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Adventure guide that can help you plan a perfect hike

A hike can be an epic adventure, covering thousands of miles on the Appalachian Trail. It can also be a simple stroll in the hills near your home. Hiking doesn’t need to be strenuous, and you don’t need to be deep in the wilderness.  Even on a short outing, hiking is good for your health.  It builds both strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Everyone should engage in such an adventurous trip at least once a year. The fresh air of the mountains, the people you’ll meet on the way, and traditional food, and the landscapes will certainly exceed your expectations. Plan a trip to the Himalayas and wonder through rocky Nepal, or visit the European mountains and gaze the abundant vegetation. Whatever your choice, hiking is all about enjoying the journey and not about the destination. Here are some tips to help you plan the perfect hike.

adventure trekHiking alone or with company

Many experienced hikers love to hike alone, feeling that it lets them connect with nature better than when they are chatting to a friend on the trail. However, solo hiking can be more dangerous, especially if you are on a rarely traveled trail, where you are unlikely to meet other people. It’s safest to hike with someone else, especially if you are not very experienced yourself.

Select an appropriate hike

Both printed and online trail guides will provide you with some indications of how hard a trail is – the length, the elevation gain, and often a rating such as “Strenuous” or “Moderate”. While you want to stretch your abilities, don’t be overambitious. If you’re not certain of your level, start with some easier hikes. As you gain experience, you can work your way up.

adventure trek1Watch the weather

Pay attention to the weather forecasts, and postpone your hike if it looks like there is threatening weather on the way. Getting caught out in a rainstorm can turn your hike soggy and uncomfortable, but if there’s a lightning storm, it could be downright dangerous. Snow storms or excessive heat can also be dangerous for hiking.

Carry a small daypack

For a hike that doesn’t involve camping overnight, you don’t need a full scale backpack, but you do want to have some essential items along. Carrying a daypack is the most convenient way to do this. If you’re shopping for one, look for something lightweight and comfortable. There’s no sense carrying a bunch of extra weight for the pack itself.

Pack the essentials

The most essential item is water – you always need to pack water and the hotter the weather, the more you need. Also, be sure to bring some food with you. Dried fruit, nuts, and jerky are all good choices. A hat to shield your head from the sun is a good idea, and sunscreen is an essential. A lightweight jacket is also good, in case the temperature fluctuates while you are out. Last but not least, have a small first-aid kit with you. Accidents can happen, so it’s best to be safe.

adventure trek2Have your phone charged 

You may not be able to get cell phone reception everywhere on the trail, but having a way to contact people is one of the best safety precautions you can have. Smart phones also have a GPS and compass, and some apps can show you maps of the hiking trail, or track your route. If you don’t want to carry a separate camera, your phone can also capture pictures. Make sure your phone is equipped with a solid case; purchase a weatherproof one just to keep it away from moisture, sun, and rain.

Always let someone know

If you’re hiking in a popular place, this is not as important, but if you are out in the wilderness, always let someone know your plans. If you are not back when you are expected, they can alert the proper authorities to start looking for you.  In case you suffered a broken leg or other injury, it is good to know that somebody will come looking for you.

Hiking is an amazing activity, even for the most inexperienced travelers. However, it’s important that you follow some basic rules to make your journey as comfortable as possible. Apart from a basic backpack and comfortable clothing, you should really invest in a pair of shoes made specifically for this kind of mountain activity.

Dream Vacation In Dubai For A Break Time

Dubai trip can be a dream of many who love to travel different places. The wonderful place knows how to fulfill the desires of its customers. The city is not a place of any single entertainment but has much to offer. Dubai is one of the most incredibly popular vacationer places in the planet. Stunning parties are organized in January and February. The city motivates a huge number of people for these spectacular places. In addition, the mesmerizing fireworks, fashion shows, shopping festivals and picture festivities include zest in the party time.

Get Shopping Experience In Dubai 

Dubai shopping is one fascinating thing that attracts many visitors due to its charm. People like to get shopping experience here because of several reasons like due to attractive shopping malls, low prices, good quality, tax free products and one significant is the comfortable environment during shopping. Dubai is the home of different international brands, so everything is easily available here. Dubai Fish tank & Marine Zoo is one excellent appeal that gives beautiful views of underwater creatures. The remarkable Dubai snow place inside the shopping mall lets its visitors to enjoy ice skating and make them cool in severe heat.


Summer In Dubai

Dubai has only two season, summer and winter. Summer is long while winter is short with just few months. Both seasons are charming but here we will talk specifically about summer. Summer starts usually in April and remains till November. There is much to enjoy in summer during Dubai trip while the best escape from the heated summer is the Musandam Dibba tour. Although due to huge water storage the humidity level will be high but cold and fresh water will compensate it in a best way. To beat the heats enjoy scuba diving in the fresh water of Musandam that will be a nice present of nature.

Traditional Souks

The Arabian city has rich background and traditional lifestyles that distinguish it from other parts of the world. Similarly Dubai souks assure plenty of entertainment for customers on Dubai trip. The souks have something for every person. Food points, gold, silks and scents can be easily available. A trip to the souk at night would be extremely good to enjoy traditional shopping along with the amazing Dubai background. Gold Souk in Dubai is famous for its glowing jewelry. Most customers on holidays to Dubai come here for shopping.

Enjoy Sun

Dubai Yacht tour

Dubai Yacht tour

This place can be an ideal for you if you are from extreme cold areas where sun is a rare thing. So here in Dubai you can enjoy maximum sunlight and feel its warmth. This will be really good for your body. You can hire a best yacht in Dubai to get relax under the heated sun. On the sunbath mattresses you can have a soothing trip with the tweets of fly­­ing sea birds over your head. You will enjoy the luxury and nature together.

Author Bio:

Shezaa Nehal is a passionate writer and loves to write about unique travelling ideas and core areas of entertainment like outdoor fun activities, exciting safari tours, fishing and yachting journeys etc.

