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The Best Solutions for Enjoying a Family Holiday

Enjoying a family holiday is much easier if you’re staying somewhere you picked, as opposed to something the kids picked. For families in the UK, a vacation can be planned using the services of Tots Too, which matches families up with great vacation destinations.

Here are some of the exciting and family friendly destinations recommended by Tots Too.


    Kasbah Ruins

Kasbah Ruins

For a fun and educational family trip, one recommended destination is Morocco. This North African country is where visitors will find Casablanca. There are many famous landmarks there, including the Twin Centre and the Casablanca Cathedral.

In addition, many visitors also make their way to Marrakech. This city is full of culture and is amongst the four imperials of the country. Marrakech is located at the bottom of the world famous Atlas Mountains. It is an important area when it comes to trading centres associated with the European and Arabic civilisations.

Other notable areas in Morocco include Medina. Visitors will find there are many food stalls selling delicious foods such as kebabs. There are often street performances by magicians, storytellers, acrobats, snake charmers and jugglers. Families from all over the world enjoy these performances every year.

And did you know part of the popular HBO TV show Game of Thrones was shot in this country?


Tots Too also recommends Thailand as a great family vacation destination due to its much improved safety levels.

    Phi Phi Thailand

Phi Phi Thailand

Bangkok is a popular vacation destination within Thailand because of its rich history and intriguing culture. Bangkok is a great place to view breath-taking skyscrapers, engage in some retail therapy and to dine at restaurants serving authentic Thai cuisine.

The mountains of nearby Chiang Mai are an amazing sight to see. Visitors often trek through these mountains on foot or by riding on the back of an elephant. To cool off after the long hike, visitors can float down the river in a raft made of bamboo.

With both jungles and beaches to enjoy, Thailand is the perfect vacation destination for active families who enjoy pushing themselves to their physical limits. The areas of Phuket and Koh Samui boast clean, safe and beautiful beaches. The Phi Phi islands, located nearby are an ideal place for families to partake in snorkelling and diving.


Antigua resort

Antigua resort

Located in the Caribbean, Antigua is a vacation destination with a lot to offer. Thousands of UK tourists enjoy lounging on the many white, sandy beaches of Antigua.

St. John, the capital of Antigua, is where families view historical houses and visit the locally run shops and restaurants of Redcliffe Quay. Off the traditional tourist paths, Redcliffe Quay is where many of Antigua’s locals can be found.

Antigua’s English Harbour is the most famous landmark on the entire island. Families can get an education in the history of the island when they visit the 18th Century British naval base. Sandy Heights and Nelson’s Dockyard are also notable attractions for families looking to be entertained

These are just a few of the family friendly vacation destinations that provide a safe and entertaining experience. Tots Too can recommend many more must-see destinations for families on their vacation.

Beautiful spas in Chiang Mai

Spa Treatment

Spa Treatment

by Aimee Claire,

Thailand is a beautiful country, full of fascinating places to visit, but where do Thai people themselves go on vacation? One of their favorite destinations is Chiang Mai, which is nestled among the forested mountains of the north, where rivers thunder into sparkling waterfalls and elephants carry logs between the villages and shrines. It’s an amazing place to explore old traditions or to indulge in delicious khao soi and other culinary treats. For the ultimate in relaxation, though, a trip to the city’s spas should not be missed; they attract visitors from all around the world.

Nakara Spa

Located in the opulent Ping Nakara Hotel, on the banks of the Ping River, this spa is easy to reach and offers an intensely personal experience, with treatments adapted to suit individual customers’ tastes. It uses Ayurvedic techniques, including scented oil massages and acupuncture. Afterwards, clients have the option of relaxing at the bar or taking a refreshing dip in the pool.

Angsana Spa Green View

Enjoying a fruit scrub, a tomato body wrap or a cucumber cleansing facial in the tranquil atmosphere of this beautiful day spa, makes it easy for visitors to leave all their troubles behind. They may be on the expensive side, but the Thai massages offered here are really something special. There are open air pavilions available, which are just perfect on a hot day.

Cheeva Spa

A wonderful place to get away from it all, this little wooden spa resort is rich in traditional atmosphere. Visitors are greeted with tea and led through peaceful gardens to private gardens where they can enjoy full body scrubs, wraps and massages. Saunas and baths are also available and afterwards there’s sticky mango rice to sample before guests have to return to the real world.

