The best books to read during summer vacation

Summer reading, Credit:

Summer reading, Credit:

by Stephen Mattson

Summer vacation is the best time for recreational reading.  This means you can get away from boring school and work-related texts and read what you want. Whether you’re lying on the beach, sitting on a plane, or hovering near a woodland fire, a good book can be the perfect addition to any trip. Books offer a nice distraction while traveling, and bring a peaceful sense of relaxation. Traditionally, vacation books are fictional and easy-to-read, but finding the ideal book depends on an individual’s personal preferences.

For those wondering where to find such books, the internet offers a multitude of resources. “”, “”, and the “” all offer popular best-seller lists. These sites are wonderful places to find great books that a majority of readers have found interesting and entertaining. Many book-buying sites also offer suggested titles based on a person’s previous purchasing history, and this is a priceless tool that can efficiently predict personal tastes without requiring an individual to spend large amounts of time doing research.

There are literally millions of books to choose from, so find books that cater to your personal interests and style. Vacations are all about enjoyment, so read something you find compelling. The term “beach books” specifically refer to books that are gripping and highly readable. The plot lines usually revolve around murder, mystery, adventure, and love. Popular authors such as Nora Roberts, Stephen King, Danielle Steel, >James Patterson, and Nicholas Sparks typically fall into this category.

If all else fails, visit the nearest Barnes and Noble or any other bookstore and ask for recommendations. Usually these stores have a wide array of topics to choose from, and the service agents will personally help you find books that fit your interests. When traveling in unfamiliar areas, airports, gas-stations, and grocery-stores also have a limited selection of books.

For the serious traveler, bring books that add to the emotional, intellectual, and cultural relevance of your destination. For a hiking and climbing trip, try reading Jon Krakauer’s “Into Thin Air”, an exciting memoir about climbing Mount Everest. Or if you’re visiting Virginia, read David McCullough’s award-winning “1776”, a book that describes the American Revolutionary War. Travel guides also offer practical advice for where to eat, lodge, and tour during your stay. Regardless of where you vacation, there is a book available that can help you better understand the regional traditions, history, and inhabitants.

Books help appease restless children and adults alike, and can ultimately add comfort and enjoyment to any summer vacation.Pack backup books in case you lose interest and become bo red with a certain author, and remember to read something that you enjoy. Summer vacation is a time to spoil yourself –your book choices should reflect this.

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