Solomon Islands for the Unforgettable Christmas Bliss

Solomon Islands for the Unforgettable Christmas Bliss

Solomon Islands for the Unforgettable Christmas Bliss

Many people worldwide just cherish nothing more than staying at their homes with beloved family members and friends during the Christmas season. Embellishing the Christmas tree, putting up the fancy lights and diving into the lip-smacking dinner sums up their typical day.

If you are really annoyed staying indoors, viewing the same destinations every Xmas and want to experience the tranquil environment or another culture, then it is time to chalk out a holiday plan and book a luxury hotel in Solomon for an unforgettable Christmas vacations.

Where better to go out for the holidays this December than the breathtaking Solomon Islands. An array of mesmerizing islands defines this particular region. Each island is quite different from another showcasing a unique illustration of beauty. A group of pristine beaches with the world class hotels and resorts, colorful marine life and the enchanting attractions are what the Solomon has to offer to the tourists. Spending some invaluable time with the near and dear ones during the time of Christmas away from the chaotic monotonous life gets true in the Solomon Islands.

Now, you may be thinking why the visitors must pack their bags for the Solomon Islands, when they have a choice of visiting many other countries? The various things that make this island a must visit destination to spend the memorable Xmas holidays are as follows:

Paradise Island Replete with Colorful Flowers and Dense Rainforests

The islands are characterized by the dense rainforests, volcanic landscape and different kinds of magnificent flowers. The rainforests and the tropical plants envelop approximately thousands of volcanic islands. The wonderful beaches surrounded by the coconut trees and the secluded environment create a bewitching ocean paradise. The crystal-clear blue waters not only allow the exotic marine life to flourish, but also provide a wonderful opportunity to visitors to try their hand in various adventure activities such as the fishing, cruising, diving, kayaking, surfing and so on. The sights of the colorful orchid flowers and coral atolls will certainly capture the hearts of the tourists.

Delectable Cuisines that will tickle your Taste Buds

The dining experience provided by the hotels and resorts is simply memorable. The visitors can get to taste Chinese, Polynesian and Western cuisines. However, it is important to remember that giving tip to the waiters is banned in the Solomon, so you must thank them with a smile for their services. The crab and the fresh diet are the specialties of the restaurants here. Star fruit, papaya, breadfruit, pineapples, etc. are some of the commonly available food items, which you can get from the market quite easily. So, spend Christmas holiday at Solomon Islands resorts and enjoy the fun-filled holidays.

Diving in the Pristine Beaches and Exploring Colorful Marine Life

The natural beaches of the Solomon are simply unparalleled. The untouched beauty of the azure waters spreads approximately 1450 across the islands. You will be certainly tempted to enjoy the hot sun and tan your body. The surreal and bewitching view of the beaches is really something remarkable. You can also go for diving in the Solomon Islands and get once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the gems in the ocean like the exotic marine, wrecked warships of World War II and lots more. While diving, it is imperative that you must take the help of the experienced individuals to avoid any inconvenience or injury.

Good Climate that Will Refresh your Mind, Body and Soul

The climate of this particular splendid island remains blissful and pleasant all round the year. The gentle air flowing from the beaches or ocean will certainly help you to alleviate your worries and re-energize your body. Generally, the warm and dry season starts in the month of May till October. The temperature of the island hovers around at 21 degree Celsius. The rainy season begins from December and lasts up to March. It is pivotal that you must undertake an in-depth research work about the climate before making any travel plans.

Unique Kinds of Fauna not found anywhere else in the World

The Solomon is an abode of different unique species of wildlife that are very rarely found in any part of the world. By trekking through the lush rainforests of the island, you can get a wonderful chance to various kinds of wildlife such as the Makira Flycatcher, Rennell White-eye, San Cristobal Honeyeater, White-billed Crow, Monkey-faced Bat, Santa Cruz Tube-nosed Bat, Guadalcanal Bow-fingered Gecko, Taumako Skink Emoia Taumakoensis, Saltwater Crocodile, Coconut Crab and so on. The picturesque views and the wildlife that the visitors encounter while strolling in the forest are simply mesmerizing and offer the long-lasting memories.

It is crystal-clear that the Solomon Islands have everything you vouch for in an exotic Christmas holiday trip. You will certainly get your fill of spellbinding nature, mouth watering cuisine, top-notch hotels, enthralling adventure activities and great culture. Hopping from one island to another island is one of the great ways to discover the magical beauty of the Solomon. One thing is for sure that there will be no shortage of the everlasting memories or stories once you return home. When you visit the awe-inspiring Solomon Islands, you can be guaranteed that you have seen the very best that this island has to offer to the visitors around the world.

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