The Best Solutions for Enjoying a Family Holiday

Enjoying a family holiday is much easier if you’re staying somewhere you picked, as opposed to something the kids picked. For families in the UK, a vacation can be planned using the services of Tots Too, which matches families up with great vacation destinations.

Here are some of the exciting and family friendly destinations recommended by Tots Too.


    Kasbah Ruins

Kasbah Ruins

For a fun and educational family trip, one recommended destination is Morocco. This North African country is where visitors will find Casablanca. There are many famous landmarks there, including the Twin Centre and the Casablanca Cathedral.

In addition, many visitors also make their way to Marrakech. This city is full of culture and is amongst the four imperials of the country. Marrakech is located at the bottom of the world famous Atlas Mountains. It is an important area when it comes to trading centres associated with the European and Arabic civilisations.

Other notable areas in Morocco include Medina. Visitors will find there are many food stalls selling delicious foods such as kebabs. There are often street performances by magicians, storytellers, acrobats, snake charmers and jugglers. Families from all over the world enjoy these performances every year.

And did you know part of the popular HBO TV show Game of Thrones was shot in this country?


Tots Too also recommends Thailand as a great family vacation destination due to its much improved safety levels.

    Phi Phi Thailand

Phi Phi Thailand

Bangkok is a popular vacation destination within Thailand because of its rich history and intriguing culture. Bangkok is a great place to view breath-taking skyscrapers, engage in some retail therapy and to dine at restaurants serving authentic Thai cuisine.

The mountains of nearby Chiang Mai are an amazing sight to see. Visitors often trek through these mountains on foot or by riding on the back of an elephant. To cool off after the long hike, visitors can float down the river in a raft made of bamboo.

With both jungles and beaches to enjoy, Thailand is the perfect vacation destination for active families who enjoy pushing themselves to their physical limits. The areas of Phuket and Koh Samui boast clean, safe and beautiful beaches. The Phi Phi islands, located nearby are an ideal place for families to partake in snorkelling and diving.


Antigua resort

Antigua resort

Located in the Caribbean, Antigua is a vacation destination with a lot to offer. Thousands of UK tourists enjoy lounging on the many white, sandy beaches of Antigua.

St. John, the capital of Antigua, is where families view historical houses and visit the locally run shops and restaurants of Redcliffe Quay. Off the traditional tourist paths, Redcliffe Quay is where many of Antigua’s locals can be found.

Antigua’s English Harbour is the most famous landmark on the entire island. Families can get an education in the history of the island when they visit the 18th Century British naval base. Sandy Heights and Nelson’s Dockyard are also notable attractions for families looking to be entertained

These are just a few of the family friendly vacation destinations that provide a safe and entertaining experience. Tots Too can recommend many more must-see destinations for families on their vacation.

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