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Newport Beach/Balboa, California

Newport beach, cr-hubpages

Newport beach, cr-hubpages

For anyone wanting to seek refuge in a Southern California beach, Newport has much to offer.  Newport is located in a prime location, which is obvious by the large amounts of visitors and locals.

The Newport Beach area has the Newport Harbor which offers many types of harbor cruises throughout the year.  Cruise options include a celebrity home/yacht tour, sea lions, whale watching, and Christmas Parade of boats.  For those venturing over the neighboring Balboa, a ferry ride (or a short drive) is all that is needed.  Balboa consists of some tourist areas of shops, eateries, boat rentals and even a small Ferris wheel and carousel.

Newport Beach also offers a large nature conservancy location with bike paths and green views for nature lovers or those seeking some nature time.  Newport is located very close to UC Irvine and has many college students in the area.

Another jewel that NB can call its own is Fashion Island.  Which is a large outdoor shopping area consisting of high end shops, boutiques, a movie theater, and a range of eating choices.

For anyone looking to spend some time in Newport Beach, summer is obviously the busiest season, and the nice temperatures make it a popular vacation spot.  Visitors should plan ahead for their trip and possibly consider early or late visiting to avoid some of the crowds.
Like many So Cal beaches, parking can be a challenge, and bring some funds for the meters.  Some deals for hotels and tours can be found online so it is advised to check the internet prices first. Newport Beach and Balboa has a California beach feel that is ideal for many vacationers that are looking for a Southern California trip.