Discover Dubai With All Its Styles And Rich Traditions

Cruising Lady

Cruising Lady

A shocking Arabian culture will greet you at the doorstep soon after your arrival. Dubai is famous for its unbelievable art work and sophisticated look that keep its tourists busy to see this city. It has much to offer its guests throughout the season. So you can get in to discover its unique styles and rich traditions with complete satisfaction and relaxation.

To know more about this Arabian city the following text will help you. Might it will not sufficient in order to get detailed information but can give you some idea to plan a healthy Dubai trip.

Feel the Hospitality

Arab people are famous for their kindness and hospitality. Kindness performs a key part in Dubai lifestyle, especially to unknown people or newbie’s. Do not be amazed if you are welcomed to be part of some Emirati gathering for a meal and tea. You will be served traditional Arab food in a simple style along with the ideal floor setting. It is considered courteous to accept Dubai customs and its generosity with open heart and mind.

Dinner in Traditional Setting

Obviously you are looking for something extra ordinary. So in Dubai you can get much to make good memories. Your dinner over the luxury dhow cruise services in Dubai will give you a chance to spend some time with dark waters and deep cultures of this Arabian city. The traditional look of the city will tell you much about the rich culture of Dubai. Moreover the glowing views of the city life from the Creek will captivate you during the entire trip.

Different Styles of Dubai

This is not the city for Dubai citizens only but it is the place for multi ethnic and cultural variation people. Here you can find various styles, cultures and blend of flavors that are combined in Dubai itself. So now Dubai is not just depicting any single culture but its different colors made it more appealing and demanding. It is the city at the top of any vacationers list now.

Dubai Souks

The true and rich traditions of Arabia can be seen from Dubai souks. The enriched spices market at both sides provides you a rich variety of fragrant spices. You can roam around in the entire souk and choose product of your own desire. They are good in flavor while their fragrance is long lasting. The souk will remind you the old style traditional markets that you might observed in the old movies.

Try Ancient Arab Game in Waters

There are several fishing spots in Dubai that remain ever ready to welcome you on the water trip. You will certainly please to enjoy this water trip full of thrilling adventures and actions. This is an ancient sport of Arabs but now it is designed by using modern techniques and equipments. Dubai is an ideal place for fishing lovers due to its rich waters and plenty of seafood variety. So you can also try this old game with modern techniques.


How to Act When You’re In Peru

Traveling is exciting and interesting, but it can also be incredibly embarrassing when we accidentally offend or confuse people in the places that we visit. If you’re heading to Peru in the near future you’ll want to take a look at these tips on how to help you make a good impression.

Personal Space

The first thing you’ll notice when you get off the plane is that people stand closer together, and the first thing you’ll probably notice when you talk to someone is that they’ll appear to be staring. This is because people in Peru have smaller personal bubbles and tend to make more eye contact when talking than Americans. Don’t back up (they’ll follow to unconsciously get into what they consider normal conversation distance) and make an effort to look at your conversation partner a little more than you usually would.


Don’t use first names unless you’re asked to, instead address people by title and last name. Keep conversations warm and friendly, and avoid personal topics like politics or religion. Peru has had a difficult political history, and bringing it up in casual conversation is considered to be impolite. Peru, like most of South America is largely Catholic, and people take their religion seriously, also making it a topic typically reserved for closer friends and family.

Visiting People
Peru, Credit -farm1 staticflicker

Peru, Credit -farm1 staticflicker

If you’re invited to someone’s house it’s considered rude to decline unless you really must. When you go to visit someone it’s appropriate to dress well and bring a small gift. Make sure it’s not too expensive or they might feel pressured to respond in kind, and avoid odd numbers of things because they’re considered unlucky. People in Peru are not renowned for their punctuality and you might embarrass and confuse your hosts if you arrive too soon, make sure that you arrive at least half an hour later than the appointed time.


In general, you might as well leave your jeans, t-shirts, and shorts at home. In most places where you’ll interact with other people you’ll be expected to dress well (at least khakis and a button-down shirt for the guys or a nice dress for the ladies), and at a nice restaurant or event men shouldn’t hesitate to wear a jacket.

Eating Out

When visiting a restaurant you’ll again want to make sure that you’re well dressed. If you’re on a date, and want to impress, you’ll want to be formal and polite, and embrace cultural gender roles regarding the pulling out of chairs, holding open of doors, and eating with the proper utensils.

Most restaurants will include a ten percent gratuity in the bill, however you shouldn’t let that stop you from adding another ten percent on yourself. Adding more than that is, of course, highly appreciated and indicates excellent service.

Keep in mind that these tips are effective primarily in urban areas, and do not reflect the unique cultures of the various indigenous groups living in Peru. Be ready to adapt if you encounter other cultures!

Must-See Attractions in Israel

Tel Aviv

Since the majority of flights to Israel arrive into Ben Gurion airport, near Tel Aviv, the ‘city that never sleeps’ is as good a place as any to start a tour of Israel. Tel Aviv is Israel’s vibrant, modern metropolis, renowned for its nightlife, sandy Mediterranean beaches and cultural attractions including the famous Bauhaus architecture of the White City district.



Next, no visit to Israel could miss out a tour of one of the world’s most historic and fascinating cities, Jerusalem. Jerusalem is Israel’s capital city, and packed full of breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage sites, many of them of great significance to followers of the main religious denominations. The museums are world-class, and the colorful markets provide an opportunity to buy authentic wares and sample local cuisine. Notable landmarks include the Mount of Olives, The Church of the Holy Sepulcher and Temple Mount, as well as the Wailing Wall, Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque. Visitors are often surprised to find that Jerusalem also has a modern side to it and a range of luxury contemporary hotels.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, which is actually a large lake, is another highlight of a tour of Israel. In fact many visitors book their flights to Israel just to vacation here. Its mineral-rich waters are known throughout the world for their therapeutic and beautifying properties. Not only do visitors come to bathe in the waters and mud, but the many luxury spas offer an invitation to enjoy a pampering treatment or two. The area around the Dead Sea is also worth exploring, with the Qumran Caves is highly recommended a visit, since it was here that the famous Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.

The Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee is of enormous religious significance for many – the lake is where Jesus is said to have delivered many sermons, and it is also believed to be the place of his baptism by John the Baptist. The lake is surrounded by many notable historical sites including Tiberias, the largest city in the region, home to important archeological sites and Hot Springs.


The Negev desert to the south of Israel takes up over half the country’s land area. Home to many notable historical sites, flocks of visitors arrive to explore the region’s unique geography, flora and fauna. When booking your flights to Israel check out the newly available eco-lodgings, perfect for a stopover in the region. Be’er Sheva is located at the gateway to the Negev, and is its capital, a city that dates back over 3700 years to the times of Abraham. As well as ancient remains to view, visitors shouldn’t miss a stroll around the famous Bedouin market. The Ramon Crater is another attraction to include on a trip here, one of the natural wonders of the world.


After a whirlwind of sightseeing you may want to relax and enjoy some beachside downtime. Eilat, situated at Israel’s southernmost tip fits the bill perfectly, with its glorious beaches and clear blue sea. It even has its very own Coral Reef making it a popular destination for novice and professional scuba divers alike. Dolphin Reef, the Underwater Observatory and The Kings City biblical theme park are all attractions on offer in Eilat if you tire of sunbathing. Close by, the desert and mountains provide the ideal ingredients for a day trip out, either by camel or jeep.

With so much to see and do, sunshine all year round, and plenty of convenient cost-effective flights to Israel, no wonder more and more people are opting for an Israeli holiday!

Istanbul, Things to Know Before You Go

Istanbul – the city that spans two continents, A wonderful place to visit, Istanbul is a very interesting and unique. Needless to say, it is always useful to know a few things about a place before you get there. Here are a few pointers that will make your trip to Turkey seamless and enjoyable.



  • A good time to visit Istanbul is in the spring, which means the months of April and May, as well as in autumn, which would take you to mid September and October.  The weather at these times is pleasant and especially great for walking around the city for your explorations.  The period of Ramadan/Ramzaan is an interesting time to visit because the specially organized fairs and festivals really add to the cultural atmosphere of the city.  But it can also be a hindrance since many establishments tend to be closed and the evening mealtime invariably causes traffic jams.  Keep all this in mind while choosing the time slot for your visit, and remember to check with the Istanbul, Turkey holiday guide for international events and Formula One schedules, since these tend to send hotel tariffs skyrocketing.
  • Ataturk International Airport is extremely foreigner friendly.  The staff is bilingual and ever ready to help.  It is also spacious, clean and easily maneuverable.  But it’s a different story at the domestic airport where guidance in case of any confusion is difficult to get, given the language barrier most of the staff faces.  So, get organized with all your papers before you arrive at the domestic airport, figure out your gate and head straight to your flight.
  • Travelers checks are not a good way to carry money in Turkey.  Most establishments do not accept them and those that do, charge exorbitant conversion rates.  Banks in most towns do not understand the concept and make you wait forever.  So just carry cash.
  • Once you arrive in the country, the cheapest and the most common mode of transport is by charter bus.  All routes are covered, getting a ticket is very easy, they are punctual and you can book longer distances in advance.
  • Even the most diligent packer sometimes misses out on packing in something essential.  Everything is available in Istanbul, but some essentials toiletries can be prohibitively expensive.  So recheck that packing list!
  • A good way to stay connected is by pay phone.  Turkey has a very efficient pay phone system where a traveler only has to buy an easily available phone card and use it every time you need to make a call.
  • The best way to explore the city especially the old city area is by walking.  Make sure you throw in a pair of comfortable walking shoes.  They will take you miles, literally!Quick bathroom breaks might not actually be quick unless you are in the habit of carrying change.  Many restrooms in Turkey are a paid convenience, and very often the attendants require you to pay before using the facilities, so keep those coins handy.
  • While visiting mosques, it is a good idea to cover up, especially if you are a woman.
  • Istanbul shopping is a lot of fun, and a part of the experience is the hunting and haggling.  But bargaining is appreciated in Sultanahmet only, not in markets in the other parts of town.
  • Beware of pickpockets.  It is best to use preventive measures like carrying cash and important papers on your person, preferably in a front pack money belt.

The Easiest Ways To Get From London To Paris



There are several options for people to get themselves from London to Paris. While driving is usually the most frequently chosen option there are others as well. Here are some of the easiest ways to travel from London into Paris.


The Eurostar train can get someone from London to Paris in 2 ½ hours. This train starts in the St. Pancras Station in London and its final destination is Paris’s Gare du Nord. With both train stations being in the heart of their respective cities, the Eurostar is a great way for tourists to see both. Any passenger taking this train must arrive 30 minutes prior to their train’s scheduled departure time and is required to have their luggage pass through a metal detector for security reasons. The streamlined shape of this train allows it to pass through the Eurotunnel at a speed of 100 miles per hour. The train provides a smooth ride free of the sound most other trains make while in motion.


    France Dover-ferry

France Dover-ferry

Those who are looking to have a long, leisurely trip to Paris from London can always take the ferry. This is a more expensive option than the Eurostar but is desirable to tourists who want to see as much of the area as possible. The journey is a very scenic experience and eliminates the need to travel through the underwater tunnel of the English Channel. From London it is necessary to take the train to the ferry in order to get to Paris.


If someone needs to get to Paris from London quickly they have the option of flying if they would rather not take the train. Many U.K. airlines offer cheap and frequent flights between London and Paris.

iDBUS London to Paris



Taking the iDBUS to get from London to Paris is an easy and popular choice. Passengers are able to choose the iDBUS coach travel they wish to take part in. These buses depart many times per day and run every day of the week. The bus ticket prices are fixed so whether a person buys their ticket days in advance or hours in advance they will pay the same amount of money. The price of a bus ticket is dependent upon when a person is looking to travel as opposed to where they are looking to travel to. Making reservations on this bus entitles passengers to check one bag and carry one bag with them on the bus. On-board services are available to passengers, such as power outlets and free wifi. The bus leaves from the Victoria Coach Station and travels to the Paris-Bercy Station.



