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London Heathrow Airport-Find the Cheapest Parking

Cheap car parking at Heathrow Airport can be difficult to find, but here we give you a few tips to find the deals. Heathrow Airport is the worlds busiest international airport and the UK’s largest. Car parking can be very expensive, but hopefully reading this will give you some ideas of saving money.

car parking, cr-fhr-net.co.uk

car parking, cr-fhr-net.co.uk

Parking at Heathrow car parks

There is a vast selection of car parks at Heathrow as you would expect, but a little investigating on the internet can pay dividends by giving you cheaper parking at Heathrow.

From searching on the internet today, parking charges vary from £50 to £116 for seven days, and are generally cheaper the further you are from the terminals. These prices do vary depending on which season you travel and these have been used just as an example.

What do you get for your car parking charges?
  • £51 – drop your car at the reception, help with your luggage and transfer to your terminal which could take about 15 minutes.
  • £70 – the same as above but the car parks are generally a bit closer, about 7 to 15 minutes away depending which of the five terminals you are leaving from.
  • £116 – the most expensive option of all, but within walking distance of your terminal.

The golden rule with all the airport parking companies is to book in advance, as far as possible. These companies, like airlines, offer much better details to those who book ahead of time and savings of 50% are not uncommon. When you are booking your flights and hotels, don’t forget the car parking as it could save you a fortune.

There are several other options you could look into when deciding where to leave your car and thus saving money.

Car parking at hotels

If you are traveling a long distance to the Airport and want to feel fresh to face your travels, check out the local hotels. Many hotels, depending on how much space they have, offer car parking for a reduced rate if you stay with them for a night. Most hotels would then provide a free transfer to the terminal and may offer the same when returning back to the UK.

Pre-booked taxis

Do you really need to take to the car to the airport? Many taxi firms offer great deals for airport runs, and will even collect you when you return to the UK. Quite often this can be a cheaper option depending on how far you are away.

Private parking

Sometimes local residents make quite a nice earning from providing parking to travellers. These can be difficult to find but you could benefit from big savings. Space is normally quite limited for this type of parking, so again booking in advance is essential.

With all these options, do check to make sure you are covered on insurance and that your car will be secure.

Parking at Heathrow comes with many choices, but hopefully you’ll find a good deal. You can then leave your car safe and look forward to your time away.