Smart Travel Tips for Planning Fun Activity Holidays

Holiday activities

Holiday activities

Activity holidays are vacations where you spend your time participating in one activity or several related activities. Unlike traditional vacations, the activities are the focal point of your travel experience. Here are a few tips for planning fun activity holidays.

Decide what type of activity holiday you would like to enjoy

A wide range of activity holidays exists to suit a variety of interests, fitness levels and experience. Popular types of activity holidays include thrill-seeking, wilderness and special interest holidays.

Thrill-seeking activity holidays might include participating in winter sports, rock climbing, water activities or spelunking. These kinds of activity holidays get your adrenalin pumping and allow you to face new challenges while enjoying exciting experiences.

Wilderness activity holidays involve spending time in wilderness areas, such as deserts, mountains, forests or jungles. Such trips usually include camping, trekking, attending survival skills courses and learning about the cultures and wildlife you might encounter. You can choose to explore an area on your own or take guided tours of specific locations, such as enjoying grand canyon tours by helicopter.

Special interest activity holidays are available for those who have a real passion for specific subjects. Examples of special interests include archaeology, photography, learning languages and yoga.

Subject experts act as both travel guides and teachers. These vacations are often ideal activity holidays for singles who want tofind other people that share their interests.

Research potential vacation destinations

Once you’ve decided what type of holiday you’d like to enjoy, make a list of activities that interest you and the members of your travel group. If you are taking a family activity holiday, allow all of your children to have a hand in the decision making process.

Then research holiday destinations that meet your group’s interests and needs. Determine your top three or four destinations that have the activities you would most enjoy. Call outfitters and tour companies to find out about travel packages for your desired destinations.

Activity holidays are typically offered as an all-inclusive vacation package, but remember to ask whether transportation and insurance is included in the price quote. Look for packages that travel in smaller groups so you can get more personalized attention from your guide.

Make reservations well in advance

Spaces tend to fill up quickly for holidays, especially if you plan to travel during school holidays. Booking your travel arrangements, car rentals and lodgings early might also save you a little bit of money.

Pack all essential items ahead of time

Review the packing list suggestions supplied by your holiday outfitter. Obtain any required clothing or gear at least a week before departure. You want to make sure that all new shoes are broken in and your new clothing fits before you reach your destination.

Before packing, make sure all luggage and carry-ons meet airline regulations. Always put your name and phone number on every piece of luggage just in case it gets lost.

Make copies of all-important documents

Photocopy all group member’s passports, driver’s licenses, credit cards and drug prescriptions and carry the copy with you on your travels. As a bonus precaution, scan and email copies of the documents to yourself so you can pull it up online if needed.

Prepare your body for the upcoming activities

Start improving your fitness levels several months ahead of time by going walking, swimming, jogging or cycling. As your departure date draws closer, begin prepping for the specific holiday activities.

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