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Mendocino Village Provides a Scenic Trip Back in Time

With its very well preserved 19th century New England-style Victorian buildings Mendocino looks like we had just stepped into a page in a history book.

Just a three hour drive north from San Francisco through some of the most diverse landscape including gnarled oak trees, vineyards, rustic farmhouses, the most beautiful large Redwoods and some of the best ocean views on the west coast is Mendocino, California  the beautiful, serene village that dates back to the California gold rush days.

Mendocino Village-Photo by Gary Steman

Mendocino Village-Photo by Gary Steman

One look at The Sea Rock Inn a Bed and Breakfast on the north end of town and it is clear they are the ultimate romantic getaway that they promise to be on their website; what may not be as clear at first glance is how much more this sea-side village has to offer its visitors.

Headland State Park And Its Path System Allowed Us To Explore the Rugged Headlands

The cozy cottage inn is surrounded in the great smells of wide green lawns and beautifully landscaped flower gardens that were contrasted by the backdrop of ancient cypress trees. The view from the suites looks across the street to the spectacular panoramic view of the rugged cliffs of the Mendocino Headlands that drop over 45 meters or 150 feet to the Pacific Ocean below. The scene has inspired many filmmakers and can be spotted in movies and television programs including “The Russians Are Coming”, “The Summer of ’42”, “Same Time Next Year”, “Dying Young”, “Overboard” and “The Majestic”. The television series “Murder, She Wrote” was filmed in the town of Mendocino and one of the homes on Little Lake Street was used as Jessica Fletcher’s Cabot Cove home.

After a relaxing continental breakfast, included in the price of the room and served in the main area at a very casual, romantic table that looked out over the headlands and the ocean below, the intricate path system of the Headlands State Park is waiting to be discovered. You could spend hours winding your way through the beautiful wildflowers of the Park across the top of the great cliffs, where the ocean crashing and throwing itself over the top of the rocks provides great photo opportunities.

The History of this Logging Community That Looks Like A Page Out Of The History Books Dates Back to 1850

Mendocino Village, by G sterman

Mendocino Village, by G sterman

When you’re ready for a break from the fresh air and exercise a walk into town is a must.  Mendocino was once a prosperous logging community founded in 1850 and originally named Meiggsville after entrepreneur Henry Meiggs who sold lumber to several businesses along the pacific coast from his home in Catskill, New York.  Meiggs relocated to San Francisco when he discovered gold on one of his lumber delivery trips. The town’s name was later changed to Mendocino in honour of Don Antonio de Mendoza, the patron saint of the voyageur and the first Viceroy of New Spain or Mexico.

This eclectic village features some great artisan stores, art galleries, a haunted hotel, some of the best restaurants and the local watering hole, Dick’s on the beach, a great little pub full of photos and collectables that told the history of this great town.

The Mendocino Hotel is the only hotel that remains from a time when Mendocino was a booming port full of lodgings for the workers in the logging trade. The original structure dates back to 1878 and was originally opened as a “Temperance House” in a time when the town reportedly had 19 saloons.

If You Stop In Maybe You Will Get A Visit From The Hotel’s Ghost

R.O. Peterson purchased the run-down hotel in 1975, and with the assistance of brilliant designers and local artisans and craftsmen he had it authentically restored to include period wallpaper by Schumacher, a rug custom designed and woven to simulate a piece from the era, period mirrors, original oil paintings an enormous sideboard purchased in England, and a 1920s coffee machine. There are rumors that the Hotel has a ghost, a Victorian lady who haunts tables number six and eight in the dining room and has been seen in one of the lobby mirrors. Front Desk workers have also apparently heard their names being spoken in the middle of the night and when they turn around to answer… no one is there.

Both the economy and the population of Mendocino declined after 1940, and it became a somewhat isolated village until artist Bill Zacha founded the Mendocino Art Center and revitalized it in the 1950s. Today, the vibrant town’s calendar of events is limited only by visitors’ imaginations. The Arts and Crafts Fair, held in July each year hosts more than sixty arts and crafts booths with unique handmade artwork. The annual Mendocino Whale Festival allows visitors in the first week of March to watch as some 20,000 gray whales make their way north from Mexico to their Alaskan summer home.  In June, The Mendocino Film Festival showcases independent filmmakers and their work and the Music Festival, a musically diverse concert series held through two weeks in July on Main Street in the Mendocino Headlands State Park.

