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Top Things to Do in Dubai

If you are travelling to Dubai this summer, here is a list of things you must know to avoid inconvenience after landing in Dubai. There are dozens of things, which has made Dubai a hottest tourist destination of the world. Travelling to Dubai will fill you with thrill, excitement and satisfaction. This wonderland has something for everyone. Fun filled city tour, desert safari, shopping and Dinner Cruise in Dubai and so on, list is endless.


Tourist Visa

You need to have a valid visit visa for visiting this country. There are many types of visas like visit visas both for long term and short term; tourist visas, transit visas and multiple entry visas. Tourists visiting this place require long term or short term visa. Short term visa allows you to stay for 30 days whereas long term allows for 90 days.



Things to Do in Dubai

errrAfter you land in Dubai you may ponder over the fact as from where to start your Dubai tour. There are so many things to do in Dubai like

  • Snow Ski Dubai
  • Dubai Creek and Abra Cruise
  • Dubai Museum
  • Bastakiya
  • Dubai Tower
  • Jumeirah Mosque
  • Go for Desert Safari
  • Palm Islands
  • Hot Air Balloon ride
  • Wild Wadi Park
  • Diving and Snorkeling
  • Dubai Zoo
  • Golf Course
  • Tantalizing  Beaches


Nightlife in Dubai

Night life of Dubai attracts thousands of visitors and is considered among the best night views of the world. Night life offers several fun filled ways to spend quality time and as a matter of fact Dubai transforms in to a new world in night. You can have lot of fun. You can visit

  • The Kasbaa Nightclub
  • Hard Rock Café
  • The Irish Village
  • The Boudoir

These clubs are the most happening places in Dubai and celebrities spend most of the nights at these places. In Dubai there are strict laws regarding alcohol and they don’t expect anybody to break them. City restaurants don’t have permission to serve alcohol, if interested you can drink in hotel’s bar only. The minimum age for drinking is 21 and minimum age for entry to these clubs is 25. All clubs are closed at 3 A.M and they charge good amount of money for membership.


Shopping in Dubai

The tour of Dubai is incomplete without shopping and duty free shopping is a big for shopaholics. You will be surprised to see the wonderful malls, which have several other activities to engage the visitors.


Deira City Centre, The Walls of Emirates and the Wafi city are the biggest names. You can find franchises of all the major brands in these shopping malls. Electronic goods, Arabian souvenirs, and Bedouin jewelry are the most saleable items. When you become tired of shopping, come out in the evening before sunset to see the golden horizon in a cruise. Actually you can opt for a cruise dinner; they will take you for a ride in the ocean on a cruise as you will enjoy your favorite delicacies.

Dubai- A City For Both Kids And Adults

Dubai fun

Dubai fun

Dubai is considered among the eye-catching places which has every possible feature at a very affordable price. Indeed, it is the city for everyone. It provides numerous designs of journey choices. From a superior shopping trip to a well-appointed honeymoon vacation encounter and from partner journey to routine family trip, you may opt from a various offers. Your trip will be a perfect one when you are watching awesome locations here. So what more for in the city, the text below will tell you in detail.

Desert Exposure

Desert will give you another fascination during your Dubai trip. You can choose many choices of the desert trip like you may go for the morning safari trip as well as the night desert journey. Adventurous Dubai Desert Safari trip is one of the most popular holiday offers across the globe. You need to book your trip well in advance to get high quality services in relatively low prices. During safaris, you can discover this town in the true sense. The deserts are full of beauty and history. Of course, you would encounter the unique mixture of lifestyle, sports, enjoyment, experience and wonderful encounter of Arabian evenings.

Get The Glow Of A Desert

If you are looking for most unforgettable wasteland opera encounter, create sure to discover the stunningly awesome wasteland on quad motorbikes. You can discover the spectacular wasteland by your own. Through the desert encounter you will be able to mingle in surprising characteristics of Dubai. You can go for hiking in the desert to see the stunning sundown view from the top of sand hills. Evening in the desert gets cold as compared to a sunny day and you can enjoy the beautiful evening by moving around the desert through the camel. The camel ride is the best way to chill out in the desert. It will reduce you’re your stress and fear. It will absolutely help you renew yourself. You can also appreciate the hills whacking, camel driving, quad bicycle driving and sand snowboarding there.

More Than Anything

If you are fishing fanatic, then fishing in Dubai will be the most interesting encounter for you. By choosing a boating vessel or rental high-class vessel, you can also appreciate the strong sea fishing in Dubai. Fishing is the specialized feature of Dubai and it has something special for everyone who travel to this city. So discover a new globe of your creativity and dreams by going to this town. You will find many journey organizations offering online reservation features and also discover the actual location. Just have a look at their recommendations and you will be surprised by other people’s encounter of their trip to this town.

Do Not Skip Shopping

Shopping is an activity that hardly skipped by any tourists. It is obvious activity that remains at the top of any vacationer all the time. The city’s shopping malls welcome you with their perfect environment and excellent products, so that you can buy the best gifts for your loved once as well as satisfy your shopping hunger too.