No matter how an individual chooses to travel from London to Paris they will enjoy their commute. With so many transportation choices everyone can find the service that fits their needs the best. Having several different ways to get from London to Paris is very convenient for both locals and tourists from around the world.

Beaches At Larnacus: A Heaven Away From Grey Skies

Are you a beach bum and sun worshipper? Then Cyprus is an ideal vacation destination in the east Mediterranean Sea. The hidden seaside nooks and scenic beaches would be the best place for you to spend the day sunning and watching people. Below mentioned pick of best beaches would help you to lay back sojourn with book in your face and water at your toes:

  • Konnos Bay, Cape Greco: The nearest beach to Larnaca airport at Cyprus that delivers the perfect peaceful beach vibe is Konnos Bay. If you are the one who likes to walk along a craggy shoreline while playing volleyball over those chill beach bums then this secluded southeastern rocky coastline is the best place for you. So, put your foot ahead and explore the hidden sea caves.

Konnos Bay, Cape Greco

Konnos Bay, Cape Greco

  • Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa: It is a stretch of 75 meter coastline that caters pubs, water sport rentals, cafes and even spots for cliff jumping. It is a lively beach with loads of social opportunity that would let you to draw your swimsuits while grazing and grabbing between sunscreen applications.


Nissi Beach Ayia Napa

  • Escape Beach, Kyrenia: It is literary an Escape beach where you can have fun in the sun, enjoy the live music filters that would let you strut your stuff on the floor with a few alcoholic libations at the cafes and bars. You could either rent a paddle boat or canoe or go for a dip and dry off in the sun. And if you are good swimmer then you can have your onsite shower and change yourself for the evening festivities.

Escape Beach, Kyrenia

Escape Beach, Kyrenia

  • Coral Bay, Peyia: This beach is surrounded by stunning limestone cliffs that hug turquoise water and fine white shores. Coral Bay is a place where you could find the picturesque Mediterranean horseshoe shaped landscape covered with golden sand. In addition to this, it is perfect place for water skiing, swimming and scuba diving as it has calm and warm water. If you are at this beach then don’t forget to pop into bevy and trend cafes for a bite.

Coral Bay, Peyia

Coral Bay, Peyia

  • Lara Beach, Akamas Peninsula: 

Lara Beach, Akamas Peninsula

Lara Beach, Akamas Peninsula

  • Latchi Beach, Polis:This beach is located just outside Polis which is the home of most divine seafood restaurants in Cyprus. Its Mediterranean sunsets would be more memorable compared to those viewed from the soft sand on Latchi beach. Hence, get into the café along the water edge and watch the disappearing sun into the harbor.

Latchi Beach Polis

Latchi Beach Polis

Lastly, pack your bags and spend the romantic and fun loving holiday on the beaches of Mediterranean. Whether you go for a one or for all, the place would surely occupy an unforgettable memorable time span in your life.

World Trip working on Cruise Ships

Hubbard Glacier

Hubbard Glacier

I have been working 5 Times on Cruise ships and certainly came around like no other Human. I have visit lot of places, some are Beautiful some are nasty. Most interesting without a doubt are different Cultures regardless the country and Ethnicity.Every country has its beauty on its own. You see life and People in a different way when you working like me Compare to just make some Holidays. It is impossible to say what are actually the best place to be, you got to make your choice pretty much,

but let me recommend some: Sitka/Alaska in Summertime, I love the Cluster Islands, when the Sun is shining it feels like a Dream place! Laid back and perfect for chill out and relax in pure Nature.

Hubbard Glacier

Hubbard Glacier

Argentina/Brazil/Amazon: Exiting, Beautiful and Adventurous. I was very glad to had the opportunity to visit these country’s. For the most very far and where to go first. Got some friends in Chile,that would be another place to see for me.

South America is not as lost as the rest of the world may think, it is growing,a lot of improvement is and will be done. I have been in the Amazons for 2 weeks – till Manaus (Population 2 mill.) check it on your map!! a stand alone Metro-pole where you never exact that. Only smaller ships can get there. A interesting History surrounded by water and Rain Forrest.

Sail Away Seward

Sail Away Seward

Middle Sea/Mediterranean: I have been on most places there,hard to say which is best – but I think this is more a Budget issue ,-) anyway.

Asia: Japan/China/Vietnam/Thailand/Indonesia: Japan – I love the Japanese – most significant and friendliest people I ever met on Earth. We got there just before they got Hit by the Tsunami (3 month before) – same place btw.!! Lucky that I can write this here!!! Needless to say how much shocked I was when I saw the news!

Sail away Seward

Sail away Seward

My impression: it is a very organized Country, compare to all the Technique provided you actually don’t see that at all, you even look out for it but can’t find anything what looks very high tech or any SI/FI thing.

China and its Great Wall (Beijing/Tianjin) : Long story short to all of you: you know some of the History? Get on the Great Wall of China and Imagine/ Feel the Power of the Past. I don’t find many words to describe that, it is truly the most significant Building in History and what was going on during Building it!!



Shanghai: As a little kid I always dreamed of it to see the Futuristic looking TV tower: 2010 suddenly I faced my boy dreams. Pictured it alone with my mobile 50 times immediately.Shanghai is HUGE lots of changes,lots of shops,poor and rich together. Worth a trip.

Hong Kong:  pact with Skyscrapers, Expensive Shopping – you really find most named shops there, a City which never sleeps and only stops on a Red Light! People are friendly haven’t see too much – like another big city though.

Somewhere Alaska

Somewhere Alaska

Ha Long Bay: The tiny town is pretty poor, far away from everything basically. The Bay itself astonishing a must see once in a LIFETIME.

Hanoi we had to skip because of an upcoming Taifun.

