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The Easiest Ways To Get From London To Paris



There are several options for people to get themselves from London to Paris. While driving is usually the most frequently chosen option there are others as well. Here are some of the easiest ways to travel from London into Paris.


The Eurostar train can get someone from London to Paris in 2 ½ hours. This train starts in the St. Pancras Station in London and its final destination is Paris’s Gare du Nord. With both train stations being in the heart of their respective cities, the Eurostar is a great way for tourists to see both. Any passenger taking this train must arrive 30 minutes prior to their train’s scheduled departure time and is required to have their luggage pass through a metal detector for security reasons. The streamlined shape of this train allows it to pass through the Eurotunnel at a speed of 100 miles per hour. The train provides a smooth ride free of the sound most other trains make while in motion.


    France Dover-ferry

France Dover-ferry

Those who are looking to have a long, leisurely trip to Paris from London can always take the ferry. This is a more expensive option than the Eurostar but is desirable to tourists who want to see as much of the area as possible. The journey is a very scenic experience and eliminates the need to travel through the underwater tunnel of the English Channel. From London it is necessary to take the train to the ferry in order to get to Paris.


If someone needs to get to Paris from London quickly they have the option of flying if they would rather not take the train. Many U.K. airlines offer cheap and frequent flights between London and Paris.

iDBUS London to Paris



Taking the iDBUS to get from London to Paris is an easy and popular choice. Passengers are able to choose the iDBUS coach travel they wish to take part in. These buses depart many times per day and run every day of the week. The bus ticket prices are fixed so whether a person buys their ticket days in advance or hours in advance they will pay the same amount of money. The price of a bus ticket is dependent upon when a person is looking to travel as opposed to where they are looking to travel to. Making reservations on this bus entitles passengers to check one bag and carry one bag with them on the bus. On-board services are available to passengers, such as power outlets and free wifi. The bus leaves from the Victoria Coach Station and travels to the Paris-Bercy Station.



No matter how an individual chooses to travel from London to Paris they will enjoy their commute. With so many transportation choices everyone can find the service that fits their needs the best. Having several different ways to get from London to Paris is very convenient for both locals and tourists from around the world.

London: Britain at its Best

London, Cr-europecharm.com

London, Cr-europecharm.com

The capital of England, London, is an exciting, culturally vibrant location, full of tourist attractions, vast entertainment events and varied food. This European destination will leave you wanting more.

As any picture will show, one of the most stunning images of London is its skyline.  Start your itinerary by grabbing a glass pod on the London Eye, a 443-foot Ferris wheel, and witness it for yourself.

From here you can see Elizabeth Tower or ‘Big Ben’, as it’s affectionately known.  Iconic in the capital, it’s situated next to the Houses of Parliament, making it one of the most important places in the city.

To the right you’ll see Buckingham Palace with its magnificent gardens and parks.  Known largely as the home of the Queen of England, this attraction is visited by millions.

Even further along the Thames, catch a glimpse of St Paul’s Cathedral, which has been the site of many historically important events, such as the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Once your hour on the London Eye is up, take a trip towards Westminster Abbey and appreciate it from up close.  Built by Henry III in 1245, history fanatics will be in their element experiencing one of the most important Gothic buildings of England.

After being in awe of the history of the city, visit Oxford Street, one of the best shopping destinations in Europe, full of the world’s biggest retail outlets, including large department store such as John Lewis and Debenhams.

If you’re looking for something special, though, take a journey towards Harrods, situated near the highly affluent Knightsbridge area.  The most exciting department store in London, Harrods has everything you could ever need to buy, including high-cost, designer items to die for.

Once you’ve shopped till you’ve dropped, give yourself a rest and take a seat in Hyde Park, nearby, which once served Henry VIII as a hunting ground.  For the brave and articulate, there is the opportunity to join the Speaker’s Corner where attendants are encouraged to speak their mind.

After taking in the many exciting sights of London, you may start to build an appetite and, like any major European destination, London’s cuisine goes a long way to form its character.  But what is it that sums up the capital’s taste buds?  Well, while many cities across the world are associated with a specific dish, London is famed for a wide assortment of food from cultures around the world.

You can wake up in the capital and have breakfast at Café Broheme, a Parisian café in the centre of Soho, offering croissants and coffee.  Then, for lunch, enjoy an authentic English afternoon tea at the famous hotel, The Ritz, with scones and cream.  Finally, for dinner, find Belgo’s, an authentic Belgian restaurant located in Covent Garden that serves up a host of delicacies, including mussels, as well as a large selection of Belgian beers.

