Spa review – Ritz Carlton in Charlotte, North Carolina

Spa, Cr-Quickbook

Spa, Cr-Quickbook

Ritz Carlton takes its business very seriously. If you think that by “business” I mean providing luxury accommodations, you are mistaken. I am referring to the business for providing the kind of experience that people want to re-live over and over. One of Ritz advertisements in the Robb Report magazine states, “Treat every moment carefully. It could be the most important one of someone’s life.” A worthy motto and a worthy mission.

Consistent with that statement, the Ritz experience begins at the entrance, where you are carefully handed out of your car and treated like a celebrity, regardless of whether you emerge from a Lexus or a Corolla, wearing Jimmy Choos or a  pair of brandless clogs you picked up at a local consignment store. It doesn’t matter. You are at the Ritz now, and therefore, everything there is for you.

The Ritz spa is an extension of that philosophy. As you check in, you may pick a large smooth pebble from a bowl on the counter inscribed with a word that best describes your expectations for the day’s experience. Or, if you don’t find the one that matches your mood, you can make your own and take it home with you. Every chair and table, every lamp, couch and cushion are placed to please the eye and make you comfortable. Soothing colors are deftly and artistically interrupted by splashes of juicy orange, blue or green. The spaces are clean and uncluttered, but not sterile. The idea is not for you to feel as if you are in a hospital or a museum, but rather like being in a very nice home, where you are free to sit, walk around, sleep or read without being afraid to move something out of place.

Someone is always around to help you out if you get lost or not sure how to adjust the sauna temperature or turn on the jets at the hot tub. You can go find lunch in one of several restaurants (nobody cares if you show up in your spa robe and slippers), or, better yet, you can have it delivered to you while you lounge by the pool. Same goes for any special addition, should you pick the Ritz for a birthday or anniversary celebration – a bouquet of flowers or one of their exquisite birthday cakes.

Yes, this level of luxury and comfort comes with a price tag. However, I would definitely recommend a stay at the Ritz even to individuals of average income. It is bound to be like nothing you have ever seen in your life and perfect in every way – from the chocolate on your pillow to the selection of wines with your dinner.

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