Four Seasons Spa

Spa towles etc

Spa towles etc

Situated in peaceful Mae Rim, out among the hills, this simple but elegant spa is a former winner of the Conde Nast Traveler’s World ‘Best Spa’ award. It features outdoor showers and soaking tubs, herbal steam rooms, yoga and reiki treatments, along with traditional oil massages.  Though the prices are high, it’s an indulgence guests will never regret.

Healing Rishi Spa

Set amid lush gardens, just outside the city, this spa provides a personal transport service for its clients, so they are indulged from the moment they leave their hotel. It also has accommodation on site and is widely acclaimed for its weight-loss programs. With charming staff and superb Thai massages on offer, it’s a real treat.

Getting to and around Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai has an international airport, which is easily reached from the hub airport of Hong Kong. Despite the need to transfer, cheap tickets are surprisingly easy to find, especially at the beginning and end of the season. Chiang Mai can also be reached by train or bus from Bangkok, ideal for those who would like to explore a little more of the country during their visit. Once there, the easiest way to get around is by tuk-tuk, small three-wheeled taxis. The fares are not unreasonable and most drivers understand some English. Visitors can expect better service than in traditional taxis, of which there are few. If in luck, travelers may find that their drivers will tell all about the city, further enriching their Chiang Mai experience.

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A Perfect Family Holiday In A Bali Villa For Rent

Vacationing in Bali

Vacationing in Bali

When was the last time you took a holiday? Due to the present economic downturn, many individuals or families do not have the opportunity to go on a vacation.

Enjoying a break by going on a holiday does not only bring us happy memories and remarkable photos. We should also not forget that a holiday with the family is important for our long-term health and well-being. Without proper leisure time off, our bodies will not have time to repair and recapture its strength.

Where should you go?

To escape from stress, it is imperative to plan ahead and know the places you are going to visit. It is important that the place will help you unwind your mind, body and soul. The ideal places for a getaway are often found in tropical areas.

Why choose Bali?

Bali is often called the “Island of the Gods”. It is famous because of its varied landscapes of hills, mountains and spectacular sandy beaches with long coastlines. In addition to this, there are verdant rice terraces and other natural spots perfect for a great escape from urban city stress.

Why you should enjoy your holiday in a Bali villa for rent?

Villas usually are expensive luxury country residents. To be able to rent a villa will cost you a lot of money. However, here are the reasons why you can still enjoy your holiday in a villa for rent despite the costs:

  • Outdoor beauty of Bali

Bali is an Island with a tropical climate. If you crave for tropical island hopping, this is the perfect place for you. It has stunning beaches such as the famous Kuta beach with long white sand coastline and its soothing air. Furthermore, the spot is also good for surfing and has amazing sunset views that you will never witness in other places. Aside from its beaches, there is a beautiful ecosystem as well with colorful birds living in a green and clean environment.

  • Food

Another reason why you should enjoy your holiday in a Bali villa for rent is being close to great restaurants offering mouth-watering dishes. The local cooking style is inspired by genuine Indonesian culinary culture. The food includes a unique taste, which will make tourists ask for more. Besides traditional Balinese food, you are also offered a wide variety of Western delicacies including Italian, French, Spanish Greek, Mexican and a lot more.

  • Wonderful spas

Bali is popular as being the Spa Island and massages and body scrubs are part of Balinese culture. These traditional treatments are perfect for tired bodies caused by stress from work and this is one thing why you will enjoy your holiday in a Bali.

  • Hindu temples

If you are into culture and religion, you will surely take pleasure in visiting a few of the many Hindu temples on the island. Its Balinese architecture describes the depth of their culture. The Balinese believe that these temples will protect them from the evil spirits.

Renting a Bali villa during your holiday will probably cost you more money however think about the benefits that you and your family will enjoy. The friendly staff, cultural experience and the health and psychological benefits that you will earn will give you a reason why you will enjoy your holiday in a Bali villa for rent.

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A Review: The Front Apartments in Patong Beach – Phuket, Thailand

Patong-beach apt, Cr-tophotelsphuket.com

Patong-beach apt, Cr-tophotelsphuket.com

The Front Apartments & Hotel is located in the southern part of Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand, just off of the main Beach Road. While they advertise and show pictures as if you are staying right on the beach, you should be aware that there is a main road that separates the hotel from the actual beach.

The Space
Because we were looking to stay for a long period of time, we started out by renting for a week at The Front Apartments, which is next to the hotel. We had a one-bedroom apartment that was very spacious. There were two bathrooms, one ensuite with the bedroom and the other near the entry/kitchen. The kitchen was fully equipped with a microwave, full oven as well as a four-burner stovetop. It also had a full-sized side-by-side refrigerator and freezer. All the dishes, cups and cutlery were decent. The living room was a good-size with a 42” plasma television screen and a large sofa. All of the apartments faced the Andaman Sea, so the glass sliding doors offered a lot of sunlight and nice views. Finally, both the bedroom and living room had balconies with outdoor furniture to enjoy the sunset or morning cup of coffee.

