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Different Ways to Entertain Yourself Through Games on Travel

Entertain Yourself Through Games on Travel

Entertain Yourself Through Games on Travel

Long drives seem to be a pleasing idea for some outing but travelling to a distant place can be a great source of boredom for you, where playing games can help you make the trip joyful. There are various options of games to play that include paper games, mobile and internet games, wherein you can play blackjack UK and other games during your travel alone or with a group. Few options of games that can be played during a travel time are listed below.

Mobile Games: Smartphones have evolved from a simple calling device to the one offering multiple solutions for entertainment as well. The app stores for different platforms are loaded with a number of games that you can play during your travel to cut down your boredom. These games are available in both single player and multiple player modes, so you can enjoy them while travelling alone or in a group, with family or friends. Mobile games are available in all types of categories to suit your taste, which you can use to switch, if you get bored by playing a particular category of games.

Play Tic-Tac-Toe: This is an old game that is quite popular among kids and serves as a source of amusement and joy for adults as well. This game has its roots during the times of ancient Egyptians and Romans from the early 1300 B.C. Technology advancement has made it easy to play this game with the availability of apps to be played on different devices and ready to play printed grids. It contains a grid of 2 vertical lines that dissect two horizontal lines, where the players mark Xs & Os turn by turn. The winning goal of this game is to mark three same symbols in a row, preventing the opponent from making the combination.

Puzzles & Other Games: There are other mind games also that serve as an entertainment source during the travel. The need of only a paper and a pen makes these games easy to play anywhere and at any time. Sudoku and other crossword puzzles can be found in a newspaper, where  separate column is dedicated to these games. You can bring a paper from home or can buy one before or during the travel. This category of games is suitable for both individuals as well group players, though involving multiple players can reduce the game time. Several puzzle games are now available on mobile devices as well and can be played online to compete other players in the world also.

Internet Games: World wide web is a great source of entertainment nowadays, where you can find movies, videos, games and other entertainment related stuff. You can find different game types to play on your mobile device, a laptop or a tablet over the internet. Out of many online games, casino games are very popular that are played for both fun and to earn money. You can play blackjack UK or other casino games over the internet during your travel for a chance to win some money along with entertainment while travelling. So, choose from the above mentioned games to turn your travel moments into enjoyable time.

5 Tokyo Travel Apps you’ll be Lost Without

By Josie Sampson,

Right now, there’s never been a better time to visit Tokyo. The city’s proud announcement as the 2020 Olympic hosts has stirred interest in the capital and everyone who’s anyone is flocking to see what all the fuss is about. If you plan to get in on the action and see for yourself, a city as modern as tech-friendly as Tokyo promises a myriad of great apps, designed especially to get you discovering the place like a pro. Here are our top picks of the ones you can’t afford to miss out on.

Tokyo Metro subway

Subway map

Subway map

The Tokyo Metro is the busiest subway system on the planet, boasting around 7 million users a day across its 9 lines and 179 stations. Since the first line opened in 1927, the fast pace and sprawling crowds can make it a nightmare to navigate, even sometimes to those that use it every day. Keep the Tokyo Metro Subway app handy on your phone and you’ll be sure to travel like a native. With easy-to-understand maps, a route planner and station information, it’s definitely the best app out there. Let’s get going!

Human Japanese



Whether you’re planning a short trip or a longer stay, a base knowledge of the language will always be helpful! The Human Japanese app is great way for complete beginners to start things off. The lessons are clear and smooth and the instructions are friendly, making you feel like there’s a teacher right there with you. Get this app and you’ll be fluent in no time at all!




Of course, no one would blame you if you found yourself a bit lost on the streets of Tokyo! But still, if you’d rather not be, help is at hand in the form of the Find!TOKYO app. This handy app will demystify the streets of the bustling metropolis right before your eyes. Including detailed street maps, a directory of hotels, restaurants, parks and even guides to the insides of stations, it’s everything you need to find your way around Tokyo – and back to your hotel! And once downloaded, it doesn’t need the internet – genius!

Real Sushi



Do you like the taste of sushi but don’t really know what you’re eating? Or maybe you’re too embarrassed to ask? Real Sushi will take away the fear! With a visual guide and a descriptive rundown of every dish you can think of, you can match up what you eat to what you see on the screen. There’s a pronunciation guide too, meaning soon you’ll be ordering like pro – see you at the sushi bar!

Expedia App

Expedia app

Expedia app

Whether a holiday, a business trip, or a backpacking trail brings you to Tokyo, having instant access on your phone to hotel and flight information is invaluable. Our favourite way to keep track is using the Expedia app, which allows you to browse the best deals and make bookings right from your phone. So whether you’re after the swankiest hotel around or you still need to book your flight to Tokyo, the Expedia app is straight-forward, easy to use and there are some great deals to be found. What could be better?

Unleash the World’s Top Most Strange Islands

If you want to spend your vacations in a calm and tranquil environment along with marvelous picturesque scenery and daring experiences then plan your trip to the top strangest islands. Unleash these hidden marvels of nature and enjoy the awe-inspiring sight of oceans, sapphire waters, numerous flora and fauna, and strange geological formations. World is occupied with numerous natural sensations and these unusual yet remarkable Islands are one of them. Don’t waste much time in contemplating just take a peek in the article and select the best Island for you and your loved ones and in order to leave nothing behind take your camera with you to seize those stunning moments and sights.

