The Angel Numbers of Palm Springs

About 10 years ago my husband began seeing 11:11 everywhere. At first, we tossed it off to a mere coincidence, but after a few months went by we began to take notice and started to wonder if there was more to 11:11. To our surprise, there were a lot of people, like my husband who was seeing 11:11, and there were as many theories to the meaning of this strange influx of people seeing numbers.

Indian Canyons – Palm Springs, California

After reading what seems like hundreds of articles and watching even more YouTube channels on the meaning we settled on the idea that 11:11 was a way of the angels communicating with us. After that, it seemed 11:11 had more meaning to us, every time my husband saw it we took it as a message from the angels, although it was not really easy to understand what they were trying to say after all their language was extremely limited.

For years my husband and I were nomads, wandering around the country a young couple in love. Soon though we found ourselves new parents and quickly understood we needed to settle down, but where. Curious my husband began asking the angels where we should go live, he asked because he was the one seeing the numbers still. We took jobs in various cities trying to figure out where to settle down out, strangely we only saw 11:11 when we were leaving the cities not when we were arriving. Almost a year had passed and we had not yet decided where we should settle down. Suddenly a job offer came in for Palm Springs California, something about going to California just seemed right so we decided to head there next. That was when my husband began seeing other angel numbers like 10:10 or 23:23, each time taking it as positive energy from the angels that heading to Palms Springs was the right thing to do.

Shortly after arriving in Palm Springs my husband began seeing more numbers, such as 333, 444, 666, 777, 888, and 555, not just on the clock but all over the place, like on buildings, addresses, and phone numbers. Also repeating numbers such as 1212, 1717, 1313, 1515, 2121, 3030, and 2222. Curious we began taking long walks through Palm Springs only to discover that all over the city has angel numbers. Which we should have guessed when we drove in on their main road Highway 111. Now if anyone knows anything about Palm Springs they know that it has a certain mystic about it, a magic that draws people to it. That’s probably why old Hollywood was so eager to make this home.

On almost any street in Palm Springs, you are guaranteed to find angel numbers almost jumping out at you. We have counted 6 buildings that address is 333, including the high school and the same goes for other repeating numbers such as 444, 555, 777, 888, 1111. On our block, we have a 2929 and 2121. I have lived all over the country and visited hundreds of cities and have never seen a city that has repeating numbers aka angel numbers. We have tried many times to find out if there was any reason that Palm Springs decided to use so repeating numbers for addressed or use the same number for so many different properties, no one was able to give us an answer.

After many long walks just to see the numbers we began to spend time with the numbers, which is very easy to do in the pristine and superbly quiet neighborhoods here. As we began spending more time just absorbing each angel number, taking in the magic of the number and of this great city we began to see a huge change in our lives, we just seemed luckier. Now, whenever we feel like we need a boost to our moods we simply go for a walk and find numbers, seeing if we can find numbers we have not found before.

Each time we do it’s like we are blessed by the angels. I now believe that Palm Springs is a city blessed by the angels.

So if you ever need a little extra luck or happiness in your life, you could try to head down to Palm Springs and spend some time with the angel numbers.

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