Ho chi Minh City:2 overnights, Vietnam people are very friendly but certainly having bit hard time with English.Shopping is very cheap for all your needs. Traffic is horrible. Big City which expands to a Huge Potential.

Hubbard Glacier - Breaking Ice

Hubbard Glacier – Breaking Ice

Thailand: Beautiful Hot Country,people are nice, depending on area can’t trust them all.However, I have been Married to a Thai woman, lived there for 1 1/2 Years. I really enjoyed that, have seen a lot – Gold finger Island ,-), The Beach, and more. Thailand is working to achieve a lot Beautiful Places but forgetting to take care of there people too much. After all it is not as cheap as most people saying or simply believing it!! For a standard living you need easily 1000 Euros per Month!! BKK and elsehwere!



Indonesia: Me and some friends had someone who was actually from there,so we experienced things bit easier! Bali night life “Amazing”, your wildest dreams come true ,-)) lol

Komodo Island: Stunning scenery all around, couldn’t get of the ship because of a Decease that time.

Australia:Darwin got Very Rainy when we got there, but Beautiful Place, loved it.

With Sunday Island/Great Barrier Reef: Any Questions? Really? You have money,get there. Good place to get old though ,-))

NYC 2012

NYC 2012

Sydney: Port between Opera House and the Bridge,couldn’t be better for my Camera I bought in Hong Kong.

Expensive,yes, spoke to a few people and watched life a bit, don’t expect it too easy.

and yes I have been other places,Gulf of Mexico, Canada,NYC, and many more…..Thanks for reading hope you can take some out of it for your Journey’s ,-))) all the best





The Wonders of Aysen, Chilean Patagonia

    Puyuhuapi Hot Springs, Credit-termasdupuyuhuapi.com

Puyuhuapi Hot Springs, Credit-termasdupuyuhuapi.com

Ecotourism and Adventure tourism lovers will find in the most southerly regions of Chile an spectacular, untouched Nature that will give them a magnificent scenery to achieve their goals.  The Patagonia, Chilean side, is made up by the Regions of Aysen  (a deformation of the English words “Ice End”)  and the Region de Magallanes y Antartica Chilena.

Chile’s XI th region of Aysen is a territory that covers an area of 108,494 Km2 of a wild geography, full of fascinating landscapes, with too little human intervention, almost in natural state, besides being a paradise for rafting and recreational fishing lovers. The most common access is by plane through Balmaceda’s airport,  55 Km. away from Coyhaique, the regional capital.  You can also reach Aysen by land from the North, from the neighbouring X th Region of Los Lagos or from Argentina through any the existing border passes (Coyhaique Alto, Balmaceda, Jeinimeni, etc.). Another option to get here is through the port of Chacabuco,  which is connected by paved road with the regional capital.

The “Carretera Austral” (Austral Road), considered one of the most lovely roads in the World  because of its extraordinary scenic beauty, with more than 1,200 Km. trajectory crosses almost entirely the Region, offering gorgeous views from Puerto Montt on the North  down to the village of Villa O’ Higgins, gateway to the South Ice Fields. The route is sometimes rough, sometimes smooth but, fascinating from beginning to end. The road begins its journey in Puerto Montt, capital of Chile’s X th Region, standing out as main attractions, just for mentioning some places: the village of Hornopiren, near the volcano of the same name, emerging tourist center from where you can visit several hot springs such as  Llancahue, Pichicolo, Cahuelmo and  Termas de Porcelana (Porcelain Hot Springs ), name derived from the kaolin deposits existing in the area, going to the South you will reach Parque Pumalin, the largest private Natural Park in Chile, with millenary larch woods and plenty of incredible natural beauties, the Puyuhuapi and Ventisquero hot springs complexes,  Queulat National Park, of a wild geography and mostly virgin, Lake Elizalde, the region’s most well known, paradise for anglers because of  the surrounding beauty and great abundance of Trout, the Catedral de Marmol (Marble Cathedral), an aquatic wonder that Nature has carved at Lake General Carrera.

Marble Cathedral

Marble Cathedral, Credit- Patagoniatips.cl

There are also many other attractions for the Nature-loving tourist, however stands out the Parque Nacional Laguna San Rafael, south from Puerto Aysen and Coyhaique, the region’s main cities. This is the region’s largest National Park, within a coastal area of 1,742,000 Hs., that includes part of the  Campo de Hielo Patagonico Norte (North Ice Fields), a huge glacial ice-cap of approximately 120 Km long by 50 Km wide, without a doubt one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Also within the Park limits is located Laguna  San Rafael, a small inlet of the Pacific Ocean that gives name to the Park. Here, a great Glacier, formed at least 30,000 years ago, meets the shore. The view of the Glacier, the ever-green forests, the flora and fauna and the surrounding luminosity make of the area a wonderful postcard. Other smaller National Parks and not for that less beautiful are  Isla Magdalena (157,616 Hs.), Queulat (154,093 Hs.), Isla Guamblin (10,625 Hs.). It is also worth mentioning that in Aysen is located part of Bernardo O’ Higgins  Park, Chile’s largest National Park, with a surface area of 3,524,648 Hs., whose major part lies southwards, in the Region de Magallanes y Antartica Chilena. Here, the Campo de Hielo Sur (South Ice Field),  with its 13,000 Km2 constitute one of the the largest ice masses after the Antarctic Continent.

A vast array of rivers and lakes has also turned this region into a major attraction center for sport fishing lovers that come from all over the globe. The Baker River stands out as Chile’s mightiest river as well as Simpson, Aysen, Palena, Lakes Riesco, Los Palos, General Carrera, etc. The most well-known species are Fario, Rainbow, and Brown Trout, Steelhead, Silver,  Chinook and Atlantic Salmon. It is necessary a Fishing License granted by the Chilean authority. The turbulent waters of River Baker with its exciting rapids also make of it one of the most privileged places for the practice of rafting and kayak.