The Service
The ladies at the front desk were always smiling and friendly. They had passable English and were happy to answer any questions we had.

Housekeeping came everyday; however, they were not necessarily the friendliest or happiest duo. They often came in the early afternoon, which just coincided with our either getting ready to go out or just returning. So, we were somewhat in the way, which seemed to bother them quite a bit. There were no options of notifying them to come back at another time, so we just endured.

The Verdict
Despite the generous amount of space and reasonable price of USD75 per night found on Agoda, we did not particularly enjoy our stay.

First of all, although they advertise that they are at the quieter end of the main Patong Beach Road, there is still a great deal of noise that can be heard from not only during the day, but also all night long. Fireworks go off on the beach throughout the night as well. Due to the sliding glass doors not fully sealing shut and a lack of insulation or other sound-absorbing materials in the building, the sound from the road enters in easily. Of course, you do get to enjoy the sound of the waves crashing on the beach across the road as well.

Next, the kitchen is a great feature, but there were constant rows of ants to contend with every day. Although we were careful to put just about everything perishable in the fridge, we still found ants streaming around and if even a small amount of sugar was spilled, there was no hope of getting rid of them for days.

Finally, the pretty poor reception on the TV compounded with the sofa being one of the most uncomfortable pieces of furniture we have ever had to sit upon, made for the final straw for our move out of The Front Apartments.

If you have a large group or family and only intend to stay for a short period of time, then it is a good place to stay for the price. It is pretty close to everything and just far enough off the beaten path to be relaxing.

However, if you had hoped to roll out of bed and be on the beach, it’s not that kind of place. Or, if you plan for a longer stay or have concerns about noise, then there are nearly a million other choices in the area you can choose from.

Discover Railay, Thailand – A Flashpackers Guide

Railay, Thailand

Railay, Thailand

Railay, a thin sliver of land close to the more established tourist centre of Krabi, is fast becoming the worst kept secret in Thailand.

For travelers who want that taste of Thailand without the hordes of shirtless backpackers, Railay is the place to be. This tiny peninsular seems to have remained a fairly closely guarded secret for so long partly because it is only accessible by sea. It is completely cut off from the mainland by dense jungle, and only gets a brief mention in guide books about the region. However, the fact that most travelers eschew this enclave in favor of its more extrovert cousins down the road such as Krabi and Phuket, only adds to Railay’s appeal.

Getting There and Where to Stay on Railay East

Railay is not a cheap destination, and this is one big plus point in favor of the types of travelers that generally choose to stay in the area. A taxi from the airport and transfer to the peninsula by long tail boat costs round 1000-1200 Baht, (40-50 USD,) and for solo travelers on a shoestring, this could be a big downside. Cheaper options are simply not available as the boat operators seem to have the market sewn up, and there is no other way to access the island.

Railay East has the cheapest accommodation options, with budget places not really much of an option on the main beaches of Railay West, certainly not compared to the rest of Thailand. Mid range options on Railay East, such as View Point Resort, are around 60 USD for double room with air con, a fridge and TV, and a small pool on site. More deluxe options, such as Bhu Nga Thani Resort and Spa on can be as much as 5100 Baht per night, approximately 200 USD.

Snorkeling, Swimming, Sunbathing in Southern Thailand



Railay is both the perfect Thai destination for those who just want to chill out with a book on the beach, and adventure seekers alike, as the island offers pristine beaches for swimming, snorkeling, sea-kayaking, rock climbing and scuba diving. In addition, there are many of the more well known activities that Thailand has to offer, such as Thai cooking classes and elephant treks on the mainland.

For those who want to take it a bit easier, the stunning back drop of dramatic cliffs, jungle paths and an easy stroll in Railay caves, make this area of southern Thailand an ideal place to explore for couples, singles or families.

Although a peninsula cut off from the mainland, Railay is not lacking in things to do, places to eat or things to buy. The usual array of traveler shopping can easily be found: beach dresses, hats, sarongs, snorkeling gear. Although there is obviously less selection than the mainland, prices are competitive and there is more than enough to choose from.