Hundred Seoul Island: Be a bit adventurous and visit Hundred Seoul Island it is a barren Island located in the Eastern Coast of Canada. It would certainly not attract you with its coastal or scenic beauty but it will surely appeal you with its strange geographical facts and formations. The unique and weird fact related to this island is that there is no grass, birds, and plants but only deep blue sea and extremely blue stones. The weirdest thing about this island is that every seagoing vessel emerged near the island the ship’s needle will abruptly fail. You need to be daring and adventurous to visit this strange island.

another strange Island

Another strange Island

Divided and Meet Island: This beautiful and unusual Island is situated in the vast Pacific Ocean and it attracts the visitors with strange process of splitting up in two parts and then suddenly get back together automatically. But no one can predict the time that when it will split in two parts and when it is going to be united. According to the facts sometimes it splits and then reunites in one or two days, but at times it takes more than 4 days to get into the real shape.

Norderoogsand Island: This is a newly formed Island situated on the Coast of Germany. It attracts the visitors with its extremely clear emerald green water, several varieties of sea birds, 50 different plant species, and spectacular coastal beauty.

Monuriki Island:  This beautiful volcanic Island is located near Fiji; it is only about a kilometer long and half a kilometer wide. This unique Island was the location for the famous movie Cast Away starring Tom Hanks and thanks to the success of the movie as now it has become a major tourist attraction.

Crying Island: The most mysterious and strange fact related to this Island is that you can hear the sound of sobbing day and night. The sound is just like a weeping cry of the man who moaned and sounded very gloomy but sometimes the voice also sounds like the wailing of the wild bird. Be a bit daring, visit this island and get surprised by the strange ambiance of this island.

There are several other strange islands that you can visit such as Sable Island, Ghost Island, Easter Island, Hashima Island, Samosir Island, Komodo Island, Tetepare Island and the like.

Enjoy your daring and thrilling vacations on the weirdest and strangest Islands in the world. Don’t forget to arrest the mesmerizing beauty and unforgettable moments through your camera and then transform those digital images into canvas print to seize those memories. Make your private image gallery of your vacations or gift it to your family and friends as a souvenir.

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7 Ways to Have a Good Sleep While Traveling

Work stress, family pressure and monetary struggles can drive any person to the brink of depression. In a city where we are expected to perform industries’ highest expectations and compete with society’s social demands, an individual person can feel caged in a prison of responsibilities. Different people cope up with life’s ponderous stress, but the best outlet perhaps is by means of travelling.

plane travel

plane travel, Credit: Flickr

Travelling does not only give you the time to get away from the weight of your responsibilities but also a great way to discover and experience the bigger world. When we travel, we meet a lot of people and their culture. We are exposed to nature’s true beauty and appreciate more God’s creation. We build lasting memories, especially if we are travelling along with family or friends. Every time we go travel, we not only learn something about the place we visited but we learn something more about ourselves. After a travel, we bring home with us a little bit of joy, a little bit of hope and fond of memories to look back and keep.

When one does travel, there are many preparations to take like packing up, budgeting and organizing things that we will be leaving behind in our time of absence. However, frequently than not, we disregard the importance of sleeping. Even as exhilarating as our travel can be, we should not forget to have a good rest. What is the point of travelling if you will not have the energy to take on those traveling activities and even more so  if you will be going back home sick.

Here are seven useful things that you can try to get that sleep even when you are on travel.

Sheer bliss

Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons

1. Sleeping Masks – In whatever means of traveling we are to choose, either by land, water or air, sleeping masks proves to be a best tool in inducing sleep to a person. Since we can’t control artificial or natural light when we travel, sleeping mask prevents incoming light to be captured by our eyes. In a scientific point of view, when our brain sense pure darkness, it sends off signal to our body, inducing it to sleep.

2. Choose the right seat location – Whether you are on a bus or on a plane, choosing the right seat when you take public transportation can give you as much convenience than the others. When you are the type of person who goes to the bathroom a lot, choosing a seat near the lavatory can be most favorable to you as you will not need to cross long distances to do your personal necessities. Avoid taking the middle seats, seats by the windows protects you from being pushed by passengers. If you are on a bus, don’t take the seat on top of the wheel since these seats tends to be narrow than the rest and more wobbly.

3. On long travels, get some stop and east some food – Use stop-overs to shake off your muscles. This will relieve muscles from its long contractions due to prolong sitting. Take this time to use the bathroom and replenish your energy by food intake. If you are traveling long distances with your car, be sure to include stop-overs on your travel plan.

navy neck pillow

navy neck pillow,Photo Credit: Flickr

4. Neck Pillows – One of the most common problem travelers experience during a trip are muscular pains, particularly around the neck area. Seats available in any carrier, does not always provide proper sleeping positions. Neck pillows offer a great support in the neck and upper spinal area, especially when we try to sleep in a sitting position. This will prevent chances of waking up with stiff neck. Neck pillows can also be used when we feel stiffness with our pelvic and leg muscles. Try sitting or placing it beneath your leg, this will allow blood to flow again thru your veins.

5. Leave all the stress at home – When you do travel, don’t bring your work with you. You have to make preparations at the office if you are planning a vacation. Otherwise, over thinking will only prevent your brain in inducing sleep to your body and promoting a relax state. Take this time to pamper yourself and enjoy.

