The House that Lost Track of Time in Palm Springs

Imagine you accidentally find one of the best kept secrets, but you know its too good not to share. The other day, my husband and I came across  an open house in the Twin Palms neighborhood of Palm Springs. Once we walked up to the front door, we knew this was no regular house. This was a house that has stood still for nearly five

This house is more like a museum than someone’s residence. It’s a classic example of mid-century modernism that Palm Springs is so famous for. According to the real estate agent, the 3,300-square foot home was built in 1969, with minute details of the décor continuing to reflect that era. Everything in the house is original, from the carpet, to the furniture, pool, beds, televisions, radio, textured fuzzy wallpaper, glass door knobs, chandeliers, bathroom fixtures, even the bed spreads. As you walk through the house, you feel as if you’ve actually traveled back in time. It’s a must-see for anyone who’s a fan of the sixties or the Palm Springs lifestyle. If you’ve been thinking of taking a trip to Palm Springs any time in the near future, you must make an appointment to tour this house before its gone.

The Living Room, or as I like to call it the Great Green Room

great room

A large, round room boasts a subtle yet bright green with two sofas to match the shape, size, and color of the whole room. Floor-to-ceiling drapes hang graciously from the 15-foot-high windows, allowing the room to feel intimate and private. You also have a view of the entire pool area, including breathtaking panorama of the mountain range that’s just a stone’s throw away. It’s not hard to stop and imagine entertaining guests like Frank Sinatra or Marilyn Monroe here while they secretly admired the tasteful furnishings as the sun set.

The Den/Bar/Smoking Room

denThe new man cave has nothing on this masterpiece. It may be small in size but it’s huge in personality. It has a bar worthy of any mixed cocktail or fine Champagne, and the perfect soft sofa begging you take a load off and enjoy life for a little bit.16-978787PS_7c42181d-3017-4247-85d2-dccdf19ae4ad

The Kitchen

kitchenThis is the most understated room in the house. It’s immaculate counters and large open space lets you know that cooking is optional, but the cute, little breakfast nook, with windows overlooking the front yard, is begging you to sit down and enjoy your morning coffee while reading the daily news.16-978787PS_fd979a83-f115-4871-a268-f9f46362ea17

The Dining Room

dining roomTo enter this room is like stepping on to the movie set of The Wizard of Oz for dinner. The bright-green room, complete with a table big enough for your family plus Dorthy and her gang, appears even more impressive with a wall-sized mirror in an exquisite gold frame. I wonder what you eat in Oz?

The Blue Room

blue roomFor the person who likes life just a little quieter, or to be a little more introverted, then this room is for you. It’s simple and blue and an understated gem with a charm all unto its own.16-978787PS_f9f97ea1-ab7b-4897-ab58-96843a80ab19

The Green Room

green room

Tucked way in the corner away from the action of the house, this is the perfect kids’ room with two beds and plenty of room to fill with toys. With its own private, en-suite bathroom, it means that the kids can go straight from the shower to bed.

The Master Bedroom


Yes, this grand pink room shocked me at first too, but it quickly grew on me and it’ll grow on you as well. The room also made me understand something about pink. If your’re going to use pink as a room color, you need to go all out and do absolutely everything in it, Of course, don’t forget the gold trim to accentuate. This room comes complete with a television that has a zoom screen (not sure what that is actually is, but the realtor was super excited about it), and it actually goes into the floor. If you don’t want to watch TV, you get the perfect view of the pool. The en-suite bath has a unique, sunken marble bathtub in the middle of the bathroom, affording you views of the master bedroom. I swear I could fit my whole family in this tube at the same time.master1

The Pool

16-978787PS_6f28a8ff-9992-4443-a86c-039f528d27f4Complete with an attached hot tub, the large pool looks as if it were modeled from one in a bath house in ancient Rome. Every detail for this area was careful planned, from the patio with the view of the mountains to the plants. Plus, the area is completely private with tall fences on one side and the house on the other.pool

Don’t miss the extras:

1.There are two, life-size, Greek nude statues that must be seen to be appreciated.

2. The marble tiles in the house is to die for.

3. Many of the mirrors, which are everywhere, have gold painting on them, giving an elegant cracked appearance.

4. There are gold frames everywhere in the house, each one is hand carved with the finest details. The frames in the living rooms have the sweetest, fat cherubs on them you just want to pinch.

5. Placing your hand on front door handle is a must.

6. The house has several large citrus trees overflowing with fruit.

7. Everything comes with the house.

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  • OMG?! And the ‘decor’ aside, am trying to imagine what kinda ‘social gatherings’ would deliberately place everyone on opposite sides of the room from each other?!!

  • Wow! This house is beautiful! Even if it’s been standing for decades, it still looks brand new! Thanks for sharing

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