As you discover the thousands of restaurants in London you’ll come to realise that what makes its cuisine so individual, is that it is every world’s food culture at once.

Now you’ve had a long day of sightseeing and have your hunger satisfied, you’re looking to fill your evening with entertainment.  Fortunately for you, London has everything to suit anyone’s needs.  When in the capital of England, you will never find yourself without something to do.

The Royal Albert Hall, the centre of entertainment in London, holds events such as the BBC Summer Proms as well as critically acclaimed plays like Billy Elliot and The Lion King.

If you’re looking for something a bit more lighthearted, though, experience the much-famed British wit at one of the many comedy clubs available.

Check out The Boat located on the Thames opposite the London Eye.  Without having to spend too much you’ll get a host of great comedy acts and, if you’re so inclined, club nights run on till the early morning without extra charge.

So, if you’re looking for somewhere full of history, great shopping locations and highly enjoyable entertainment, travel to London.  One of the most exhilarating European destinations, no tourist’s cap truly has credibility until it holds the feather of this city.

Article provided by EuropeCharm, operated by Felix Travel, LLC, is a premier travel company that offers customized itineraries for leisure and business trips in Europe. All travel services are designed to cater explicitly to the needs of each client. Custom itineraries and packages are personalized, independent and designed precisely for clients so that they can travel at their own convenience.


The English Cities Everyone Ought to Visit

by Gavin Harvy,

English Cities by Dan Brickley

English Cities by Dan Brickley

When you think of English cities, London undoubtedly springs to mind first with its iconic red buses, black cabs and royal buildings. Yet this is only a tiny fraction of what English cities have to offer. Have you ever visited John Lennon’s house? Walked across Clifton Suspension Bridge? Or been down the Cam? Much less likely. With so many cities to visit and such a vast array of sights to see, here is just a mere collection of English cities everyone ought to visit.


If it is your first trip to England, the capital city is certainly the first port of call. From museums, to shows, to food markets and parks, there really is an unlimited amount of times you can visit London.

London has an exceptional range of things to do, cultures to experience and famous landmarks to spot. Buckingham Palace is arguably one of the most influential buildings in the city, having been home to so many of the country’s past leaders. Whether you’re interested in history, architecture, or simply feeling a little patriotic, the palace is a great place to spend an afternoon regardless of the weather. London is also inundated with thought-provoking museums and galleries, such as the Natural History Museum, the V&A, London Transport Museum and the National Gallery, just to name a few. No other English city has so much to offer in the evening, with West End shows, Michelin Star restaurants and stylish bars heading up the city’s nightlife.

The best area to stay if you’re planning on visiting the main attractions is undoubtedly central London; however the efficiency of the underground means that you can stretch out to alternate locations like Shoreditch or Richmond.


Cambridge is one of England’s most visited cities, due to the prestigious university and spectacular architecture. The majority of the university’s colleges offer guided tours, so you can view the stunning buildings whilst learning about their history and uses for the university today.

Perhaps one of the most iconic things to do whilst in Cambridge is to go punting down the River Cam with a glass of champagne in hand. For the more rainy days try the Fitzwilliam Museum or the Arts Theater, or wander through the historic Market Square for a real taste of Cambridge city life. The closer you can stay to the city center and its architecture the better.


Having been named Europe’s Capital of Culture in 2008, Liverpool is fast becoming one of England’s unmissable cities. Liverpool’s strong cultural presence comes largely from its music scene during the 1960s, and there are numerous museums and exhibitions to visit centered on the Beatles. You can even take a look inside John Lennon’s house if you’re happy to stray from the city center.

However, Liverpool Waterfront is where the majority of the attractions lie with the Tate, Merseyside Maritime Museum and recently developed shopping areas, and this is certainly the place to stay if you want to be near all the action.


Home to much of the notorious Banksy’s artwork, Bristol is another great cultural English city. Bristol has a diverse architectural backdrop of buildings, churches and bridges, alongside fashionable restaurants, shops and bars, intertwining old and new with every step.

The Victoria Rooms and the Wills Memorial Building are just two examples of the noteworthy architecture, whilst climbing to the top of Cabot Tower will give you a spectacular overview of Bristol’s eclectic mix of buildings. Bristol’s zoo and harbor are further attractions not to be missed, and if you can visit Clifton Suspension Bridge during the International Balloon Fiesta then you will experience something truly special. There are loads of great locations to stay in Bristol, from Clifton to the city center and Broadmead.

Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove is arguably England’s most exciting seaside city, although it attracts mainly seasonal tourists. If you were to picture Brighton, you would see the infamous pebbled beach littered with striped deck chairs, the ironically tacky pier with its fairground rides and most probably a colony of seagulls soaring above the ruins of the abandoned pier. This stereotypical image is largely accurate and adds to Brighton’s charm. It’s a classic British seaside town.

If you are to explore further than along the seafront, be sure to visit the Royal Pavilion and the Brighton Lanes. Unless you wish to be disturbed by noisy seagulls and the vibrant nightlife of the seafront, it is best to stay a bit further inland.

Of course, this is only a small number of England’s beautiful and cultural cities, and there are countless more attractions worth visiting, such as the Roman Baths, Newcastle’s quayside, York’s iconic street the Shambles and Manchester’s large collection of museums. Sites such as Hotelopia offer a wide range of hotels.

Which English cities would you recommend? Let us know in the comments.

Renting a Holiday Cottage In The UK

UK holiday Cottage, Image - Jim Linwood

UK holiday Cottage, Image – Jim Linwood

by Rhosanna Jenkins,

From the second you book it, you begin to look forward to your holiday. You start planning what you will need and what you want to do when you get there. Not only are holidays exciting, but they are also good for your health. Yearly holidays can reduce your risk of high blood pressure and heart problems.

When you think of holidays, most picture exotic lands with white, sandy beaches and clear, blue oceans. Do you really need to jet off to a foreign country and stay in an expensive hotel to have a brilliant holiday? There are hundreds of different places to discover in the UK, and renting a cottage could be much cheaper than big hotel bills; allowing you to have a break on a budget. Here we have compiled a list of some of the advantages of renting a holiday cottage in the UK.

1. You Get More For Your Money

European hotels usually offer standard double rooms at around £100 per night. These prices rise even higher during the summer months, when these locations are most popular. The prices of UK hotels in popular holiday destinations are not dissimilar. For a week in a 3-star Cornish seafront hotel in the middle of summer, you can expect to pay between £400 and £500. However, holiday cottages start from £10 per night, depending on the location and size of the property.

In addition to this, many rail companies provide seasonal deals on train fares. So, if you are looking to save on petrol or even if you don’t have a car, you can still enjoy your perfect UK holiday.

2. They’re Easier To Organise

Sometimes, booking a holiday from a glossy brochure can lead to hotel nightmares. Choosing a UK holiday will mean you are able to contact those renting out the cottage more easily. You can double-check what is included and even find out more about local attractions. Remember, with a UK holiday you won’t have to change currency and you will already know the language.

3. No Stressful Airports

You can avoid waiting in queues, enduring security check after security check or suffering flight delays if you choose to holiday in the UK. Airports are extremely stressful and a negative experience can ruin your whole vacation.

Staying in the UK also means you will have no miniscule baggage allowances. Liquids do not need to be bagged up separately and there are no restrictions on what you can take. There’s also very little chance of your holiday being disrupted by a cantankerous Icelandic volcano!

4. Cottages Are Brilliant For Group Getaways

For larger groups, staying in a hotel can mean splitting up into different rooms; making it harder to socialise. Many agencies offer holiday cottages that can sleep 8-10 people. If you can get the right numbers, you may find these cottages are even cheaper than those with fewer bedrooms. Cottages also have communal rooms, perfect for socialising with your friends.

5. The UK Has Something for Everyone

The UK has so much to offer holidaymakers. Few countries can rival our rich cultural heritage and impressive range of natural environments. Big cities are just a short drive from idyllic countryside. Historic sites are scattered all over the landscape and there are even some top theme parks. Whether you want a romantic getaway, active, outdoorsy trip or a family seaside break, the UK can provide.

6. More to Offer than A Hotel

In a hotel, you get a bed, en suite and, if you’re lucky, breakfast. Renting a cottage gives you much more freedom. If the weather turns on you, you can stay inside without being trapped in a single room. You can also decide what and when you would like to eat each day. If you need a long lie-in on a Sunday morning, you can be sure that you won’t miss breakfast.

Additionally, many UK holiday cottages allow pets. Rather than relying on your family and friends to look after your beloved pet while you’re away, you can just take them with you.

So, next time you are searching for the perfect holiday, why not take a look at the wide range of holiday cottages to rent in the UK? With all these benefits over expensive overseas travel, you can rest assured that you will love the experience.


Unusual wedding venue Ideas from Budget to Luxurious in Essex


Wedding Venue

Everyone wants their wedding to stand out from the crowd. They want it to be the occasion that is talked about for months and months to come. The venue you select can have a massive influence on whether this is the case or not. After all, the wedding venue is going to be the main thing people notice. It is also the first thing they see when they come to your big day. It influences the vibe of the event and consequently plays a role in determining the mood of all of your guests too.