Different Ways to Entertain Yourself Through Games on Travel

Entertain Yourself Through Games on Travel

Entertain Yourself Through Games on Travel

Long drives seem to be a pleasing idea for some outing but travelling to a distant place can be a great source of boredom for you, where playing games can help you make the trip joyful. There are various options of games to play that include paper games, mobile and internet games, wherein you can play blackjack UK and other games during your travel alone or with a group. Few options of games that can be played during a travel time are listed below.

Mobile Games: Smartphones have evolved from a simple calling device to the one offering multiple solutions for entertainment as well. The app stores for different platforms are loaded with a number of games that you can play during your travel to cut down your boredom. These games are available in both single player and multiple player modes, so you can enjoy them while travelling alone or in a group, with family or friends. Mobile games are available in all types of categories to suit your taste, which you can use to switch, if you get bored by playing a particular category of games.

Play Tic-Tac-Toe: This is an old game that is quite popular among kids and serves as a source of amusement and joy for adults as well. This game has its roots during the times of ancient Egyptians and Romans from the early 1300 B.C. Technology advancement has made it easy to play this game with the availability of apps to be played on different devices and ready to play printed grids. It contains a grid of 2 vertical lines that dissect two horizontal lines, where the players mark Xs & Os turn by turn. The winning goal of this game is to mark three same symbols in a row, preventing the opponent from making the combination.

Puzzles & Other Games: There are other mind games also that serve as an entertainment source during the travel. The need of only a paper and a pen makes these games easy to play anywhere and at any time. Sudoku and other crossword puzzles can be found in a newspaper, where  separate column is dedicated to these games. You can bring a paper from home or can buy one before or during the travel. This category of games is suitable for both individuals as well group players, though involving multiple players can reduce the game time. Several puzzle games are now available on mobile devices as well and can be played online to compete other players in the world also.

Internet Games: World wide web is a great source of entertainment nowadays, where you can find movies, videos, games and other entertainment related stuff. You can find different game types to play on your mobile device, a laptop or a tablet over the internet. Out of many online games, casino games are very popular that are played for both fun and to earn money. You can play blackjack UK or other casino games over the internet during your travel for a chance to win some money along with entertainment while travelling. So, choose from the above mentioned games to turn your travel moments into enjoyable time.

5 Tokyo Travel Apps you’ll be Lost Without

By Josie Sampson,

Right now, there’s never been a better time to visit Tokyo. The city’s proud announcement as the 2020 Olympic hosts has stirred interest in the capital and everyone who’s anyone is flocking to see what all the fuss is about. If you plan to get in on the action and see for yourself, a city as modern as tech-friendly as Tokyo promises a myriad of great apps, designed especially to get you discovering the place like a pro. Here are our top picks of the ones you can’t afford to miss out on.

Tokyo Metro subway

Subway map

Subway map

The Tokyo Metro is the busiest subway system on the planet, boasting around 7 million users a day across its 9 lines and 179 stations. Since the first line opened in 1927, the fast pace and sprawling crowds can make it a nightmare to navigate, even sometimes to those that use it every day. Keep the Tokyo Metro Subway app handy on your phone and you’ll be sure to travel like a native. With easy-to-understand maps, a route planner and station information, it’s definitely the best app out there. Let’s get going!

Human Japanese



Whether you’re planning a short trip or a longer stay, a base knowledge of the language will always be helpful! The Human Japanese app is great way for complete beginners to start things off. The lessons are clear and smooth and the instructions are friendly, making you feel like there’s a teacher right there with you. Get this app and you’ll be fluent in no time at all!




Of course, no one would blame you if you found yourself a bit lost on the streets of Tokyo! But still, if you’d rather not be, help is at hand in the form of the Find!TOKYO app. This handy app will demystify the streets of the bustling metropolis right before your eyes. Including detailed street maps, a directory of hotels, restaurants, parks and even guides to the insides of stations, it’s everything you need to find your way around Tokyo – and back to your hotel! And once downloaded, it doesn’t need the internet – genius!

Real Sushi



Do you like the taste of sushi but don’t really know what you’re eating? Or maybe you’re too embarrassed to ask? Real Sushi will take away the fear! With a visual guide and a descriptive rundown of every dish you can think of, you can match up what you eat to what you see on the screen. There’s a pronunciation guide too, meaning soon you’ll be ordering like pro – see you at the sushi bar!

Expedia App

Expedia app

Expedia app

Whether a holiday, a business trip, or a backpacking trail brings you to Tokyo, having instant access on your phone to hotel and flight information is invaluable. Our favourite way to keep track is using the Expedia app, which allows you to browse the best deals and make bookings right from your phone. So whether you’re after the swankiest hotel around or you still need to book your flight to Tokyo, the Expedia app is straight-forward, easy to use and there are some great deals to be found. What could be better?

Unleash the World’s Top Most Strange Islands

If you want to spend your vacations in a calm and tranquil environment along with marvelous picturesque scenery and daring experiences then plan your trip to the top strangest islands. Unleash these hidden marvels of nature and enjoy the awe-inspiring sight of oceans, sapphire waters, numerous flora and fauna, and strange geological formations. World is occupied with numerous natural sensations and these unusual yet remarkable Islands are one of them. Don’t waste much time in contemplating just take a peek in the article and select the best Island for you and your loved ones and in order to leave nothing behind take your camera with you to seize those stunning moments and sights.

Hundred Seoul Island: Be a bit adventurous and visit Hundred Seoul Island it is a barren Island located in the Eastern Coast of Canada. It would certainly not attract you with its coastal or scenic beauty but it will surely appeal you with its strange geographical facts and formations. The unique and weird fact related to this island is that there is no grass, birds, and plants but only deep blue sea and extremely blue stones. The weirdest thing about this island is that every seagoing vessel emerged near the island the ship’s needle will abruptly fail. You need to be daring and adventurous to visit this strange island.

another strange Island

Another strange Island

Divided and Meet Island: This beautiful and unusual Island is situated in the vast Pacific Ocean and it attracts the visitors with strange process of splitting up in two parts and then suddenly get back together automatically. But no one can predict the time that when it will split in two parts and when it is going to be united. According to the facts sometimes it splits and then reunites in one or two days, but at times it takes more than 4 days to get into the real shape.