6. Grab a sleep ahead of the travel time – When one tends to be too excited before a travel, he or she can’t summon his/her body to go to sleep. Before traveling, get enough sleep already. It is a way of preparing your body for the trip ahead. When you follow a right sleeping habit, your body inhibits its own sleeping pattern. This will help you in getting your sleep since your body will be the one to tell you to sleep.

7. If you can’t sleep, relax – Free your find from everything, close your eyes, relax and eventually you’ll drift to slumber. One can’t sleep if its mind is still on overdrive, turn it off and stop thinking.

Follow these easy steps and have a safe travel on the road.

7 Tapas to Try in Madrid


Pulpo a la Gallega- Flickr’-by xurde

The Spanish must have invented the idea of a ‘moveable feast,’ because spending an evening meandering through the calles of Madrid sampling tapas at each appealing tapas bar is truly a meal to remember. In this article we’ll introduce 7 tapas to try in Madrid and the best places to find quality tapas bars in the city.

The best places for tapas in the city can be found in Lavapies, the Plaza de Santa Ana, and the Calle Cava Baja. Nightlife in these areas and elsewhere in Madrid can run to the early morning hours, but don’t let this stop you, even if you’re just on a short jaunt to Madrid. For example, you may find it convenient to stay at a hotel nearby and rely on the frequently running subway or Airport Express buses to get you to and from your tapas treats.

Pulpo a la Gallega

The name of this mouthwatering tapa translates to Galician-style Octopus, but you don’t have to go all the way to Galicia to appreciate it. Usually served on a small wooden platter, the octopus meat is cut into bite-sized chunks, boiled, and served with paprika, salt, and olive oil. This pairs well with white or dry red wine.

Gambase- By Javier Lastras-Wikipedia

Gambase- By Javier Lastras-Wikipedia


Deep fried morsels of mashed potatoes stuffed with ham, chicken or fish, this comfort food is a quick, hot bite that compliments a dry red wine in the winter or a cool glass of beer in the summer. Croquettes, as they’re known in English, can be ordered in most tapas bars in Madrid. If you somehow miss them on your nighttime tapas excursion, you can also order them as an appetizer before lunch in many restaurants, or anytime at the Mercado San Miguel food market behind Plaza Mayor in the center of Madrid.

Rabo de Toro

For a true taste of Spain, rabo de toro features a cut of beef you may not have tried before—the tail. This stew can be ordered in restaurants as a whole dish, or shared in a bar with bread, as a tapa. Originally, this southern Spanish dish was prepared with the tails of bulls killed during a bullfight but now it’s more likely to be cooked using the meat from a non-fighting bull.

Tajada de Bacalao

A piece of fried cod might not sound that exotic to travelers, but trust us, it’s delicious. Cod is one of the most important and well-liked fish in Spanish cuisine, and a flat piece of fried, salted bacalao hits the spot with beer after a hot day of sightseeing. This can be found in many bars throughout Madrid, but the tajada at Casa Labra near Plaza del Sol gets great reviews.

Olives image by Tamorlan

Olives image by Tamorlan

Gambas al Ajillo

Make your own surf-n-turf tapa sensory adventure with a serving of Iberian ham and one of gambas al ajillo. It’s made by sautéing shrimp and a generous amount of garlic in olive oil. Red pepper, brandy and paprika are also often added. Eat the shrimp one at a time from a toothpick or piled onto chunks of fluffy baguette. Gambas al ajillo pairs well with most non-sweet drinks, but red wine is a top contender.

Pimientos de Padrón

Though full of flavor, Spanish cuisine doesn’t have many spicy-hot dishes but, if you’d like to try a little fire in your tapas, try the pimientos de Padrón. These will be prepared slightly differently in each bar, but usually the dish is simple: small, fresh Padrón peppers are quick fried in olive oil and dusted with sea salt. Not every pepper has a bite, but some do—so make sure anyone sharing your tapas can handle heat. You’ll see plenty of people drinking red wine while munching these but beer pairs nicely as well.

Jamón Serrano and Manchego Cheese

Salmon and wasabi. Eggs and bacon. And jamón with manchego cheese. Some things just taste right together, and you’ll appreciate the full-mouth flavor of a thin strip of jamón with a slice of manchego if you nibble it between sips of a full-bodied red wine. However, it’s harder to go back to lighter flavors after you indulge in this.  Louise Vinciguerra resides in Rome and enjoys traveling in search of fun food. When she’s not on Facebook, WordPress or Twitter she plans nature trips and explores her resident city of Rome.

You Don’t Have to Live in NYC to Live Like a Billionaire

While New York City is home to the some of the wealthiest people in the country, that doesn’t mean you can’t live like a billionaire elsewhere. Other cities have properties of equal size and luxury, but outside the confines of Manhattan. The same cities also offer high-class dining, events, country clubs, and other amenities.

Here’s a look at some other cities around the country where you can live like a billionaire.

Nashville, Tenn. – $3.2 Million


nashville-Flickr by shinealight

This penthouse in downtown Nashville, featuring stunning views of the city’s urban landscape, is priced just right. It’s cheap compared to larger cities and features all the same amenities. It takes up the entire 7th floor on 9th Avenue, and covers 5,656 square feet. It has 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms; it’s a steal for the aspiring billionaire.

