Surviving a Soaked Day at Knott’s Berry Farm: A Wet and Wild Adventure

On the Road

So, picture this: It’s my daughter’s 11th birthday, and we’re all geared up for a fabulous trip from Palm Springs to New Port Beach. But oh no, Mother Nature decided to throw a tantrum in the form of a Pineapple Express, drenching California in a deluge. We debated canceling the trip more times than I can count, but we’re a resilient bunch, so we soldiered on.

Knott’s Berry Farm Entrance

Despite the downpour, we made the best of it, strolling along a rainy Balboa Island, checking out museums, and having the beach all to ourselves. It was like a scene out of a romantic movie, minus the soggy socks.

The Accelerator

Next Day

Fast forward to the next day, and we’re making a splash—literally—as we drive through heavy rain to Buena Park for Knott’s Berry Farm. Miraculously, our hotel had a room ready at the ungodly hour of 9:30 am. We were over the moon, though there wasn’t much else to do in the downpour except twiddle our thumbs and hope the park would open soon.


At The Park

And open it did! The rain finally took a breather, the sun peeked out, and we practically had the park to ourselves. We kicked off our adventure with all the thrill-seeking roller coasters, like the Silver Bullet. We rode it multiple times, much to the confusion of the staff, who probably thought we’d lost our minds (and our wristbands). Who needs FastTrack when you’re the only ones on the ride, right?

At Snoopy

While my family braved rides like the Supreme Scream (which left my wife feeling like her lunch was about to make a reappearance), I opted to be the designated bag holder. Hey, someone’s gotta document the bravery, right? Plus, my back wasn’t too keen on the idea of being flung around like a ragdoll.

Supreme Scream

The day was a blur of adrenaline-fueled coasters, each one more stomach-churning than the last. My wife managed to lose her glasses on one ride, rendering her virtually blind for the rest of the day. But hey, at least she looked like a rockstar with those dark sunglasses in the gloomy weather.


And let’s not forget about the Hangtime coaster, where my wife bid farewell to one of her earrings mid-loop-de-loop. We laughed it off, though she did spend the rest of the day looking a tad lopsided.


As for the food prices—well, let’s just say we considered taking out a second mortgage for a slice of pizza. But hunger knows no budget, so we begrudgingly indulged in some overpriced snacks to keep the hangry monsters at bay.

Addressing dog issues

At the End of the Day

Despite the empty park and chilly weather, we made the most of our day, from snapping photos with the Peanuts gang to marveling at the Calico Mine Ride’s animatronic miners (seriously, those guys deserve an Oscar).

Wooden Ghostrider

After a day packed with thrills, spills, and overpriced snacks, we piled back into the car, soggy but satisfied. As we drove home, we couldn’t stop talking about the wild adventure we’d just survived—and already started planning our next rainy day escapade at Knott’s. Who says a little rain can’t make for an unforgettable birthday bash?

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