Norderoogsand Island: This is a newly formed Island situated on the Coast of Germany. It attracts the visitors with its extremely clear emerald green water, several varieties of sea birds, 50 different plant species, and spectacular coastal beauty.

Monuriki Island:  This beautiful volcanic Island is located near Fiji; it is only about a kilometer long and half a kilometer wide. This unique Island was the location for the famous movie Cast Away starring Tom Hanks and thanks to the success of the movie as now it has become a major tourist attraction.

Crying Island: The most mysterious and strange fact related to this Island is that you can hear the sound of sobbing day and night. The sound is just like a weeping cry of the man who moaned and sounded very gloomy but sometimes the voice also sounds like the wailing of the wild bird. Be a bit daring, visit this island and get surprised by the strange ambiance of this island.

There are several other strange islands that you can visit such as Sable Island, Ghost Island, Easter Island, Hashima Island, Samosir Island, Komodo Island, Tetepare Island and the like.

Enjoy your daring and thrilling vacations on the weirdest and strangest Islands in the world. Don’t forget to arrest the mesmerizing beauty and unforgettable moments through your camera and then transform those digital images into canvas print to seize those memories. Make your private image gallery of your vacations or gift it to your family and friends as a souvenir.

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7 Ways to Have a Good Sleep While Traveling

Work stress, family pressure and monetary struggles can drive any person to the brink of depression. In a city where we are expected to perform industries’ highest expectations and compete with society’s social demands, an individual person can feel caged in a prison of responsibilities. Different people cope up with life’s ponderous stress, but the best outlet perhaps is by means of travelling.

plane travel

plane travel, Credit: Flickr

Travelling does not only give you the time to get away from the weight of your responsibilities but also a great way to discover and experience the bigger world. When we travel, we meet a lot of people and their culture. We are exposed to nature’s true beauty and appreciate more God’s creation. We build lasting memories, especially if we are travelling along with family or friends. Every time we go travel, we not only learn something about the place we visited but we learn something more about ourselves. After a travel, we bring home with us a little bit of joy, a little bit of hope and fond of memories to look back and keep.

When one does travel, there are many preparations to take like packing up, budgeting and organizing things that we will be leaving behind in our time of absence. However, frequently than not, we disregard the importance of sleeping. Even as exhilarating as our travel can be, we should not forget to have a good rest. What is the point of travelling if you will not have the energy to take on those traveling activities and even more so  if you will be going back home sick.

Here are seven useful things that you can try to get that sleep even when you are on travel.

Sheer bliss

Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons

1. Sleeping Masks – In whatever means of traveling we are to choose, either by land, water or air, sleeping masks proves to be a best tool in inducing sleep to a person. Since we can’t control artificial or natural light when we travel, sleeping mask prevents incoming light to be captured by our eyes. In a scientific point of view, when our brain sense pure darkness, it sends off signal to our body, inducing it to sleep.

2. Choose the right seat location – Whether you are on a bus or on a plane, choosing the right seat when you take public transportation can give you as much convenience than the others. When you are the type of person who goes to the bathroom a lot, choosing a seat near the lavatory can be most favorable to you as you will not need to cross long distances to do your personal necessities. Avoid taking the middle seats, seats by the windows protects you from being pushed by passengers. If you are on a bus, don’t take the seat on top of the wheel since these seats tends to be narrow than the rest and more wobbly.

3. On long travels, get some stop and east some food – Use stop-overs to shake off your muscles. This will relieve muscles from its long contractions due to prolong sitting. Take this time to use the bathroom and replenish your energy by food intake. If you are traveling long distances with your car, be sure to include stop-overs on your travel plan.

navy neck pillow

navy neck pillow,Photo Credit: Flickr

4. Neck Pillows – One of the most common problem travelers experience during a trip are muscular pains, particularly around the neck area. Seats available in any carrier, does not always provide proper sleeping positions. Neck pillows offer a great support in the neck and upper spinal area, especially when we try to sleep in a sitting position. This will prevent chances of waking up with stiff neck. Neck pillows can also be used when we feel stiffness with our pelvic and leg muscles. Try sitting or placing it beneath your leg, this will allow blood to flow again thru your veins.

5. Leave all the stress at home – When you do travel, don’t bring your work with you. You have to make preparations at the office if you are planning a vacation. Otherwise, over thinking will only prevent your brain in inducing sleep to your body and promoting a relax state. Take this time to pamper yourself and enjoy.

6. Grab a sleep ahead of the travel time – When one tends to be too excited before a travel, he or she can’t summon his/her body to go to sleep. Before traveling, get enough sleep already. It is a way of preparing your body for the trip ahead. When you follow a right sleeping habit, your body inhibits its own sleeping pattern. This will help you in getting your sleep since your body will be the one to tell you to sleep.

7. If you can’t sleep, relax – Free your find from everything, close your eyes, relax and eventually you’ll drift to slumber. One can’t sleep if its mind is still on overdrive, turn it off and stop thinking.

Follow these easy steps and have a safe travel on the road.

7 Tapas to Try in Madrid


Pulpo a la Gallega- Flickr’-by xurde

The Spanish must have invented the idea of a ‘moveable feast,’ because spending an evening meandering through the calles of Madrid sampling tapas at each appealing tapas bar is truly a meal to remember. In this article we’ll introduce 7 tapas to try in Madrid and the best places to find quality tapas bars in the city.

The best places for tapas in the city can be found in Lavapies, the Plaza de Santa Ana, and the Calle Cava Baja. Nightlife in these areas and elsewhere in Madrid can run to the early morning hours, but don’t let this stop you, even if you’re just on a short jaunt to Madrid. For example, you may find it convenient to stay at a hotel nearby and rely on the frequently running subway or Airport Express buses to get you to and from your tapas treats.

