The Best Cafes in Heidelberg, Germany

Italian Coffee Bars at the Old University Town on the Neckar. When you think of Germany, forget the beer, think of Italian coffee instead! And when you come to Heidelberg, don’t miss the best Italian coffee bars in town.

Even if the world refers to Germany as a beer country due to all the beer gardens, the breweries and beer festivals throughout the country, the Germans are a nation of coffee drinkers. At an average, each German drinks 190 liters of coffee per year compared to only 150 liters of beer. It’s the Czechs who drink the most beer, by the way. Espresso has become the most popular type of coffee, thus it is little wonder that Italian coffee bars spring up like mushrooms in German cities.

La Casa del Caffè Near the Old Bridge in Heidelberg

La Casa del Caffè was the first Italian coffee bar that opened in Heidelberg fifteen years ago. It is located at Steingasse 8, the narrow cobblestone street that leads to the Old Bridge. La Casa looks like the exact copy of an old style coffee bar that can be found in the city center of Rome, Milan or Florence. The atmosphere is real Italian, even if the owners are German, the interior is stylish and elegant, the service is friendly and obliging. A piece of Italy in Heidelberg, where you can have the best coffee North of the Alps. It is open from 7 a.m. in the morning to 1 o’clock at night and on Fridays and Saturdays until 3 a.m.

Café Moro in the Heart of Heidelberg’s Old City

The Café Moro was the second Italian coffee bar to open in Heidelberg more than ten years ago. It is located at Hauptstrasse 160, right in the heart of the Old City. Like La Casa del Caffè, the atmosphere is Italian, the place is stylish and elegant and it has had its regular customers from the beginning, or as we Germans say „its old-established“ customers. At the Moro the coffee is as excellent as in the Casa, but they also sell chocolates, cakes, beautiful Italian espresso and cappuccino cups, freshly grounded coffee and tea. As it is located in the Hauptstrasse, with 1.6 kilometers Germany’s longest pedestrian zone and shopping street, it is an ideal place to do people watching through the huge window. For us Heidelbergers it is always the „must stop“ before we go to the nearby arts cinema to see a film.

Café Villa Lounge in Heidelberg’s Famous Hauptstrasse

The Villa Lounge at Hauptstrasse 178 has been in Heidelberg forever – or at least since the author first went there in the early 1980’s when it was a popular place among university students between lessons. At that time it was still called Café Villa. It was sold to a new owner a few years ago and its name was changed to Villa Lounge. Like back in the old days, it is still a restaurant, a cafe and a cocktail bar all in one, and it is still very elegant and just a nice place to be: To sit there, watch people, read a book, meet friends, have breakfast, lunch or a light dinner. The food is international and a cup of coffee with a piece of cake is offered for only 3.50 Euros. Lunch is offered from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and can be as little as 6.90 Euros including a glass of apple juice or a glass of beer. A light dinner costs between 4 and 9 Euros. Most of the time they play great music, too.

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