Dream Vacation In Dubai For A Break Time

Dubai trip can be a dream of many who love to travel different places. The wonderful place knows how to fulfill the desires of its customers. The city is not a place of any single entertainment but has much to offer. Dubai is one of the most incredibly popular vacationer places in the planet. Stunning parties are organized in January and February. The city motivates a huge number of people for these spectacular places. In addition, the mesmerizing fireworks, fashion shows, shopping festivals and picture festivities include zest in the party time.

Get Shopping Experience In Dubai 

Dubai shopping is one fascinating thing that attracts many visitors due to its charm. People like to get shopping experience here because of several reasons like due to attractive shopping malls, low prices, good quality, tax free products and one significant is the comfortable environment during shopping. Dubai is the home of different international brands, so everything is easily available here. Dubai Fish tank & Marine Zoo is one excellent appeal that gives beautiful views of underwater creatures. The remarkable Dubai snow place inside the shopping mall lets its visitors to enjoy ice skating and make them cool in severe heat.


Summer In Dubai

Dubai has only two season, summer and winter. Summer is long while winter is short with just few months. Both seasons are charming but here we will talk specifically about summer. Summer starts usually in April and remains till November. There is much to enjoy in summer during Dubai trip while the best escape from the heated summer is the Musandam Dibba tour. Although due to huge water storage the humidity level will be high but cold and fresh water will compensate it in a best way. To beat the heats enjoy scuba diving in the fresh water of Musandam that will be a nice present of nature.

Traditional Souks

The Arabian city has rich background and traditional lifestyles that distinguish it from other parts of the world. Similarly Dubai souks assure plenty of entertainment for customers on Dubai trip. The souks have something for every person. Food points, gold, silks and scents can be easily available. A trip to the souk at night would be extremely good to enjoy traditional shopping along with the amazing Dubai background. Gold Souk in Dubai is famous for its glowing jewelry. Most customers on holidays to Dubai come here for shopping.

Enjoy Sun

Dubai Yacht tour

Dubai Yacht tour

This place can be an ideal for you if you are from extreme cold areas where sun is a rare thing. So here in Dubai you can enjoy maximum sunlight and feel its warmth. This will be really good for your body. You can hire a best yacht in Dubai to get relax under the heated sun. On the sunbath mattresses you can have a soothing trip with the tweets of fly­­ing sea birds over your head. You will enjoy the luxury and nature together.

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Shezaa Nehal is a passionate writer and loves to write about unique travelling ideas and core areas of entertainment like outdoor fun activities, exciting safari tours, fishing and yachting journeys etc.

Discover Dubai With All Its Styles And Rich Traditions

Cruising Lady

Cruising Lady

A shocking Arabian culture will greet you at the doorstep soon after your arrival. Dubai is famous for its unbelievable art work and sophisticated look that keep its tourists busy to see this city. It has much to offer its guests throughout the season. So you can get in to discover its unique styles and rich traditions with complete satisfaction and relaxation.

To know more about this Arabian city the following text will help you. Might it will not sufficient in order to get detailed information but can give you some idea to plan a healthy Dubai trip.

Feel the Hospitality

Arab people are famous for their kindness and hospitality. Kindness performs a key part in Dubai lifestyle, especially to unknown people or newbie’s. Do not be amazed if you are welcomed to be part of some Emirati gathering for a meal and tea. You will be served traditional Arab food in a simple style along with the ideal floor setting. It is considered courteous to accept Dubai customs and its generosity with open heart and mind.

Dinner in Traditional Setting

Obviously you are looking for something extra ordinary. So in Dubai you can get much to make good memories. Your dinner over the luxury dhow cruise services in Dubai will give you a chance to spend some time with dark waters and deep cultures of this Arabian city. The traditional look of the city will tell you much about the rich culture of Dubai. Moreover the glowing views of the city life from the Creek will captivate you during the entire trip.

Different Styles of Dubai

This is not the city for Dubai citizens only but it is the place for multi ethnic and cultural variation people. Here you can find various styles, cultures and blend of flavors that are combined in Dubai itself. So now Dubai is not just depicting any single culture but its different colors made it more appealing and demanding. It is the city at the top of any vacationers list now.

Dubai Souks

The true and rich traditions of Arabia can be seen from Dubai souks. The enriched spices market at both sides provides you a rich variety of fragrant spices. You can roam around in the entire souk and choose product of your own desire. They are good in flavor while their fragrance is long lasting. The souk will remind you the old style traditional markets that you might observed in the old movies.

Try Ancient Arab Game in Waters

There are several fishing spots in Dubai that remain ever ready to welcome you on the water trip. You will certainly please to enjoy this water trip full of thrilling adventures and actions. This is an ancient sport of Arabs but now it is designed by using modern techniques and equipments. Dubai is an ideal place for fishing lovers due to its rich waters and plenty of seafood variety. So you can also try this old game with modern techniques.


Attention Travelers! 10 Things not to miss in Dubai – An Infographic

Dubai is the haven of love, the city has unlimited scope for tourists. I still cherish my trip to the city. It was a memorable experience, my hubby proposed me on a yacht in the moonlight between scenic views from the sea. Dubai has many beautiful locations to be enjoyed like the Palm Islands, the World Island, Dubai Fountains, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and a lot more to be named in the list.  The city is renowned for its shopping malls, resorts, restaurants, marinas, health spas etc. One can relish their shopping spree as Dubai has duty free shops, so shop till you drop and enjoy Dubai to its fullest.