The Best Places to Live if You Love Cheese

It isn’t often that people decide to move solely for a food they love: but cheese lovers are a league above anyone else!  This creamy and delicious food has a cult following of people who are eager to have it on every meal they enjoy.

Thankfully, if you’re ready to move to a new city so you can enjoy the best food on Earth: there are plenty of cities that offer a taste of paradise.  These are the best places to live in the US if you love cheese!

Why People Love Cheese

Everyone loves cheese.  This is such a big deal that there’s even a running joke that lactose intolerant people will go through major discomfort because the delicious flavor is worth it.  

We love cheese because salt and savory foods help our brains release dopamine!  This is a rewarding and heady chemical that’s the same thing released from addictive drugs.  This allows our bodies to crave and want cheese desperately.

Beyond this, cheese is also a part of American comfort food culture.  From crusty pizza to crispy and creamy grilled cheese and hearty mac and cheese, this dairy concoction is a large part of home-cooking in the states: and helps people feel at home when they get to eat it. 

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago’s famous for its incredible work ethic and its love for deep-dish pizza.  What would this city be without cheese, though?  Earning the nickname “The Cheesiest City in America,” Chicago is best known for the incredible layers of cheese that pile up on its pizzas.

Deep dish pizza comes across as more of a casserole, with the cheese under the sauce and the toppings spread generously in thick layers.  Without this cheese, Chicago just wouldn’t be the same.  

New York City, NY

New York City is known for a lot: but perhaps one of its most popular things is its pizza.  Living in New York City can open you up to a world of different cheeses, pizzas, and dairy flavors you’d never consider.  Moving here may be pricey, but the dairy’s worth it!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

If you want to live in a city that will fulfill your dairy dreams: it’s time to consider looking at Milwaukee houses for sale!  Wisconsin as a whole is known for its dairy farming and enthusiastic love for cheese, but Milwaukee takes it even further!  This city has everything from a museum within the Original Cheesehead Factory to the National Historic Cheesemaking Center Museum.  You can enjoy getting to know the history of cheese while getting to snack on the cheddar as you go! 

Boston, Massachusetts 

If you want to check out some of the best new types of cheese while getting to enjoy something delicious: check out the Boston Cheese Festival!  This beer and cheese fest allows locals to enjoy a mix of good alcohol and fantastic dairy that will leave you excited to try more.  This is a great place to enjoy the last stretch of summer and connect with other cheese fans in the area.  

Consider Moving Soon!

If you’re eager to move somewhere appetizing, consider moving for the food that brings you the most joy!  Any of these cities would love for you to call them home, and your tastebuds will thank you! 

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