, pack up the family (or just yourself) and head for these two wonderful areas within our Henderson area. Enjoy being among others who are either frequent visitors or tourists new to these attractions. And have some fun instead of sitting in front of the television! It will be well worth your time.

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