Portland, Ore. – $3.75 Million

Overlooking the beautiful Cascade Mountains and downtown Portland, the penthouse in the Arlington Heights neighborhood of Portland is spectacular. It boasts a large outdoor patio on the roof and has more than 5,500 square feet of space. Also, it features 4 bedrooms and 4.5 baths.

Washington, D.C. – $8.7 Million

Located in the Parc Somerset community Chevy Chase, Md., just north of Washington, D.C., this 6,737-square-foot condo has recently gone on the market. The recently built condo is large and luxurious, and features stunning views of Bethesda, Md., and northern Va. You can decorate it however you want, but it does come equipped with 4 bedrooms, 4 fireplaces, and a solarium.

Dallas, TX – $9.75 Million

This monstrous 12,197-square-foot beast of an apartment has everything a billionaire could want. It’s on the 29th floor of the W Dallas Victory Residences, and gives its owner a 360-degree view of downtown Dallas. The property also has two of each of the following: master bedroom, guest room, living area, library, and kitchen.

Atlanta, Ga. – $17 Million

Located on the 42nd floor of the historic Park Avenue apartments, this property is more than 9,000 square feet of pure luxury. The best part of this apartment is its Victorian Grand Salon, including fancy wood decorum and a pool table. It also features a wine cellar that can hold over 4,000 bottles. And while you aspire to live here, you may also want to check out other apartments for rent in AtlantaForRent.com in the meantime.

Chicago, Il. – $32 Million

Claiming to be the highest residence in the Western Hemisphere, the penthouse on the 89th floor of the new Trump Tower has everything a resident could want. It features 14,260 square feet of luxury with a 360-degree view of Lake Michigan and downtown Chicago. While still undecorated and unfurnished, it’ll give its owner plenty of space to build it into something truly spectacular.

No matter what lifestyle you lead, there’s bound to be a city that will accommodate you. The only problem first is figuring out how to make your big money. Otherwise, we’d all live like we were rich and famous.

5 Fascinating Holiday Stopover Sites of Taipei

Taipei is a fine-wrapped bundle of enjoyment which comprises of so many beautiful sightseeing attractions and natural geographies. This contemporary capital has so many amazing spots to take a visit, comfortable accommodation options like the Royal Biz Hotel Taipei to stay safe and there are heaps of touring destinations to explore, just make a sure visit to these alluring places to relish your holidays.

Yangmingshan National Park:

This is a splendid location and a greenery haven for various species of fauna life. This spot is suitable for a whole-day picnic where you can take your entire family along with you. Kids will love to play in the gardens and the grown-ups will love to have a soothing bathe in the natural hot springing pools. Hiking trails can also be expected here. Apart from these activities one can have a relaxing weekend in the fresh breathy atmosphere.


Wulai Falls:

Wulai is such a fresh and clean pouring waterfall that starts from the top of the lush-green mountains and hits so many medicinal greenery trees in the forest before reaching the land surface. This is actually a visual treat for the eyes and of course a feast for your vacationing moods. There is also a stand-still pool set-up where the waterfalls drain. You can rest on the shores or jump into the water and splash fun with your friends and family.


Shilin Guandi Park:

This finely manicured garden is the favorite hang-out spot for most of the tourists and locals. Just find a shade under the tree and get the company of your books and enjoy your afternoons. There is also separate play area for kids and jogging and walking trails for the elderly. The splendid artificial fountain and the pond in the center of the park gives a fresh feel to the entire park. We have a great accommodation with safe and neat near your tourist center spot is Royal Biz Hotel Taipei



Sanhsia Old Street:

This is one of the featured sites of Taipei to take a tour of. The buildings in this street take us back to the earlier centuries! You can take awesome photographs here, or just involve in a restless shopping. There are so many ancient style sculptures to shop for. Food is in deed fabulous here – taste all the delicious traditional dishes of Taipei and get fanatic to.




This is the entertainment street of Taipei! Lots of shopping opportunities are available here. Eating street food in the street-side restaurants, watching local dance performed on the road side and listening to the live music played on the side of the street are some of the featured things to see here. The giant red building, popularly known as the Ximen Red House is one of the famous landmarks to see in this street.


Vacation Homes for Nature Lovers: Five Great Ideas


Vacation homes- Springdale, UT

When you think about owning a summer home, you usually imagine beaches, warm weather, and backyard barbecues with the kids. On CNBC’s list of the 12 best cities to buy a vacation home, eight of them were in Florida. But what if that’s just not you? What if sunshine, humidity, and tourist traps aren’t what you look for in a vacation? Barron’s list is more varied, and it proves you don’t have to stick to the typical summer vacation to get the most out of a second house or condo. If you love mountains, trees, lakes, and other natural wonders, you will enjoy investing in a hideaway surrounded by nature instead of theme parks. If your ideal home away from home involves majestic views and peace and quiet, here are some suggestions for places where a home will help you skip all the vacation stress and commune with nature the old-fashioned way.

1. Springdale, Utah

Located in the Southwest part of the state outside the borders of Zion National Park, Springdale is a minuscule town, clocking in at 529 residents in the 2010 census. Forbes has called Springdale one of America’s 20 prettiest towns, and if you’re willing to pay a median price of $850,000, you can own a home there. For the tiny community, Zion is their backyard, with its majestic Kolob Canyons, the scenic Virgin River, and amazing views from Lava Point. The 229-square foot park is rich with wildlife and every kind of natural rock formation there is, making it one of the most beautiful national parks the United States has to offer.