I have no doubt that your stay in this beautiful village, like the two days I spent there, will be a rare experience and a cherished memory to hold forever.


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Mount Gambier’s Famous Blue Lake: A World Wonder

Mount Gambier Blue Lake

Mount Gambier Blue Lake

The small city of Mount Gambier, located in the picturesque South Eastern region of South Australia boasts some of the state’s most amazing natural wonders. Of these, the most famous is the breathtaking Blue Lake; the only of its kind in the world.

The Geology of the Site

The land surrounding Mount Gambier is densely rich is limestone, due to the remnant of a shallow sea which lay over the region millions of years ago.  This limestone, made up from fossils of fish and coral, forms a crust under the earth which extends for over two hundred kilometers and reaches a maximum depth at three hundred meters at Port MacDonnell, a small fishing town nearby. Over the years, this abundance of limestone has gradually been worn away by the ever flowing water table and has created an immense system of caves and underground cavern, providing a beautiful sight for divers.

The History of the Blue Lake

Mount Gambier’s Blue Lake is actually situated in a dormant volcanic crater and lies over fifty meters below ground level. Here, the crystal clear water found in the numerous underground caves is exposed, as it flows slowly through the layers of limestone under the city. The lake is made famous by the remarkable color changes it undergoes throughout the years. The summer months are the most spectacular, with the lake turning almost a fluorescent aquamarine. Following this, it starts to change back and maintains a steely grey color during the winter.

Why the Lake Changes Color

Many crazies theories abound as to why the Blue Lake is the color it is, the most common being that certain molecules in the water reflect the sunshine differently at certain times of the year. However, according to information provided by Mount Gambier Tourism Center the natural color of the water is blue. But why then, does the color change in the winter? The simplest explanation is the increase in rainfall causes a disturbance in the delicate balance between the layers which create such a blue color. Hence in winter, the position of the top layer of algae, largely responsible for the aquamarine color, becomes altered and the clarity of the water becomes decreased.

The Blue Lake: A Tourist Attraction

The Blue Lake is the single biggest tourist attraction in the city, thousands of people from all over the world travel to the region during the summer months to catch a glimpse of the azure color. There is a road which winds its way around the lake, with several look outs positioned along the way to allow you to stop and take in the view. However, if time is on your side there is also a footpath which surrounds the perimeter and is a favorite walk for locals and tourists alike. The circumference of the lake is just over three kilometers and provides a leisurely one hour walk, where the lake can be viewed from all perspectives. There is a variety of accommodation available for tourists meters from the lake and a quaint coffee shop which also offers a guided tour which takes participants on an exclusive route, right down the surface of the water.

For more information on the Blue Lake contact Mount Gambier Tourism or the Lady Nelson Tourism Information center at www.mountgambiertourism.com.au/.

Mount Gambier Tourism. (2011, March 20) About Mount Gambier – Geology. Retrieved from http://www.mountgambiertourism.com.au

Creative Ways To Spend A Cheap Holiday Vacation

Article by Ben Nielson,

 Cheap Holiday Vacation, cr-wildcharm.net

Cheap Holiday Vacation, cr-wildcharm.net

 When it comes to cheap family holidays the trick is to be opportunistic. If you get an invitation from someone to come and visit them in their holiday cabin, you should never ever think twice before you accept. If you are able to have as much fun at a local amusement park? then this should be your number one choice. Would your kids love the idea of cooking dinner over a campfire? No need to spend more on a trip when you can have lots of fun on a cheap holiday vacation.

Examples of cheap holidays

All over Michigan you will be able to find reasonable motels on the beach. The camping areas on the beaches of Superior and Lake Michigan are often cheaper and more scenic. You can find them in Michigan as well as in Minnesota and in Ontario, Canada. Here is a list of things you can do on your cheap holiday if you decide to try this type of vacation.

Treasure Hunt

You can buy two metal detectors for less than the price of a night in a hotel. You can spend your days hiking, exploring and treasure hunting. There are lots of things to explore when you take your metal detector to the beach. It is a lovable adventure especially for your children. If they get bored digging in the sand then there are lots of other activities that you could get your children involved in. Why not go for a walk in the warm sand, have a game of beach volley or go for a swim.

It is a cheap way to spend your vacation and the whole family will love it. You can find all sort of things washed up on the beaches.

