Take A Stroll Above and Around Salzburg

Salzburg, cr-salzburg.info

Salzburg, cr-salzburg.info

Gain A New Perspective of the Enchanting Austrian City

When the weather cooperates, there are several spots in and around Salzburg providing stunning views and great photo opportunities. Salzburg, one of Austria’s most beautiful cities, is full of walking trails that allow visitors to take in beautiful scenery. Whether it’s a path within or just above the city center, or a mountain just outside the town, the vantage points available in this small, historic city are almost limitless.

Areas Close to the City Center

If you walk near the cliffs on the older side of the town (not far from Getreidegasse, the main shopping street in town), eventually you may stumble across the paths that lead up into the hills. On top of one of these hills is a restaurant, where you can see the entire old city center. These paths are ideal for hiking and even biking; there are also grassy areas that make perfect picnic spots.

Along the Salzach river, there are various places to stop and take in the Salzburg skyline, be it from one of several bridges connecting the two sides of town, or from a bench on the winding paths that line the river. These places are ideal for stopping and taking pictures; at any time of year on the bridges, it is virtually guaranteed that at least one person will be snapping a photo as you cross over.

Salzburg’s Fortress

From the old city center, it is possible either to walk or take a tram up to the giant white fortress, or Festung, situated prominently at the top of one of the highest hills in the town. For adults, admission to the fortress is just under 9.80 Euro with the tram ride, 8.60 without. The best deal, however, is the Salzburg card, a one-time purchase that offers free admission and discounts on certain popular attractions. While there is plenty to see within the fortress, the photo opportunities for the scenic views from this point are fantastic and well worth the money.

The Untersberg

Go just outside the city for spectacular views of the Salzach River, mountains, valleys, and, in the distance, Salzburg itself. From Salzburg, it is easy to get to the Untersberg by bus, and there is a cable car that takes visitors to the snow-covered top. Cable car rates may vary depending on the season. To make the most out of your trip away from the city, stop along the bus route to the Untersberg at Hellbrunn Palace, another popular tourist destination.

The magic of Salzburg lies both in the charming old city center and the majestic scenery. The views in particular are a don’t-miss tourist attraction in this beautiful Austrian city.


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