Food wise, all the usual Thai staples can be found, such a Thai Red and Green Curries and Pad Thai, but the real draw for foodies is the vast array of seafood available for very reasonable prices. Marlin, barracuda, salmon, tuna, sea bass, and many more, are all barbequed nightly in the selection of restaurants lining the muddy beach along Railay East. For a spectacular sunset, Railay West is a short walk away.

Partying at Patong Beach, Thailand

Ptong beach, Credit-maruf90.blogspot

Patong beach, Credit-maruf90.blogspot

Letting loose in Thailand can be an unforgettable experience, even to the partiers with the most fickle of tastes. While almost any beach can provide an adequate amount of entertainment, the premier destination is Patong Beach in Phuket. With an endless maze of streets filled with bars and strip clubs, Patong sees its share of seedy entertainment but also its fair share of tourists from all around the world coming to seek escape.

From endless parties and New Year celebrations with show stopping firework explosions all over the sky to bar crawls from Irish, German and Thai establishments and even to gay-friendly neighborhoods with happening night clubs, Patong Beach never stops having fun, even when the sun comes up well above the horizon in the morning.

While it is hard to find an accommodation that is quaint and quiet, most tourists look for quite the opposite when they come to Patong Beach. Expectations are that sleep will be very limited and partying will be aplenty. Those expectations are usually correct and are exceeded. Hotels and hostels are located amidst streets with bars and crowds that never sleep and, unless one is inebriated beyond belief, sound sleep can often be interrupted by noises and music from the outside.

For distinctly cultural activities, tourists should look elsewhere to other Thai beaches, as Patong is the most tourist-friendly location in Thailand, which also means it is the most westernized and most devoid of the genuinely local flavor. The most prominent staple feature of Patong is the extensive presence of black market faux-luxury item rip-off sales booths and tents. One can buy a pair of fake Ray Ban sunglasses, a Mui Mui wallet or a Louis Vuitton purse for $20-$100 USD, with extensive bargaining. Comparable to Canal Street in New York City, Patong beach black markets attract throngs of tourists annually, all hoping to score an unheard of bargain on an item that looks almost identical to its authentic luxury counterpart but costing one-twentieth of the original’s price.

A typical day in Patong Beach life involves renting a couple of lounge chairs in the early afternoon and soaking up the rays of sun with a couple of Carlsbergs (a popular beer in Thailand). As the sun reaches its zenith in the sky, a lot of beach goers turn it up a notch by either renting the jet skis or para-sailing over the beach. The prices for jet ski rentals or para-sailing can be steep but are worth the excitement of taking in the vistas of Patong Beach in one swooping look while riding the waves or sweeping across the sky.

At night, there are still plenty activities to occupy one’s time. One can say goodbye to a passing day by purchasing and lighting one of the Chinese lanterns and sending it off into the sky. On weekend nights and holidays, the entire sky lights up with glimmering lanterns floating up to the sky from the shores of Patong, creating one of the most spectacular and romantic spectacles.

Once the darkness sets in completely, most tourists descend down to the beaches and the nearby streets for drinking and dancing and general debauchery. Plenty of beach bars have nightly parties with lucrative drink promotions. Body paint contests and glow-in-the-dark paint soirées are a norm in this party town.

Thailand: Hidden Treasures of Krabi

by Olha Romaniuk,

krabi, Credit-etraveltrips.com

krabi, Credit-etraveltrips.com

Krabi Town is a sleepy little settlement, approximately forty minutes away from the Krabi International Airport, tucked far away from the hungry throngs of partying expats who avoid Krabi all together, instead, setting their sights on the usual suspects, like as Patong Beach in Phuket and Phi Phi Island.  While there is seemingly not a lot to do in Krabi, a more discerning look will quickly reveal a vibrant town filled with locals ready to share their knowledge of the nearby attractions and expats ready to make new friends and chill-out partners.

Krabi Town is an excellent place to explore on a conservative budget and boasts a vast selection of charming little hostels, some that look better than pricy hotels at Patong Beach at less than half of the price. Almost every hostel features at least one bar on its premises, so a dearth of drinking establishments is never a problem, even though the night life overall may fail to impress the discerning party-goers. Hotel rooms are also much cheaper than at the nearby tourist-infested towns and can provide much-needed reprieve time to couples or families.

For cheap drinks, a medley of delicious local food and a lively atmosphere, it is worth checking out the night market, located in the heart of Krabi Town. From mango salads, to freshly squeezed juice drinks, to pad thai, tom yum and even kebab dishes made on the spot by the many street vendors, the food never fails to impress with its quality and variety. On the central stage, amidst all of the food stalls and tents, local talents provide entertainment with singing and dancing well into the wee hours of the night. The nearby bars are friendly and open to new visitors, even though the vast majority of patronage comes from the shockingly young locals who frequent the bars several nights a week.

