Summer Vacation Safety Tips

Summer tips, Cr-

Summer tips, Cr-

Going on holiday or vacation is the highlight of many people’s year. We save our money. Decide on a destination . We even primp and preen ourselves to look our best for those precious few weeks away from home. Sometimes safety concerns can be in the back of our minds, yet paying attention to a few safety rules can make the difference between a fabulous break or a nightmare vacation.

To begin with, take care of the basics. research your destination. How safe is it ? There are many places in the world that are seen as up and coming holiday destinations, yet may have problems with street crime or other negatives. It is important to read the travel advice given by your domestic foreign office. The advice given tends to err on the side of caution , so as such ,will give a good idea of what to expect during your visit. Also , don’t take unnecessary risks just because you are on holiday. It is amazing how often people behave recklessly, merely because they are on holiday. If you avoid taking cabs alone when at home, use the same common sense when on holiday.It could save your dignity,money and life.

It is also very important to take care of any medical issues. Check whether your destination requires any inoculations and make sure you are inoculated in advance of your journey. It is also important to gain preventative medicine in good time . If you are visiting a region where malaria is endemic, for example, it is very important to be prepared with anti-malarial medication. Malaria is a killer and there have been a number of tragic stories in the media where people , either did not acquire or take the medication and subsequently died.

On a marginally less serious note, it is a good idea to take certain medications in case of more superficial medical problems. Upset stomachs and sunburn are common complaints and it is a good idea to take sunscreen and anti -diahorreal tablets. It is worth wile checking whether the country you are visiting has any restrictions on substances imported. A certain drug or preparation may be perfectly legal in one destination but not in another . It’s better to check first. You don’t want to be caught out.

Also in case of medical emergencies, it is important to take out travel insurance. Many companies offer a variation of different policies from single trips to annual multi-trip policies. There is nothing worse than becoming seriously ill or injured on holiday and then having the added burden of a big bill for treatment.

Though it may seem obvious, when traveling abroad show some respect for the culture of the country you are visiting. Many Islamic countries have higher standards of modesty than their western counterparts and it is important to respect this. When visiting holy sites , it is important to cover up. It is possible to buy beautiful kaftans and scarves , which look lovely and are respectful. Again, just doing a little research can avoid offense.

Lastly food hygiene can be a worry when traveling abroad , so here are a few pointers.

It’s a good idea to drink bottled water. Tap water can be a source of bugs and upsets so avoiding unbottled water, salad leaves and ice cubes may stop you from contracting a jippy tummy.

Check meat and fish too . If the flesh appears a different color from normal or gives off a nasty smell don’t eat it.

Finally be prepared but open to your holiday experience and you’ll have a great time.

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