One way you can undoubtedly make your day one to remember is to choose a venue nobody would expect. If you choose an unusual venue then you build excitement, you get all of your guests talking and you instantly make the atmosphere a positive one. Read on to discover some great budget and luxurious ideas for an unusual wedding venue in Essex

A fairground

A fairground is undoubtedly a unique choice of wedding venue yet it is something that seems to work well every time. Why? Quite simply because it brings fun to the occasion. This is a day of celebration and everyone should undoubtedly be in jovial spirits. A fairground is a venue which only enhances this feeling. Furthermore, it is a fantastic choice for anyone who is going to have a lot of children in attendance. It gets the little kids excited and ensures they do not spend the entire day saying ‘mummy, I’m bored’ as they would be at a standard and traditional choice of venue.

A marquee

A marquee in itself may not be wholly unusual. However, it provides the perfect platform for you to be as innovative and creative as you like. This is one of the lesser venues in terms of cost and thus this frees up an opportunity for you to go wild in terms of decoration. You can take eastern influence and opt for an Indian inspired marquee for example. The grand image of the venue presents massive potential to go for something luxurious and lavish. Take inspiration from the royals and the palaces of a particularly country. You could even have a Great British theme with fine china and alike.

The great outdoors

If you are someone who loves nature then why not get married in one of the beautiful Essex green lands? There are lots of great forest areas for you to choose between. You can really embrace the forest feel with the likes of yurts and tipis. For your reception you can have a campfire type setting rather than a formal sit down dinner. This is definitely an unusual route to go down. And just because you are taking influence from camping and the great outdoors does not mean that you can’t add some glamour either.

A theatre

And finally, if you have a taste for the theatrical then why not embrace this and use it as influence for your big day. A theatre definitely plays towards the grandeur of a wedding day. If you are going to go down this route then you should definitely play towards the strength of the venue. Everything should be dramatic and theatrical; from the decorations to what you are wearing. This is ideal for those who like to be bold and make a big impression.


You can’t beat Luxurious St Ermin’s in London


Hotel St Ermin

by Jonny Rowntree,

London is such a busy city with the hustle and bustle of the central streets, crowds roaring out of tube stations and all of the sights and sounds to be contempt with. If you are planning on visiting London for a holiday, there are plenty of reasons for choosing a central London hotel.

The luxurious St Ermin’s Hotel located in Westminster, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of busy Central London but in the heart of Westminster’s business and conference district, overall occupies a great place for tourists and business travellers.

St Ermin’s is located close to the banks of the River Thames and tourists can be assured that they will find major London attractions along this route including The London Eye – allowing riders to see London and the surrounding area from 443 feet up in the air, Houses of Parliament – home of the British Government and Buckingham Palace – the second home to the Queen and Royal Family. Other major attractions nearby include Tower Bridge, Tower of London – which is heavily guarded and contains the Crown Jewels and St Paul’s Cathedral.

If you’re looking to discover the rest of London, St James’s Park tube station is a minute walk from the hotel which allows you to travel into the busy streets of Regent Street, Bond Street and Oxford Street. Oxford Street has the best of today’s high street all in one stretch and nearby Regent Street is home to the UK’s flagship Apple Store and most importantly the famous toy store, Hamleys. If you’re looking for a top class department store known for some high end retail therapy, Harrods is located on Knightsbridge.

However, if you’re looking to discover the rest of the UK or for a quick connection to two of many London’s airports, Victoria railway station is within 5 minute walk where you can catch the Gatwick Express to London Gatwick. London Paddington station can be accessed through a quick ride on the tube where the Heathrow Express departs from. Sleeper trains also run from this station on a late evening to locations such as Plymouth and Penzance.

Once you return to the hotel, you have access to Caxton Bar and Grill – the hotel’s restaurant and bar serving a delicious European menu using seasonal and local British ingredients within a modern, stylish environment with attentive and friendly staff.

Overall, even though St Ermin’s Hotel is marketed strictly at business travellers, the hotel doesn’t carry a corporate feel and welcomes families, couples of solo guests. Reviews on TravelAdvisor rate this hotel as a perfect honeymoon spot for domestic and international travellers and is rated #27 out of a possible 1,085 hotels in London.

This article was contributed by St Ermin’s Hotel – a distinctly individual hotel located in Westminster, Central London.

Useful info:



Totty Teas, for a perfect cuppa and more!