While Krabi is not known for its beaches with pristine white sand (actually, there are none of such in the nearby vicinity of Krabi Town), it has plenty of small Thai town charm suitable for a relaxing vacation with a loved one. With plenty of cheap Thai massage establishments (where an hour-long full body massage will cost approximately $20 USD) to quaint food joints where food prices range from $5 to $10 USD per dish, Krabi’s little luxuries are completely affordable and can fill in one’s lazy day with pampering and dining. During rainy seasons, when it is much too dreary to take a taxi or bus ride to the nearest beach, it is common for the locals and expats alike to lounge around all day at one of the many little roadside cafes and eat and drink all day for very little damage to their wallets.

If, however, Krabi visitors desire to switch up the locations and go visit the neighboring towns and explore the world-famous Thai beaches, the journey is short and cheap. For a couple of dollars each way, tourists can hop onto one of the many taxi buses that can take up to approximately twelve visitors per trip and take a ride to Au Nang beach for drinking and swimming underneath the Thailand sun.

Those seeking an additional thrill from their ride should be happy to know that they can ride a taxi bus al fresco, by standing in the back on a hanging bus step and holding on to the handle bars attached to the outside of the taxi bus. An adrenaline rush from small bumps on the road does not stop the taxi bus drivers from staying true to their routes, but the bus can be stopped at practically any picturesque location on the way to the main beaches by simply yelling “Stop!” to the driver.

For a steeper price, there is also an option of taking a long tail boat or even an occasional speedboat directly to Au Nang or to any of the nearby beaches. While a much faster option, it should be noted that such service is unreliable both in its time of departure and its pricing. Many local boat drivers will try to make the most money out of the unsuspecting tourists and, moreover, will not let their boats leave the docks until there are at least six passengers on board. It should also be noted that the taxis and the long tail boats stop services before midnight so careless tourists can get stuck in a random town without any means of getting back to their hotels or hostels in Krabi Town.

A fair warning to first time visitors to Thailand is that Krabi Town is an acquired taste and is not everyone’s cup of tea. Those who do their research beforehand, however, will be pleasantly surprised by the authentic small town charm, unscathed by the typical tourist attractions or noise typical of any other beach town within the confines of Thailand. Those seeking a quiet getaway from the everyday hustle and bustle of cities like Hong Kong or Singapore should look no further than Krabi for a lazy weekend getaway.

Dangers Big or Small


When you visit a new country (or move to a new place as an expat as I recently did), it’s important that you research the possible dangers, along with the wonderful tours and adventures you’ll go on. My husband and I have recently moved to Phuket,Thailand (after visiting several times while we were living in Dubai and falling in love with it on the first landing).  Our comfort level with the place was truly at a ten out of ten. Any of the small irritants of settling into a new place were easily overcome because of the huge number of positives – like the food, the amazing people, the gorgeous beach, lush greenery, cheap cost of living and so on.  BUT, I forgot to also pay attention to the possible dangers (no, I’m not talking floods, but that would be a good guess considering what’s been going on in northern Thailand and parts of Bangkok)… I’m talking about creatures, big and small, that you have to look out for.

Creatures Big
One day, I was sitting in my beautiful little pool villa, writing away, minding my own business, when I caught Zorro, my cat, out of the corner of my eye.  He was the perfect depiction of a Halloween cat and he was fuzzed out so much, he looked twice his large, 15-pound kitty frame.  Alarmed, I went out to investigate.  He was looking over the back wall and was obviously petrified.  I tried to coax him down but he was frozen in place.  I went out the front door, around to the back of the villa to investigate what was freaking him out.  Well, I rounded the corner and just about stepped on a very large (I’d say he was about a four-footer), shiny, black snake.  Holy Crap!  The good thing is it seems that what they say is true, they’re more scared of you than you are of them.  He immediately slithered away up a banana tree and over the neighbor’s wall.  My heart was in my throat but both Zorro and I were untouched.  Phew!

Creatures Small
A smaller beast that I forgot to beware of and that had a much more uncomfortable impact on me than the snake encounter, was the very nasty, intestinal parasite.  Microscopic, yet deadly.  Again, my comfort was my downfall.  I puff out my chest and say confidently, “I live here now. I can eat anything and everything, just like the locals.”  Well, my somewhat virgin intestines had a different take on the new situation.  The locals have had their whole lives to develop a tolerance to these little beasts.  Me… not so much.  I always claim to be an adventurous eater and the first few weeks we were here, we ate from every little hole in the wall and sidewalk vendor we happened upon when we were hungry.  My reward… five days of fever and chills, headache, cramps and… well, you know what comes with that.