Cheap Holiday Camping Vacations

If you can talk your family into living in a tent for a couple of days or if you own an RV, a camping trip is lovely and absolutely the cheapest of all cheap family holidays.

Other Cheap Family Vacations

There are lots of other ways you can have a fun but cheap holiday vacation. Cut the budget of your vacation and try to stay flexible. Cheap holidays are always in demand since we all want to spend as few bucks as possible. If you compare the two types of holidays, package holidays and do it yourself holidays, in terms of cost to decide which one is cheaper. You do not book your own package holiday instead you book it through someone. It could be a travel agency or a tour operator. When you pick this type of holiday it is always an all in one holiday deal. All you have to do is pay the money to the travel agency and everything about your holiday (arriving, boarding, lodging and so on) will be taken care of for you. On the other hand, lots of people actually prefer to arrange their own do it yourself holiday using the internet. You do booking of all your holiday needs, like travel and accommodation by yourself.

Spending Ideal Holiday Vacation

by Bali Villa Holidays,

Holidays, cr-bestourism.com

Holidays, cr-bestourism.com

Holidays are always been anticipated with preparations and reservations. Most people spend a lot of time and money just to ensure that all are polished and done to the date of their awaited retreat. That’s why they do some early searches or canvasses about the right spot and conveniences they would like to spend the holidays with. Like where and what type of accommodation they favored and most appropriate for the occasion.

Hotels and beach resorts are the common pick of a typical holiday vacationer. Every popular tourist destinations in the world is said to be more appreciated considering the accommodation and lodging services offered. Top class hotels and resorts usually take the second spot of the place’s popularity since people often remembers the quality of comfort they experienced in each short stay.

But people practically chose privacy in their every stay. Like everything would be more luxurious whenever their family or partner or even by themselves spend holidays in an exclusive and reserved manner. The very idea of special seclusion from the work stress and crowded environment would definitely supply relaxation and leisure for the vacationers.

In private villas, these types of conveniences are generic. Because vacation villas are similar to real state rental, vacationer would feel like they are renting a new home just for their holiday vacations. Having a normal rest house could possibly have, private villas definitely differs in terms of home comfort and basic vacation house niceties. It is also economical as normal rents range the same as the rate in hotels. Some would range from 0 and up depending on how popular and appealing the tourist place. The amenities are exclusive for the renters while they enjoy all the features of the villas.

In addition, villas are described as quiet and ideal neighborhood for a holiday vacation. The perfect views and luxuries a lodging house can offer are clustered here that holiday vacationers can experience the complete relaxation they really wanted. Swimming pools, spas, green environment and nature trekking are just some of their famous offerings which people look for in their vacation. It can be experienced either with the whole family, partners and friends.

Somehow, the new trend in vacation villa renting during holidays could be the future’s famous look out. The preservation of resort-like experience compared to urban hotels and the special exclusivity in lodging and accommodation in villas respond to the ideal holiday vacation a regular person seeks. Even if it’s in the tropic or in the four-season tourist destinations, private villa accommodation maximized every feature the place can offer.

Therefore, whenever you want to spend your holiday vacation close to nature and in a calm environment, a private villa could be more accommodating. Every spare time away from work pressure and city life would be healthier and worthy as long as you cherish it in a private way with your family or special someone. The panoramic view around where you stay would more than a consolation to your free and leisure time.

Visit http://www.balivillaholidays.com/blog to read more about holiday vacation tips and updates.

Tips for Vacation Travel

Article by Rob Lewis,

 Vacation Travel, cr-bankrate.com

Vacation Travel, credit-bankrate.com

The perfect vacation is a very subjective thing and will depend on how you prefer to travel, your interests, budget, and how important luxury is to you. In any case, good vacation tips will eliminate unwanted surprises.

When deciding where to go on your next vacation, one of the best vacation tips is to think about other vacations you’ve been on, and what you enjoyed about them. Some people like a luxurious getaway type vacation, while others prefer to see rare sites that are accessible only by roughing it and getting off the beaten path. In any event, you should examine yourself and your traveling partners to determine what kind of vacation and vacation activities you will enjoy. If you go to a vacation hotspot, be prepared to pay premium rates for everything whether you are in a third world country or not.

