The Best Travel Applications for the iPhone



Try These Apps for Day Trips or Half Way Around the World Trips

The iPhones travel apps have proven to make traveling more of a breeze. From changing flights to finding wi-fi, it seems as though there is an App for every travel need.

The iPhone continues to change how we see and explore the World. No longer do travelers need to depend on bulky travel guides, nor rely on good samaritans who can point them to the nearest coffee shop or pharmacy. Need to change a flight, find a hotel, or learn a countries customs? No need to worry, there’s an App for that. Here are some of the most popular travel apps for the iPhone.

Paris 2Go App

Leave the guide book at home. This app, available for a handful of popular travel destinations including; Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Munich, Prague, New York, Rome, Vienna, Venice, and Paris. It is a great tool for learning about the history and landmarks of a city. Some of its features include: hundreds of articles about the people, places, and the history of Paris (for example). Fully zoomable offline map of the city, and much more. Price: $0.99.

Next Flight App

Got bumped from a flight, or want to leave early? The Next Flight App provides a list of available flights from any carrier for that day, from any source to any destination. Some of the highlights include: provides a list of all available flights, searches non-stop flights only, filters by airlines, and has a easy to use interface. For $2.99 canceled flights will no longer be the end of the world.

Urban Spoon App

Searching for a place to eat with in a certain price range, and that’s near-by? UrbanSpoon allows the user to punch in their location, what type of food they are looking for, and the price range they want. Then with a shake of the iPhone, the slot machine like screen will land on the best choice based on criteria. From there the user can also read reviews and rate the restaurant.

World Customs and Cultures App

Essential for any traveler this app includes customs, cultural information, and facts on over 165 different countries. Some of the highlights of this app include: greetings, eye contact, taboos, and gender issues.For example Japanese tend to favor indirect eye contact when speaking to someone, as they may view direct eye contact as threatening. This very useful app is available for free.

Wi-Fi Finder App

Trying to find wireless internet in a city or country that is unfamiliar can be very difficult. The Wi-Fi Finder App created by J-Wire is the largest directory available of paid and free Wi-Fi Internet access – over 280,000 locations in 140 countries worldwide according to The App Store. This app uses the GPS in the iPhone to not only tell the user where the location is, but also how to get there.

Traveling can often present new challenges, but with the travel apps available through the iPhone app there is now more of an ease to travel troubles. Whether it is a language barrier, a canceled flight, or just getting lost, there is a solution and it is available on the iPhone.

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