Lessons learned:
1.      No walking around barefoot (especially at night) and make lots of noise as you’re coming around corners.
2.      Ease yourself into the local food, carry anti-bacterial hand wash at all times, and don’t put fingers in mouth until thoroughly sanitized.
3.      Always have a back-up supply of anti-biotics.  You can get them over the counter in Thailand!

Location:Phuket, Thailand

Memorials, Temples and Waterfalls at Kanchanaburi, Thailand


Kanchanaburi Cr-truevoyage.com

Kanchanaburi province is often overlooked as a prime tourist destination in Thailand, but this historical town has a huge amount of attractions to offer. Thailand has long been a mainstay on the South East Asia tourist circuit, but quiet Kanchanaburi does not make all itineraries at the expense of more glamorous Thai destinations like Bangkok, Phuket or Chiang Mai. However, this riverside boom town has a jam-packed list of attractions that will appeal to every visitor.

Bridge Over The River Kwai And World War 2 History

The big draw cards Kanchanaburi offers are the internationally famous Bridge over the River Kwai, the Tiger Temple, and Hell Fire Pass Memorial site a little further out of town. For twentieth century history enthusiasts, this is one of the most easily accessible and interesting World War 2 sites that this region has to offer.

A weekend is an ideal amount of time to spend in Kanchanaburi, as almost all of the other major attractions are several kilometers outside of town. Hellfire Pass, several local waterfalls including the seven-tiered Erawan Falls, The Bridge of the River Kwai and elephant trekking can all be combined as part of an organized day trip from Kanchanaburi town for around 700-1000 Baht, (23-33 USD.)

If staying in the main budget traveler strip in Kanchanaburi, it is not necessary to include the Bridge of the River Kwai as part of an organized day trip, as it is only a leisurely 10 minute cycle or a short trip on a motorcycle taxi. Although an obvious tourist trap, the bridge is still an awesome sight, and one of the best, (and quietest views,) is from inside the J.E.A.T.H War Museum adjacent to the bridge, named after the countries that involved with the Death Railway, (Japan, England, America, Australia, Thailand, Holland.)

Hell fire pass, or trips to see any of the major waterfalls in the area, do however, need to be booked a part of a day trip, (or independently on a motorbike for adventurous travelers,) as they are located between 50-100 kilometers outside of town. Any tour office or hotel on the main strip can assist with booking such trips.

Getting To Kanchanaburi From Bangkok

Kanchanaburi can easily be reached from Bangkok, either as a day trip, on two to three day package trips, or independently. From Bangkok, trains run twice daily from Thonburi station, buses run regularly from both the North and South Bus Terminals, or a taxi can be hired for as little as 1000 Baht, approximately 33 USD.

A taxi can be worthy choice on the outward journey if only to minimize hassle, as Bangkok is not always an easy city to navigate for newcomers and the South Bus Terminal is a long way out of the city and away from public transport connections. The North Bus Terminal links closely to the sky train that now makes travel around central Bangkok a dream, but many travel agents in Bangkok prefer to sell a package trip of 2 days and 3 nights to Kanchanaburi rather than assist with buying train or bus tickets.

A Real Thailand Adventure

You’ve saved your pennies and booked your time off, but like other seasoned travellers to South East Asia, you fancy a Thailand holiday with a difference; you want to get off the beaten track and escape the busy beaches and city masses.

Elephant trekking Chiang Mai

Elephant trekking Chiang Mai

So, if you’re after a slightly ‘alternative’ trip to Thailand but don’t know where to begin, take a look at these tops tips on how to plan a real Thailand adventure:

Trekking in Chiang Mai:

Thailand’s oldest National Park, Khao Yai is a must-see destination for those seeking wildlife on a Thailand adventure. It is also the place where you’ll find the iconic cascading waterfall which was featured in the film The Beach. Khao Yai features many hiking trails for those looking for some great walks, and is also home to a plethora of wildlife, including wild elephants, tigers, bears, porcupines, gibbons, snakes and parrots and various species of monkeys. However, you have a greater chance of spotting these creatures during the rainy season. Due to its many jungle inhabitants, Khao Yai is the ultimate place to go search of tropical wildlife during your Thailand holiday. If you’re looking for a real twist of Thailand adventure”Thailand adventure why not take a sunset trip into Khao Yai’s creepy bat caves. Here, you can watch in wonder the thousands of bats that swarm out in the glow of the sunset. This truly is a spectacular sight to behold and is sure to be an unforgettable part of your Thailand adventure.