2. Durango, Colorado

Durango is a city of 16,000 people in Colorado’s La Plata County which is famous for its 32 parks over 839 acres and its proximity to many natural wonders. It’s located in the heart of the Animas River Valley, and the river itself lets visitors enjoy fly fishing, kayaking, and white water rafting. Durango is also nearby to five major mountain ski resorts and 36 miles from the majestic Mesa Verde National Park. Its rich cultural life and historic downtown area is a huge draw for residents all year long, and because it’s a slightly larger town, home prices have a nice range. You can invest in cabins, cottages, or condos from around $200,000 to well over $1 million.

3. Prince Edward Island, Canada

Just 200 kilometers off the coast of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island is one of the most beautiful places in Canada and also one of the smallest – you can tour the entire island by car in less than a day. Still, its lush coasts, lighthouses, old rustic farms, and cherry blossom woods attract hundreds of visitors. The province offers sandstone cliffs, rolling hills, and the amazing foliage of Prince Edward Island National Park. And it’s remarkably cheap to buy real estate there, with Kanetix comparisons now available in PEI. The average home is around $190,000, which can include restored cottages and beautiful rustic houses in many different areas of the island.

Prince Edward Island Route 6

Route to price Edward island

4. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

A rustic, mountain town near the Great Smokies, Gatlinburg is a popular tourist spot in the state if you’re looking for a quieter, more rural alternative to Dollywood’s Pigeon Forge. It’s bordered by mountains on every side and offers breathtaking forests and access to the only ski resort in Tennessee. The Gatlinburg Trolley takes visitors through neighborhoods filled with comedy and musical theater shows, even a famous haunted house. There is some surprisingly affordable real estate available, too. A 2-bedroom house can cost you less than $90,000, though there are plenty of options for large mountain cabins closer to the $1 million range. All in all, this corner of Appalachia offers quite a deal.

5. Braceridge, Ontario

Built around a waterfall on the Muskoka River, Bracebridge is a popular town of 15,000 residents in the idyllic Muskoka Province. The region is often referred to as “cottage country” and is home to lakes, farming villages, country clubs, and scenic vistas. Bracebridge is one of six townships in Muskoka, and it offers a railway station, historic buildings, and the famous Santa’s Village, a Christmas theme park which attracts thousands of visitors a year. The area is so beautiful that many celebrities purchase vacation homes in the vicinity, where they can easily hide away from urban life. Some of the homes are pricey, but you can find a good deal for $400,000 or less in many areas of town.

If you’ve ever experienced rural life, you know how much it can reduce stress and leave you rejuvenated before you have to return to the hectic schedule of your daily life. When you’re planning to invest in a vacation home, you want to aim for that level of stress-reduction, especially if the beauty of nature appeals to you much more than a tourist-packed beach in Florida or California. Outside the box, your options are always many.

Save on travel and family outings when taking the train


Travel by train

As a travel option, trains are often overlooked. Train rides are the ideal way for families to bond whilst travelling together. Travelling by rail is a fun and easy way to reach your intended destination and can save you money when you take advantage of the family deals and special offers.

A train travel adventure

If conventional travel such as planes and cars is too time consuming and makes you feel claustrophobic, trains are a great alternative. When travelling by train there are very few long delays and if there are brief rest periods, there is no need to leave the comfort of your carriage. This makes train travel an appealing option to anyone who is tired of the airport rigmarole and is looking for a relaxing way to travel with family.

As no one is driving, the whole family can enjoy each other’s company and watch the scenery as it glides by, arriving at the destination refreshed and relaxed. A train journey is a novel experience and often allows families to reach locations otherwise inaccessible by the more traditional methods of travel. Travelling by train is a very special experience and can be a great adventure that families can enjoy together. In many cases, train travel is far cheaper than airplane tickets or car rentals and many family ticket train purchases offer discounted rates.

Save on different types of train travel

For families who are looking for special offers on family ticket train travel there are several options that can be considered when planning a trip. Some of the options for rail travel include:

  • Day trips
  • Overnight excursions
  • Long distance travel
  • Domestic day travel
  • Guided train tours
  • Sightseeing tours

Many train services offer discounts for families on ticket prices, cabins and on-board dining, allowing you to save money whilst travelling in style. Many long distance trains feature dining cars with a buffet that offers an all you can eat option, or a set menu is provided so that diners can choose their preferred fare. Kid’s meals are often discounted and in many cases children eat free when travelling by rail. By dining on board you can budget for your food costs, rather than having to rely on expensive restaurants and convenient yet overpriced stop over cafes.

Special deals to consider

In many cases families can purchase discount tickets when travelling together and some of the best budget trains offer deals like:

Children under a certain age travel free

Buy one get one free tickets

One way fee for a return journey

Family discount packages

Children under a certain age eat free

There are so many great bargains to be found for rail travel and the benefits involved make it a great option for families who want to enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

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Are travel agents still needed?

Travel Agency, Cr-wikipedia

Travel Agency, Cr-wikipedia

by Stephen Mattson,

Today the world is more accessible than ever, and with enough money, you can travel almost anywhere on the planet. With thousands of cities and hundreds of countries waiting to be explored, the skills of a good travel agent have never been more in demand.