    Totty Teas © Realitas 2012

Totty Teas © Realitas 2012

How do you make a top-class tea shop? Offering an excellent cup of tea – or coffee – is essential of course, and you must also tempt customers with a scrumptious selection of homemade cakes. Next, you’ll need to add a welcoming atmosphere, stylish décor and comfortable seating.

Lastly, but most importantly, mix in some thoughtful, quirky and smile-inducing little extras that will lift an ordinary tea shop into something very special indeed.

This is exactly what the creators of Totty Teas have done with great success. Located in the pretty village of Peakirk, near Peterborough, Totty Teas began modestly with just a couple of tables in a corner of an old granary that was being developed into a community arts and crafts centre. With a limited budget but plenty of creativity and help from willing volunteers, Totty Teas soon grew and blossomed.

Today, it has all the features a tea shop connoisseur would hope to find: friendly service, pretty china and cake stands, co-ordinating tablecloths and posies of fresh flowers, along with a few surprises such as big, squashy sofas, a piano and a library of art books.

In fine weather, you have the option to enjoy your tea outdoors while admiring the colourful ‘garden’ of container-grown flowers. If you stay inside, you can either sit at a table that will give you a good view of the main craft showroom, or choose one in the quieter alcove if you want to read, have a chat with friends, or just spend time looking at the paintings on the walls. The artworks are a small sample of those exhibited by local artists in the main art gallery on the floor above Totty Teas. There is something to appeal to all artistic tastes, and the display is constantly changing as new pictures replace those that have been sold.

Most of Totty Teas’ customers will tell you they discovered the tea shop by chance, but one visit is enough to turn them into enthusiastic regulars. ‘I must tell my friends about this place,’ is a common reaction from first-timers, and word of mouth recommendations are an important factor in the steadily increasing number of Totty Teas fans.

If you are visiting Peterborough, or just passing through the area, be sure to make a short detour to sample the delights – and especially the delicious cakes – of this charming little tea shop.

Totty Teas can be found in the Realitas Community Arts Centre at Peakirk, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

For up to date information on opening times:

Website: http://www.realitascommunity.org/

Phone:    01733 252 538

Email:  Neil@RealitasCommunity.org

Railcards for Train Travel in the UK

railcard cr: cheaptraintickets.info

railcard cr: cheaptraintickets.info

Cheap tickets are available for many people with railcards, such as family and seniors traveling in the UK. Train travel can be expensive in the UK, but cheap train travel can be available to many people with a little homework.

This article will look at the variety of railcards available to travelers which can help reduce costs, sometimes massively. If a passenger is traveling on a longer journey, the cost of the railcard is often recouped on the first journey making these a fantastic purchase.

Many of these railcards also give discounts on advance fares and admission charges for days out. These offers are always changing, so check online for the latest deals.

The 16-25 Railcard – save a third

This railcard is available to any person under 26 years old, or is a full time student at a recognized college or university. This railcard will give the traveler one third off rail tickets at most times, but is subject to a minimum fare before 10am weekdays most of the year. Further savings can also be made by buying the railcard for three years rather than just the one, but you must be below the age of 24 for this option.

The Senior Railcard – giving cheaper train fares

These railcards are available to any person over 60 years of age and give discounts to standard, first and advance ticket options. The railcard can be used at anytime except on peak trains within the South-East of England. A three year option is available when buying this railcard to make grater savings. There are often many deals for holidays, admission charges and days out for cardholders. More information can be found on the rail companies web site.

Family & Friends Railcard – save a third and more

This is a very good railcard to help reduce the costs of families traveling. The minimum passengers traveling together is one adult and one child. Up to a maximum of four adults and four children can also travel for savings of one third for adults and 60% off children’s fares. These railcards again come with various days out offers, very useful during school holidays.

Network Railcard – save a third on many fares

A Network Railcard is a good deal for those traveling on a lot of journeys within the South-East of England only. There is no age restriction, but travel is restricted before 10am and on certain trains in the evening Monday-Friday most of the year. Similar to a Family & Friends Railcard, three other adults can travel for the same discount and four children travel with 60% off. Offers are again available for days out, and it is best to check online for latest deals. No discount tickets using a Network Card are available on the Gatwick Express.

Disabled Railcard – save a third for yourself and a companion

A Disabled Railcard is available to registered disabled passengers and in receipt of certain UK benefits. This railcard gives one third discount off most train tickets and has few restrictions. Out of all the railcards, this one must be purchased in advance and can take unto about 10 days to arrive. Please check with the railcard companies on how to apply for this card.