The best things to do and visit in Brussels

There is plenty to do in Brussels, so it is important that you make a list of places that you want to visit when you travel and stay in Brussels.

Here are some great places to see and visit:

Comic comedy culture: Maybe Brussels is not known for its comic history, but it has a strong presence here, and the best place to see it is the Belgian Comic Strip Centre. If you plan to travel around Brussels, either using public transport or by foot, you will be able to see a huge variety of murals displayed on walls throughout the city.

MIM’s Terrace:

The Musical Instruments Museum (MIM) Terrace offers some stunning views across the city, and is one of the most stunning art nouveau buildings in Europe. If you do plan to visit make sure that you take in one of the exhibitions before making your way up to the terrace. It is a great place just to sit and watch the world go by as you contemplate your next stop.

MME, (image courtesy Scott Durgan, via Flickr)

MIM, (image courtesy Scott Durgan, via Flickr)

Be a local and try Cefé Belga:

Belga is a favourite amongst locals, as well as expats, and delivers real, traditional, Belgian food and drink. Feel free to pop in for a meal, snack or just a pit stop to enjoy a drink or two. At night Belga livens up with some great music delivered in a jovial atmosphere. It is not located within a traditional city centre, being a little out of the way, but it is well worth visiting. Word of warning, it does get busy on the evenings and into the night.

If you plan to visit Cefé Belga, then check out one of the Venere hotels in Brussels where you will be able to take everything in.

Try something fried:

If you find yourself in Brussels, it is recommended that you visit Frit Flagey, which serves up the most delicious fried treats. It is one of the best frying shops in Brussels. If you love waffles, fries or enjoy some mussels with your beer, it is a great place to visit. They also offer some great seats, with views across the lake.

Visit the Moeder Lambic bar:

If you fancy a drink of beer when you visit Brussels, Moeder Lambic provides the ideal place. It is not expensive, like most tourist destinations, and provides a great, traditional, drinking atmosphere. They also serve a variety of food at the bar, including a cheese, salad and more.

The Sainte Catherine & Antoine Dansaert quarter: This area of Brussels is renowned for its trendy, yet local, feel. It is situated in the heart of Brussels and provides an alternative atmosphere from the more touristy areas of the city. It is many people’s favourite drinking and eating location, with lots of variety for you to choose from.

A night out on the town: If you want to experience the Brussels nightlife, it is recommended that you head down to Madame Moustache. As the name suggests, it really offers something alternative to the norm. Waiters can serve your drinks in anything from a sailor’s outfit to something much more revealing.

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