For years travel agents have worked hard to make once restricted areas open to exploration and enjoyment. They go beyond researching food, attractions, and culture, and actually work with their regional contacts to open up new tourist destinations. This involves working in the community and with local governments, often taking years of dialogue and networking. Through their efforts, transportation, lodging, and services are established in order to receive anticipated tourists. Only then do travel agents publicize their getaways to the general public.

Travel agents provided necessary information that would otherwise be impossible to obtain. This knowledge comes from years of experience and first-hand familiarity with the places being visited. Such understanding prevents unsuspecting tourists from making costly and dangerous mistakes.

Every year we hear horror stories of friends and relatives that have wasted thousands of dollars on a bad hotel, cruise, or resort. Cockroaches infesting the beds, the food causing illness, the security being poor, the entertainment being pathetic, the room smelling bad, and money  being stolen are just a few examples of what could possibly go wrong.

For the average person, a vacation is a luxury, and a trip overseas demands lots of time, money, and energy. By planning a trip all by yourself, you risk wasting all of these precious resources. Reputable agents also offer guarantees and reimbursements. Having someone organize and facilitate the details not only eases the mind, but it also helps create more enjoyable and successful travel.

Today, travel agents are becoming increasingly rare. This isn’t necessarily due to a lack of demand. Instead, travel agents are simply being replaced.  Corporations have their own agents in the form of business secretaries and mangers, and these individuals research, plan, and lead trips in much the same way as an agent does. Cities, hotels, and resorts have also incorporated this mentality by increasing the role of their concierge services, planning customer’s trips according to their preferences.

Even though the travel agent has evolved into these different forms, the need for a primary planner remains vitally important – especially if you’ve never been to the area. Don’t leave such an important event to chance. Travel agents are trained to meet your needs, desires, and demands – trust them.  The few extra dollars spent hiring an agent will save you money and ultimately provide you with a trip you’ll never forget.

The Australian Outback – A Road Trip Survival Guide

The Australian outback is one of the world’s most desolate yet beautiful wonder’s and has become the traditional backdrop to life in Australia through the eyes of the rest of the world.



Taking time to travel through the outback when visiting Australia is a must, but its magnificent views and landmarks hide a treacherous world that can be fraught with danger for the unknowing and unprepared traveller.  So here I’ve listed the top 5 things to keep in mind the next time you pack your car and tackle the Australian outback.

1. It is big. And I mean REALLY big.

A large portion of Australia’s landmass is classed as rural outback and whilst a lot of the land is used for farming and mining, there is also a whole lot of nothing. There are many ways a traveller can tackle the outback but perhaps the two most popular are the Adelaide to Darwin and Adelaide to Perth route. The first is a vertical route straight through the dusty heart of the country and in its entirety stretches for over 3000km. The second is across the completely barren Nullabor plain and is slightly shorter at 2,550km. Both routes have their own scenic advantages but their immense distance cannot be underestimated, even by Australian standards, a road trip through the outback is a big endeavour.



2. Allow enough time Due to the distance

Many tourists are unaware of exactly how long it can take to do either of the main outback routes. Having taken two weeks return to do that Adelaide to Darwin route myself, I can vouch for how much of a feat it is. Even if you are stretched for time try not to commit yourself to more than 5 or 6 hours of driving each day. Any more and you will get tired which could impend on your driving skills and you will end up missing most of the scenery that you drove into the outback to see in the first place. If you are wanting to stop at the tourist sites along the way (and you will need at least a full day at Ayres Rock) allow for at least 4 days to get to Darwin. Keep in mind that a lot of the top tourist spots are also quite a bit off the main highway, and these apparent “short” detours can eat into your travelling time and put you behind if you find yourself on a deadline. Moral is: try to have a flexible schedule if possible.

3. Watch out for wildlife

Because 90% of the outback is so sparsely populated, a large amount of native wildlife roam around after being pushed out of the more heavily populated coastal regions. It is not uncommon to come across a gathering of kangaroos, camels, emus or dingoes on the side of the road – or in fact on the road itself. Luckily, due to the lack of roadside trees or buildings it is fairly easy to spot one coming along the flat horizon. If you come across an animal, or animals, blocking the road don’t panic. The best thing to do is wait for them to move, or try to go off the road a little to avoid them (be careful if you are not in a 4WD enabled car as this could cause some bogging issues!). If you must, a short beep of the horn will normally be enough to move them on, but you will see how nonchalant they are about being in the way; remember you are invading on their territory.

4. Pack spare everything

If you forget something on your outback road trip there is no supermarket that you can just pop down to so it is very important to pack smart. There will be a petrol station in every major (and minor) town along the way but if you take a little detour off the main highway you may find that when you get back on it again, you will run out of petrol before you reach the next town. So always carry a spare petrol tank and keep it full. Same goes for water and oil and anything else you might need for your vehicle. It is also a good idea to pack a cooler bag to keep any food items cool, as even in the winter it can reach mid 30′s during the day, which could very quickly spoil your milk and your trip if you are not careful. Despite the often hot temperatures during the day, the nights in the desert are freezing so pack a range of clothes and be prepared to be constantly changing!

5. Appreciate the outback for what it is

The outback is not supposed to be a luxury road trip. There is nowhere you can stop to have a mud spa or your nails done, in fact there are barely any places to stop to buy bread and water. There is not a lot of phone or television reception but it is the perfect chance to escape the rat race and just be one with the landscape. You could go a whole day without meeting a single soul and hours and hours without passing any other cars. But it is the isolation of the outback that has thousands of international tourists spellbound every single year. The scenery is so untouched and with the native flora and fauna right outside your tent, there is no need to go hunting for the best outback experience: it will come to you.