No Thailand adventure would be complete without some time spent trekking in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s northern region. An area famous for its wildlife, vibrant green landscapes and hidden hill tribes, Chiang Mai is the ultimate setting for a real Thailand adventure. During your trip here you can visit places seldom visited by tourists, like the Chiang Dao Wild Animals Protection Area and Sri Lanna National Park. You can even head deep into the jungle on a hike to a nearby forestry elephant camp. Here, you’ll be given the chance to observe how these mammoth creatures live and work in the forest, not to mention experience an elephant trek through the jungle- a real highlight of any Thailand trip.

To get a real taste of Thailand tradition and culture, you could also pay a visit to one of Chiang Mai’s remote tribes, such as the Akha, the Palong, the Lahu or the Karen, where you can spend the night in an authentic wooden jungle hut. Then, why not top off your Thailand adventure by drifting downstream on a bamboo raft back towards Chiang Mai?

Khao Sok National Park:

Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park

Located in the western part of Surat Thani province in Southern Thailand you’ll find one of the most popular and best kept parks in Thailand. Khao Sok is accessible only from  Surat Thani and Phuket due to its isolated location. Khao Sok retains a certain untouched allure making it a fantastic addition to your Thailand adventure besides its density thick rainforest, Khao Sok boasts breathtaking waterfalls, dramatic limestone cliff faces, pristine lakes and meandering rivers. However for many travellers, its biggest attraction has to be the wildlife as Khao Sok is home to a vast array of flora and fauna.

On a trip to Khao Sok, you can begin a true Thailand adventure; as you head deep into wildest Thailand. Here you can discover captivating rainforests and swim in natural glistening lakes. You can really soak up the jungle atmosphere on your Khao Sok trip. Take a wildlife walk past bamboo groves and beneath giant towering trees, plunge into cool lakes and spend the night in a jungle bungalow, right on the banks of the tranquil river. And in the morning, you’ll really feel like you’re on your own Thailand adventure as you wake up to the many sounds of the jungle.

Homestay in central Thailand:

Though to some it may not be considered a real ‘Thailand adventure,’ a traditional Thailand homestay is arguably an invaluable way of understanding local culture, customs and traditions in more rural areas of Thailand and would certainly provide an alternative experience during any Thailand holiday. During a Central Thailand trip, you can really escape the crowds, instead opting for an alternative Thailand experience as you discover, first-hand the hospitality and warmth of the local Thai people, and learn all about village life.

Khao Yai Bats

Khao Yai Bats

Khao Yai Bat Caves:

Khao Yai jungle trails. Island hopping to hidden paradise. Sleep in the Thai countryside and floating huts along the River Kwai. We’ll help you build your very own Thailand adventure with www. thailandtravelplan.co.uk ‘Like this? Read more travel tips and tales at www.rickshawtravel.co.uk/blog/’

Top 10 Asian Places to See Before You Die

Lhasa, Tibet

The Potala Palace, Credit, Headseast

The Potala Palace, Credit, Headseast

One of the most fascinating cities in Asia, Lhasa has to be top of the list. Home to the iconic Potala Palace, Drepung and Sera Monasteries and Jokhang temple, this has to be one of the most spiritual places on earth. The smell of incense, yak butter and burning rosemary seems to linger in the air. Don’t let he Chinese visa and permit formalities put you off – just go!

Hoi An, Vietnam

Easily the most charming town in the whole of South-East Asia, Hoi An isn’t all about the tailors. There’s also fantastic food, an almost deserted beach and beautiful colonial architecture. Rent a bicycle and soak up the atmosphere.

Bhaktapur, Nepal

Bhaktapur, Nepal

Bhaktapur, Nepal

Not far from the capital, Bhaktapur’s architecture and UNESCO status easily lures travellers down its narrow streets. A great place to pick up pottery and other souvenirs, a walk through its crooked alleys feels like a trip back in time.

Luang Prabang, Laos

Often referred to as a tonic for the soul, Luang Prabang has something for even the most jaded traveller. There’s the fantastic temples and monuments, the incredible food, the tree-lined colonial boulevards and the orange-robed monks collecting alms. The relaxed atmosphere is so infectious it’s easy to get stuck here on your Laos holiday. Don’t fight it, just go with the flow.

