Singapore Nightlife: Clarke Quay

clarke-quay, Cr-seeetheworld

clarke-quay, Cr-seeetheworld

Clarke Quay is well known as the party district of Singapore, where the city’s locals and expatriates alike come to let lose and explore the vibrant and diverse nightlife. The amount, proximity and breadth of bars and night clubs, all squeezed together into a mere few blocks of pure entertainment are the prime factors that keep people coming and coming back. The neighborhood has come a long way from its humble roots to one of the most sought out destinations for party goers and tourists alike.

China One

China One is a second-level bar and night club that features talented local acts that perform top 40 rock and pop hits in intervals throughout the night to the delight of the club-going crowds. With several rooms, the fun never stops – whether this fun includes shooting pool and drinking beers or dancing the night away on the dance floor to the infectious tunes played by the resident DJ’s or songs sung by the bands playing that night.

Le Noir

With heart-stopping beats, exquisite decor and exceptional bottle service, Le Noir is the place to see and be seen for young twenty-something models and their entourage. This venue features an outdoor bar area just before the main club entry, where drinks and food can be enjoyed underneath the stars and among the lively crowds. After 10pm, club doors open to its visitors and stay open well into the late hours of the night.

The Chupitos Bar

For tequila lovers, Chupitos can hit the right spot with its extensive menu of tequila-based drinks and shots. Signature concoctions can leave heads spinning in no time as potent poison can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. Friendly waiters and waitresses are ready with their shot recommendations for the indecisive types and, even if the impossibility of drinks failing to impress occurs, the well-chosen top 40 music can keep the party mood alive.

The Pump Room

Pump Room is one of the biggest clubs in Clarke Quay and is, certainly, one of the most popular as evident by the throngs of people always hanging out in and outside of the club. A resident band playing the usual classics keeps the crowds dancing shoulder to shoulder on a crowded dance floor and, frequently, on tables and podiums by the VIP areas. The bar is extensive, spanning the entire length of the club, and features an impressive list of alcoholic beverages.


In a vaguely-Viking inspired setting, within the wood panel-cladded walls, a lively band belts out the well-loved classics from the eighties, nineties and today. The crowds often chime in and partake in the singalongs that are a part of a routine night at Highlander, making this bar one of the funnest spots in Clarke Quay. The band often takes song requests from the crowds and the singalongs are broken up only by the breaks in the sets when dance music surges and urges the bar goers to let loose on the dance floor.

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