For more information on planning your next Australian outback adventure visit http://www.outbacknow.com.au/

Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park Great Service and Fantastic Views

    Fairmont Chicago

Fairmont Chicago

Chicago is a fantastic city to visit for a number of reasons, and while there, the Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park (www.fairmont.com/chicago, 200 N. Columbus Drive, 866-540-4408) is an excellent base for exploring the city thanks to its location, amenities and the familiar Fairmont level of service.

You can learn more about the many places to visit in Chicago such as the Magnificent Mile, Second City, deep dish pizza and the theatre district, in the “Sweet Home Chicago” episode of the Travel Brigade Radio Show.

From the moment you check in to the Fairmont and get a Tootsie Roll, which was invented in Chicago, you get the unique feel for the Windy City simply by looking out your window. The hotel sits on a block near Michigan Avenue, the Lakefront, Grant Park and Millennium Park, with the latter being home to the Cloudgate sculpture that has become synonymous with Chicago. If you haven’t heard of that name, you may know it as “The Bean,” a huge metallic bean that reflects the surrounding skyline that no traveler can resist taking a picture of.

You can take a stroll of just a few minutes from the hotel through Millennium Park and enjoy the view on the way to the Art Institute of Chicago, an encyclopedic museum complete with a number of iconic paintings that holds one of the world’s great art collections.

Chicago is full of great eateries, but save room for a visit to the Eno Wine Room located right in the Fairmont. Eno takes three items that are great on their own – wine, cheese and chocolate – and brings them together in an irresistible way. You can even take a class at the “Eno-versity” to learn more about them. The hotel also has Aria Restaurant and Aria Bar & Sushi Club, which combines Asian cuisine in the restaurant with a communal sushi bar that also has a noodle menu.

After a long day of taking in all that Chicago has to offer, come back to the hotel and enjoy a massage or other treatment at the 11,000 square foot “mySpa,” which features a full-service fitness studio as well as massages and body wraps. If you’ve spent the day shopping on the Magnificent Mile, you also might want to try the “Sole Salvation” a deluxe foot treatment with a scrub, warm paraffin wrap and foot massage.

The Fairmont brand is noted for its level of service, and one great way to experience from start to finish of your visit is to stay on the Gold Level, which comprises the 15th floor. The Gold Level has its own concierge desk in a large reception area where guests can enjoy complimentary breakfast in the morning and appetizers in the evening.

Chicago is a great place to visit for many reasons, and the Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park will make the trip complete.

The Top 5 Tips on Adventure Travel

    Adventure Travel

Adventure Travel

by Eva Jones,

Planning for an adventure travel this summer? Well that is going to be some fun but to ensure a smooth and hassle free ride you need to keep certain things in mind. In this article we will discuss certain things in mind that will help you to experience a smooth and hassle free travel. So here’s presenting some of the exquisite tips that can enhance the overall mood.

Pack with sense

Packing is one of the most important things that you need to focus on while you are travelling. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that your back pack should contain all stuffs that you need. There should be medicines, fresh clothes, plastic packs, warm clothes, dry fruits and other such important things. Do not pack ink hurry, that way you might miss out on certain important things. You can also start making a list of things that you need. By making the list it will; be easier for you to manage things.

Get a good guide book

A proper guide book is a must and you should go through it before starting your trip. Each place has certain mysteries associated with it. A thorough knowledge will only help you to know more about the place and avoid any unpleasant things.

Resort to the help of a local guide

Resorting to the help of a local guide is another great way of getting help in your adventure travel. Especially if you are travelling hills or jungles a local guide can be quite helpful. They can let you know about the ways that will be more exciting. If there is any historical relevance to the place they will also let you know about that. Hence you will be able to get a complete idea on things.

Follow the rules of adventure sports

If you engage in any sort of adventure sports then make sure that you obey all the rules that are linked with the game. Often it has been found that individuals let their children take part in games that are kind of dangerous. That is nothing but flirting with danger. The utmost aim of your travel is to have fun. Involving in something that might risk you life does not make sense.

Do not involve in binge drinking

Involving in binge drinking in your adventure travel is risky. You might end up doing things that can claim your life. So try to stay away from alcohol while you are on an adventure travel. Especially if you are participating in any adventure sport then make sure that you do not get drunk.

These are some of the most important things that you need to keep in mind whilst starting off with your adventure travel. You can also make a research over the internet to go through the experiences shared by other individuals. That way you will be able to gain more knowledge and experience regarding it.

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How to Vacation With a Baby: A No Tears Approach

vacationing with a baby

vacationing with a baby

by Miles Young,

Whether you have a newborn or a baby that’s a few months old, or even a toddler, that is no reason to put your travel adventures on hold. With just a bit of planning and preparation, you can enjoy your vacation.

Perks of Traveling with Baby

You may not realize it, but traveling with your little one can present some surprising benefits. Who doesn’t love a little flannel bundle. For example, if you’re on one of any Celebrity Cruises, you’ll probably find yourself surrounded by people who you could strike up a conversation with all because of that tiny tot. Embrace it and enjoy it.