Angkor Temples, Cambodia

One of the few places that really does live up to all that hype. There truly is something magical about the incredible temple complexes at Angkor. Perhaps it’s the sheer volume of temples, the size, the intricate detailing, or the age of these incredible structures. Whatever the reason, scrambling through the jungle ruins and clambering up ancient steps, makes you feel like a real explorer when you are travelling through Cambodia

Ko Tao Island, Thailand

Without a doubt Ko Tao has some of the best diving in the country. Brightly colored coral and tropical fish are the perfect bait for those seeking to gain their PADI certificates. But it’s not all about the diving; unlike many other Thai islands, Ko Tao has a real chilled-out feeling and beaches that are often deserted during the day – since everyone else is out diving.

Pushkar, India

Pushkar Lake, credit agratours

Pushkar Lake, credit agratours

Numerous temples, stunning Pushkar lake and a market you could get lost in, this should be an essential stop on your trip to India. Try to stop by in November and catch the Pushkar Camel Fair and see who wins the infamous longest moustache competition.


The Great Wall, China

As impressive as it sounds; the Great Wall of China should not be missed. Trekking along the wall will take you a few hours’ minimum and work up quite a sweat, especially in the summer months. But the feeling you’ll get when you reach the end of your journey is unbeatable. Try to opt for the less visited sections of the wall for a more authentic, though unstable,experience.china-travel-smiling-man

Everest Base Camp, Tibet

Better viewed from the Tibetan side, Everest fills those who view it with awe. Stay on the right side of the Everest Guesthouse for views of the mountain from your window. While, there you can also visit the highest monastery in the world at Rombuk.

Plain of Jars, Laos

Plain of Jars, Laos

Plain of Jars, Laos

The enigmatic Plain of Jars make a great day trip from Phonsovan. Rather than visiting all the fields one after another, it’s best to break them up with trips to local villages. There are numerous producing Lao Lao (Laotian Whisky) and some can even offer you lunch. Need some more inspiration or want to build your perfect South East Asia holiday? Check out our South East Asia Itineraries.
‘Like this? Read more travel tips and tales at www.rickshawtravel.co.uk/blog/’

Thailand Travel Info for Your First-Time Trip to Thailand

If you plan to travel to South East Asia you should definitely consider taking a trip to Thailand. Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia and there are millions of tourists visiting Thailand each year. This article will provide Thailand travel info to anyone who interests in this charming country.

Thailand, cr-tienkhai.info

Thailand, credit -tienkhai.info

First is the time for your visit. The most popular time to visit Thailand is between November and March. This is not only the pleasant temperature the country has, but also this period is the main season for festivals in Thailand. You will be having lots of fun participating in the Loi Krathong and New Year festivals.

However, if you come at the end of this period and stay longer until 13-15 April, you will be able to experience some extra fun with the extraordinary water festival, called Songkran in every part of the countries. A little tip is that if you expect to enjoy this Songkran festival in Pattaya, you will have to stay a little longer as Songkran in only pattaya is held during 17-19 April each year.

This period is also Thailand’s peak tourist season. As a result, if you want to avoid crowds and expensive room rates, you should choose the least crowded months like from April to June or September to October.

Although the rainy season is not a very pleasant time to visit the country, you should not dismiss this season entirely. The temperature is much cooler and tourists are fewer and the landscape is green and lush. The most important thing, there are great deals of accommodation and other services during this time.

Once arriving Thailand, most people are like to visit Bangkok as the first start as this is the main transit, Suvanabhumi International Airport, where people step in this country. Bangkok is a city you should not miss in your trip. You will be amazed at the unrestrained glory of the city. There are countless shopping centers to satisfy your shopping need.

Moreover, Bangkok is the place where tradition and modernity intermingling with each other. You will be able to visit a typical Siamese village when you step outside of your affordable world-class hotel. You will be able to buy famous brand-names from sky-high shopping centers as well as participating in an open-air market. You can choose to eat the popular Thai food either in a luxurious restaurant or street-side market.

The excitement of the city will keep you alive. There are many shopping centers that open all night long, enabling you to wander around if you cannot sleep. You will never feel bored when you are in Bangkok. Hope this Thailand travel info will help you for planning your first step in this country and wish you a happy trip in Thailand.

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About the Author : Bernie was born in Thailand and attended in Mahidol University International College where she majored in Tourism and Hospitality Management. With a strong passion that she has in her graduated program, she then decided to start her carrier as a tour guide and continued working in tourism related positions for many years. She has traveled to every parts of Thailand and got many valuable experiences around the country that she would like to share.