The way you travel will depend on the type of trip you are going to take. For instance, if you are trying to get a far distance as soon as possible, then a plane flight is most likely your best option. Sometimes it is more fun to make a road trip out of it and take a car or RV as your transportation. This method allows you to make many stops along the way and see various sites that you would have otherwise not seen. Some vacationers even like to take the train. I prefer planes and RVs because you are in control of where you go in an RV, and a plane is just down right fast. A train ride, on the other hand, is nice if you just want to sit back and watch the country side pass you by. Keeping the kids entertained on a long trip can often be a full time job. With a little bit of planning a coloring book, DVD player, or fun music can help pass the time.

The busiest times to travel are during the holidays. Not just Christmas and Thanksgiving, but all holidays see an increase in vacation travel. This makes sense since the majority of people get more vacation time around the holidays. A smart traveler will avoid busy travel days during the holidays. Not to say you should stay home for Christmas, but get a plane flight for off days instead of Christmas eve. You can also find better rates on travel and hotel packages if you are a little flexible with your scheduling. There is also nothing that can ruin a vacation more is sitting in traffic. Avoid such stresses and travel during the night or on days that you know will be less crowded.

No matter what kind of vacation you like or your travel preferences, vacation tips will help you immensely. Knowing what you are getting for your money and what to expect will help make sure that your next vacation is everything you thought it could be.

About the Author: Rob Lewis is an outdoor enthusiast and recommends convenient 24 Hour Storage when you need Sacramento area indoor boat storage, or car or RV storage. Even if you live in the Bay Area it’s a great place to pick up your equipment as you head to the mountains and lakes of California.

Looking For a Vacation Travel Club? Examine These 3 Ideas For A Lot More Success in Picking One

 by C.D. Malone,

Vacation, cr-askmen.com

Vacation, credit-askmen.com

If you’re searching for a vacation travel club it is possibly because you’re in grave need to take an affordable vacation. The fantastic thing is that a vacation club can help you do just that.

The terrible thing is that it’s kind of hard to tell the difference between a decent travel program from a bad one.

And if you happen to pick a not-so-good club the final results can be devastating. Finally uncover the three suggestions that can save you a big headache later.

If you’re baffled about finding a vacation club…know that it’s not easy. Many intelligent travelers like yourself who have become weighed down by the decision of picking a club have learned these three tips below…which has made the decision process less complicated.

It’s only after adhering to these essential suggestions that you’ll fully grasp what you need to seek out in a vacation program. The one thing you don’t want is to become a casualty of an shady travel program or a timeshare company.

You just have to be careful of the “fly-by-night” travel companies that litter the web and those that try to entice you into a presentation at an office.

A reliable well-established travel club can save you a good deal of money on your vacation trips. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that you got the greatest deal possible. But again you have to learn what crucial things to look for in one.

Here are three tips that will help you in choosing the best one to suit your needs:

1. Do you want an equity based travel club or non-equity based club?

Best Tip: A non-equity club cost only a small percentage of what you’d pay for a timeshare. And in nearly most cases, a good non-equity club can give you entry to the same resorts that timeshare owners enjoy without the headache of putting down a huge down payment and without yearly maintenance fees.

2. How do you like to vacation? Remember a travel club is not an investment. The single purpose of a club is to save you money on your vacations. A decent one should save you a lot of money on your number one largest expense…your accommodations.

Best Tip: Hotels can not only be quite costly but also very restricting. If you enjoy the atmosphere of being with other vacationers and you like a lot of activities that your whole family can take pleasure in, you may want to look carefully at travel clubs that offer discount rates to luxury resorts.

Luxury resorts usually offer the best views of the surroundings along with the spaciousness of a home-like setting that gives you room to entertain multiple guests.

3. What’s in your budget? With tough economic conditions and unemployment still high, it really doesn’t do your family any favors to get them into debt just to take a vacation.

Best Tip: Look for a vacation travel club that’s in your budget that won’t entomb your family in big debt. There are a few good clubs that you can be part of for under five thousand dollars that gets you lifelong discounts to top luxury resorts. Those are the best travel programs that will offer you the greatest discounts while providing you with cheap family vacations at nice resorts.

After knowing these three tips you’ll be armed with knowledge and now you can go out and conquer the travel club industry.

If you can visualize yourself drinking an exotic drink while strolling along a warm sandy beach, then you’re just that much closer to making it an affordable reality with a vacation club.

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