Preparations for Travel

Making the right preparations well in advance of your trip can ease some of those potential tensions and situations that can create chaos on your trip. For instance, if you a traveling by air, make sure you check with your airline about its policies and procedures concerning babies. You want to make sure that your tot is as comfortable as possible—which will make your trip a success. You may even find that you can receive discounts on your flight when traveling with the baby. Other things you want to know about are diaper changing facilities, as well as any meals that you may need for your child.

Traveling by Car

car travelIf you are going to be making a road trip with your child, one of the essentials you’ll need is a comfortable car seat. Nothing can make a baby (or parents) more cranky than an uncomfortable seat. Make sure it is secured properly and allows some freedom of movement. Also, make sure your child is out of direct sunlight during your drive. Perhaps give him or her a bonnet or hat to shield him from the sun. Apply sunscreen if needed.

Bring The Essentials

You definitely want to make sure that you pack all of the necessary items for your travels. This goes past the usual diaper bag or tote that carries those day-to-day items. Make sure you includes such items as:

  • A first aid kit – You never know if your little one will need a bandage for scrapes and scratches.
  • Essential clothing—You never know when the weather might change, so be sure to pack for any weather.
  • Food and snacks—Nothing is worse that a cranky baby who just needs a little snack. Pack water, juice and other tasty treats that can keep your baby satisfied.
  • Entertainment—Provide age-appropriate games and other entertainment to keep your little one amused during the journey.

Make It a Home Away From Home

If your child has many familiar objects around him, it will make him less stressed and traveling will be much easier. Bring along his blanket, favorite stuffed toys and maybe a favorite outfit. He’ll feel at ease with the familiar items around him. See? Just a little planning and you and your family can soon be on your way to a fun and memorable trip.

All Inclusive Family Fun at West Edmonton Mall

    West Edmonton Mall - Santa Maria

West Edmonton Mall – Santa Maria

When putting together a family vacation, parents will be looking for a fun hotel to stay in, a great pool area, lots of fun activities for the kids and good places to eat. What’s unique about a family trip to the West Edmonton Mall is that all of the above can be found in one place, and it can take days to experience the whole thing. This article will focus on all of the fun things kids will enjoy at the mall, but adults will also enjoy visiting for the shopping and restaurants.

Better yet, the mall sits surrounded by Canada’s Festival City, which hosts over 70 different festivals per year and has plenty of other fun activities for a family. For more information on other places to visit in this fun city, check out the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation. (800-463-4667)

West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall(780-440-5200, 1755, 8882 170 Street) is the largest mall in North America and the fifth largest mall in the world. The 800-plus stores and restaurants alone are amazing, before even getting to all of the attractions such as a water park, theme park, two miniature golf course, sea animal exhibit and more. It’s even got its own hotel on site.

Since there is so much to see and do, a good place to start at the mall is at the Guest Services office on Level 1, Phase II, to look into a “Multi-Play Pass” that will allow a family to pay one fee for access to the many different activities available. It’s also a great time to pick up a “Super Savings Coupon Book” full of great deals throughout the mall.

Fantasyland Hotel

The Fantasyland Hotel (780-444-3000, 17700-87 Avenue, fantasylandhotel.com) sits right in the mall, so it has the advantage that guests simply need to walk out of the elevator and past the front desk to be where everything is.

However, Fantasyland is also a great option because of the many different themed rooms that kids will love. They can sleep in a luxury igloo, or the bunk beds that are the “County Jail” in the Western-themed rooms, or enjoy the aura of being in the Polynesian or Roman themed rooms.

World Water Park

The world’s largest indoor wave pool is found in in World Water Park, along with 17 different water slides and 24 different activities spread out over a five-acres that are kept at a balmy 82 degrees regardless of the weather outside. The slide options range from the tame to the “Cyclone,” which drops the rider over 50-feet straight down before taking them on a 360-degree loop and back down again.


The world’s largest indoor amusement park sits in the mall at Galaxyland. There are over 24 rides and attractions, including the Mindbender coaster, which is 145 feet-tall.

Other Attractions

While Galaxyland and World Water Park can easily take up two days worth of activities, there’s still so much more in the mall. For those up for a little friendly competition, there is a bowling alley, two miniature golf courses – including one that is glow-in-the-dark and the “Deep Sea Derby” where everyone gets to captain their own bumper boat equipped with a squirting device that lets them try to soak the other drivers.

The adventurous will enjoy the Ropes Quest course which allows guests to walk across ropes high above the ground. The less adventurous will enjoy the fact that they are harnessed to bars all over the course so they won’t fall. The physical activity can continue at the Ice Palace, a glass-domed rink that is open for visitors to skate on but also hosts many events.

Children will be enchanted by the creatures at the Sea Life Caverns, an underground aquarium that is home to over 100 species of fish, turtles, penguins and more. After coming out of the Caverns, guests can go right next door to Sea Lions’ Rock to watch the amazing animals perform in a show.

There are many different things that come together to make for a great family trip. At West Edmonton Mall, those things are already together in one place.   

Funny Travel Stories

Funny Travel Stories

Funny Travel Stories

Smart Travel Info has just published an eBook on funny travel stories.

Book description:

Amusing, fun and informative! Smart Travel Info has created a book with 50 engaging travel tales that will bring smiles and chuckles to travelers everywhere. Expand your horizons, learn about pitfalls as you follow our writers, collecting hints and information as you go.
Unique gift for students, families on budgets, business travelers, and vacationers holidaying at home or far away.

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