The Benefit in Doing Sit-Ups for the Wilderness Backpacker

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  • Don, I totally agree on all your points. They explain exactly what we should be doing. I totally agree on B.M.I a useless measure to trick people. I think I am going to make some changes to my hiking style. Thank you for sharing some useful points. ?

  • I like the way you approach this and to be honest is having the image of a six pack more a vanity thing than a health thing for most people?

    For me it is more about knowing I am relatively healthy and fit. A mix of exercises, to keep my body guessing, should do it. Also sit ups can be quite tedious so I’m currently doing circuit training which avoids this and makes it a lot more fun.

  • Don, I liked when you said BMI is useless. That’s how I felt for years and you are right, most people grow a 6 pack for the beauty of it. I would rather have a functional one than a showcase.

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