The Ideal Time for New Couples to Wait Before Going on a Holiday Together

So, you are head over heels in love with this new girl or boy and things are quite exciting between the two of you. All you want is to be together and make each other happy. You want to spend each possible moment with your lover. To cement your relationship and have uninterrupted time together, you are contemplating going for a romantic vacation together.

But then one question lingers in your heads: is it too soon for you and your new love to go on a holiday together? Well, this question may not have a definite answer since each new couple’s case is unique. However, regardless of how beautiful things are between the two of you and how great they are going, you may have to wait a little bit before you book the flight tickets and accommodation for a several-day getaway.

The findings according to a survey

If the findings from a survey sponsored by exclusiveprivatevillas are anything to go by, couples should give themselves time to be blissfully together for seven months before going on a vacation together. The survey involved 1,500 UK nationals. The findings were that 20 percent of couples who tried to go on a getaway together earlier than seven months into their relationship ended up parting ways. Among the participants in the survey, eight percent indicated that they did not wait to come back from the holiday to break up.

The cause of the break-up

So, what causes the break-up after going on a vacation before seven months into the relationship? The survey concluded that the reason behind the breakup of the couples could be that they had not yet gotten to know each other well enough and had not been in the relationship long enough. As such, they were not yet ready to handle the unique stresses that vacations present. Speaking of knowing each other well, the partners could have had a long-distance relationship for some time maybe after meeting on one of the many sites. This could mean that even if the relationship had existed for more than seven months, they may have spent little or no time together. It would, therefore, be critical to first familiarize yourself with each other before going on such a vacation.

One psychologist who explained the results of the survey said that although holidays offer a good time to release stress and relax, they have a downside. They offer a great opportunity for the occurrence of irritation, disgust, and anger that can get to high levels when two people are compelled to be together on a stressful journey, a not-so-spacious hotel room, and even sharing a washroom in the hotel room.

Another study supports the findings

The findings from the study were also supported by another survey commissioned by Visit Anaheim. This survey concluded that a new couple should travel together for a holiday after ten months into their relationship. This survey came up with the term “baecation” and discovered that couples will have the smoothest holiday if they go within the first year of their relationship. To get the most out of the vacation, the best time to go for it is on the 10-month mark.

Besides identifying the best time to go for the romantic getaway, the couples were asked what made the first vacation successful. According to 69 percent of the respondents, choosing the right destination was critical. Other factors that contributed to a great first holiday were allocating a budget, which was given as a reason by 61 percent of respondents, and good planning, as cited by 60 percent of those interviewed.


The question of how long new lovers should wait before going for a holiday together is one that may have as many answers as respondents. However, one thing is clear – they should wait until they get to know each other well and can tolerate each other’s imperfections. The best time to wait according to one survey is seven months and according to another it is ten. We can, therefore, say that any time between seven and ten months would be a perfect time.

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