The Air Traveler’s Guide to Airport Security

    Airport Security

Airport Security

The mention of airport security can make air travel seem difficult for many. Thoughts of long lines before the walk through metal detectors and passengers emptying their carry bags for inspection can discourage many from making travel plans. However, one must realize that the airport authorities do not want to detain you at the airport any more than is necessary. They want you on that plane as fast as possible and away to your destination. Knowing certain tips can help reduce the anxiety associated with walk through metal detectors, baggage screening and other security procedures.

The long queues that you see between yourself and your airplane seat are because many people do not pay attention to simple things that can make airport security a breeze for them. The first thing that you need to do is to remove all metallic objects in your clothes and your pockets before you approach the walk through metal detectors. These detectors will detect small metallic objects such as key chains and belt buckles. What you need to do is simply remove these objects and place them into
your carry bag. If these things cannot fit into your bag, simply keep hold of them until you reach the walk through detector.

Walk through metal detectors usually have a stack of plastic trays next to them. Pick one or two of these trays, and place your metal objects into these; everything from key chains to pens with metal clips should go into the trays. These trays are passed along a conveyer belt and scanned separately. Your laptop and mobile phone should also be placed in the plastic trays for screening. If you have taken care of all these things, then you will probably pass through the walk through metal detectors without any trouble. However, if you have any jewelry on, you might be asked to take them off and pass through the detector once again.

Once you have passed the walk through metal detectors, you may be inspected with a metal wand to identify where specific metal objects are. Simply tell the security officer politely whether it is a piece of jewelry or belt buckle that you forgot to take off. Getting into arguments is not productive because you will only end up spoiling your own trip as well as of those passengers waiting behind you.

As long as you take these measures in advance and cooperate with the security staff at the airport, you and your family can soon begin the trip of your dreams.

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