Pulpo a la Gallega

The name of this mouthwatering tapa translates to Galician-style Octopus, but you don’t have to go all the way to Galicia to appreciate it. Usually served on a small wooden platter, the octopus meat is cut into bite-sized chunks, boiled, and served with paprika, salt, and olive oil. This pairs well with white or dry red wine.

Gambase- By Javier Lastras-Wikipedia

Gambase- By Javier Lastras-Wikipedia


Deep fried morsels of mashed potatoes stuffed with ham, chicken or fish, this comfort food is a quick, hot bite that compliments a dry red wine in the winter or a cool glass of beer in the summer. Croquettes, as they’re known in English, can be ordered in most tapas bars in Madrid. If you somehow miss them on your nighttime tapas excursion, you can also order them as an appetizer before lunch in many restaurants, or anytime at the Mercado San Miguel food market behind Plaza Mayor in the center of Madrid.

Rabo de Toro

For a true taste of Spain, rabo de toro features a cut of beef you may not have tried before—the tail. This stew can be ordered in restaurants as a whole dish, or shared in a bar with bread, as a tapa. Originally, this southern Spanish dish was prepared with the tails of bulls killed during a bullfight but now it’s more likely to be cooked using the meat from a non-fighting bull.

Tajada de Bacalao

A piece of fried cod might not sound that exotic to travelers, but trust us, it’s delicious. Cod is one of the most important and well-liked fish in Spanish cuisine, and a flat piece of fried, salted bacalao hits the spot with beer after a hot day of sightseeing. This can be found in many bars throughout Madrid, but the tajada at Casa Labra near Plaza del Sol gets great reviews.

Olives image by Tamorlan

Olives image by Tamorlan

Gambas al Ajillo

Make your own surf-n-turf tapa sensory adventure with a serving of Iberian ham and one of gambas al ajillo. It’s made by sautéing shrimp and a generous amount of garlic in olive oil. Red pepper, brandy and paprika are also often added. Eat the shrimp one at a time from a toothpick or piled onto chunks of fluffy baguette. Gambas al ajillo pairs well with most non-sweet drinks, but red wine is a top contender.

Pimientos de Padrón

Though full of flavor, Spanish cuisine doesn’t have many spicy-hot dishes but, if you’d like to try a little fire in your tapas, try the pimientos de Padrón. These will be prepared slightly differently in each bar, but usually the dish is simple: small, fresh Padrón peppers are quick fried in olive oil and dusted with sea salt. Not every pepper has a bite, but some do—so make sure anyone sharing your tapas can handle heat. You’ll see plenty of people drinking red wine while munching these but beer pairs nicely as well.

Jamón Serrano and Manchego Cheese

Salmon and wasabi. Eggs and bacon. And jamón with manchego cheese. Some things just taste right together, and you’ll appreciate the full-mouth flavor of a thin strip of jamón with a slice of manchego if you nibble it between sips of a full-bodied red wine. However, it’s harder to go back to lighter flavors after you indulge in this.  Louise Vinciguerra resides in Rome and enjoys traveling in search of fun food. When she’s not on Facebook, WordPress or Twitter she plans nature trips and explores her resident city of Rome.

You Don’t Have to Live in NYC to Live Like a Billionaire

While New York City is home to the some of the wealthiest people in the country, that doesn’t mean you can’t live like a billionaire elsewhere. Other cities have properties of equal size and luxury, but outside the confines of Manhattan. The same cities also offer high-class dining, events, country clubs, and other amenities.

Here’s a look at some other cities around the country where you can live like a billionaire.

Nashville, Tenn. – $3.2 Million

nashville-Flickr by shinealight

This penthouse in downtown Nashville, featuring stunning views of the city’s urban landscape, is priced just right. It’s cheap compared to larger cities and features all the same amenities. It takes up the entire 7th floor on 9th Avenue, and covers 5,656 square feet. It has 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms; it’s a steal for the aspiring billionaire.

Portland, Ore. – $3.75 Million

Overlooking the beautiful Cascade Mountains and downtown Portland, the penthouse in the Arlington Heights neighborhood of Portland is spectacular. It boasts a large outdoor patio on the roof and has more than 5,500 square feet of space. Also, it features 4 bedrooms and 4.5 baths.

Washington, D.C. – $8.7 Million

Located in the Parc Somerset community Chevy Chase, Md., just north of Washington, D.C., this 6,737-square-foot condo has recently gone on the market. The recently built condo is large and luxurious, and features stunning views of Bethesda, Md., and northern Va. You can decorate it however you want, but it does come equipped with 4 bedrooms, 4 fireplaces, and a solarium.

Dallas, TX – $9.75 Million

This monstrous 12,197-square-foot beast of an apartment has everything a billionaire could want. It’s on the 29th floor of the W Dallas Victory Residences, and gives its owner a 360-degree view of downtown Dallas. The property also has two of each of the following: master bedroom, guest room, living area, library, and kitchen.

Atlanta, Ga. – $17 Million

Located on the 42nd floor of the historic Park Avenue apartments, this property is more than 9,000 square feet of pure luxury. The best part of this apartment is its Victorian Grand Salon, including fancy wood decorum and a pool table. It also features a wine cellar that can hold over 4,000 bottles. And while you aspire to live here, you may also want to check out other apartments for rent in AtlantaForRent.com in the meantime.

Chicago, Il. – $32 Million

Claiming to be the highest residence in the Western Hemisphere, the penthouse on the 89th floor of the new Trump Tower has everything a resident could want. It features 14,260 square feet of luxury with a 360-degree view of Lake Michigan and downtown Chicago. While still undecorated and unfurnished, it’ll give its owner plenty of space to build it into something truly spectacular.

No matter what lifestyle you lead, there’s bound to be a city that will accommodate you. The only problem first is figuring out how to make your big money. Otherwise, we’d all live like we were rich and famous.