Patagonia, The World’s Best Fishing Destination !!!



Sport Fishing in Patagonia

Without a doubt, Tierra del Fuego island, located in the South extreme of the South American cone, is by far, one of the best places for Sport Fishing all over the World.  The 48,000 km2. island, shared between Chile and Argentina, is rich in rivers and lakes where large size salmonid specimens abound. Amongst all these places, Lago Deseado (Lake Deseado) really stands out by its extraordinary scenic beauty, amidst untouched, natural landscapes, abundant native vegetation and wild fauna.

“Lago Deseado” Fishing  Lodge, with its cozy and well implemented cabins on the shores of the lake, offers the best choice for all game fishing lovers that want to enjoy unforgettable days of relax and nature.
There are also  excursions to other water courses such as River Azopardo, Lakes Blanco and Fagnano, etc., and the possibility to practice Winter Sports and navigation through the lake.  Due to its condition of cross-border lake, fishing is allowed all year round.

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