The Most Picturesque RV Parks in the UK You Must Visit

The UK has become somewhat of a promise land for motorhome lovers, and how could it be any other way? Between its constituting countries, the island has everything such travelers seek: natural beauty, tranquility, diversity, and comfort.

While picking the best motorhome parking in the UK is like naming your single favorite song, we at Oaktree Motorhomes have tried to narrow the list down to some of the most picturesque locations that only need your four-wheeled homes to become truly picture-perfect.


Cornwall is certainly one UK’s crown jewels, one that’s made up of many different little nuances and sparks.

The picturesque village of St. Agnes will welcome you to the north coast of Cornwall with wide-open arms in the form of gorgeous beaches that envelop visitors with a deep sense of freedom and boundlessness. The pristine water is of a beautiful, turquoise shade, and if you didn’t know any better, you could easily think you’re bathing in Caribbean waters. Overall, the secluded, castaway vibe permeates St. Agnes and its sprawling shores.

But St. Agnes is just one of many of the many gems, spread across Cornwall. It’s no surprise that many artists have been drawn to this place’s wonders for centuries. For example, St. Ives is a quaint fishing port in the west of Cornwall where the distinctive charm of the fisherman’s life will just wash over you and linger, making you reconsider your career path and life altogether. Those are the kind of places that arguably fit the most with the romantic notion of motorhome travel.

In the south-east coast of Cornwall, the stunning fishing village of Polperro awaits to woo your senses some more. The picturesque way in which the little buildings are scattered around the cliffs in a steep disposition is quite reminiscent of the Mediterranean landscapes.

These are by far not the only dreamy places in Cornwall to explore with a motorhome. You could easily dedicate an entire holiday just on this blessed place and take in its myriad of gorgeous views and romantic vibes.


Snowdonia has grown to epitomize the allure that Wales poses for motorhome travelers. The region is like a synthesized version of the country, filled with anything you could possibly want, interwoven in a spectacular balance. The signature tranquility permeates the fresh air; dramatic landscapes of towering mountains and rugged coastlines engulf you with their enormity; and countless opportunities to enjoy these natural gifts await, from rafting, to mountain biking, wildlife cruises, or even simply hiking.

Aberafon is definitely a campsite to consider, as it serves as somewhat of a hub, close to the famous Snowdonia National Park and many picturesque coastal villages, lakes, and other natural motorhome delights.

The Lake District

The Lake District is widely renowned as one, if not the most admired national parks in the UK, a full palette of everything that makes the British countryside so picturesque.

Of course, water is a central element around which mountains unfold in all their might, towering over the lake almost as if to guard it or admire their own reflection on its pristine surface. The entire area is imbued with a palpable, folklore feel, streaming from the nature’s peaceful beauty.

The Lake District offers a variety of outdoor activities, both adventurous and more relaxed. The nearby towns can feel like glimpses into the English past, while in the rural areas you can catch sight of some interesting wildlife.
It’s also worth mentioning that Park Cliffe in the Lake District was voted Holiday Park of the Year 2016.

Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond is a true staple of the Scottish outdoors and wilderness, a place where every view feels like a postcard image or looking through the eyes of a painter.

The shores of Loch Lomond strike a very rich and interesting chord in its visitors, in that it evokes peace and awe at the same time. You can’t help but feel small around the green giants that have gathered around the mystic forest and lake. If you’re a fan of folklore and fantasy, Loch Lomond is certainly a place where you can marvel and replenish your sense of wonder without escaping to fictional worlds.
Also, the area is filled with convenient campsites and motorhome parks.

The Norfolk Broads

Often coined as “Britain’s Magical Waterland,” the Norfolk Broads is the place to go if water poses a special allure to you, of whatever nature it may be – mystic, extreme, or simply peaceful. Almost literally brimming with waterways and lakes, this place is perfect for families as every member of any age can relish fun, water-related activity.

Brecon Beacons

Speaking of water, Brecon Beacons reigns in a more specific niche water delights – waterfalls, and who doesn’t feel enchanted by their cascading magic?

Besides waterfalls, however, this wondrous area boasts caves and stunning mountains that can serve as settings of both epic adventures and simple relaxation.

Las but not least, the medieval ruins of Llanthony Priory are truly something to behold.

These are just some of the motorhome dreamlands in the UK that can serve as a reminder, not that you need one, of just how special this type of travel and exploration really is.

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