Short Breaks in Singapore

Twenty Four Hours in Tidy Town

 Short Breaks in Singapore

Short Breaks in Singapore


Ever fancied a break in the world’s neatest, tidiest city? Why not make Singapore your next short stopover?

Everyone knows Singapore has a reputation for being neat, clean and tidy, and this tropical, steamy city certainly lived up to it’s reputation. Got a few hours at the airport between flights? Take a minor detour whilst in the region and sign up for the fantastic and free city tour. Twenty four hours to kill whilst stopping over on a long haul flight? There are definitely far worse places than Singapore to try to while away time.

Stopping Over In Changi Airport?

Changi airport is a major regional hub for air traffic, and it definitely deserves its reputation amongst travellers as being an excellent transit airport. It could almost be a microcosm for the city itself; it is remarkably clean, serene and peaceful, with an apparently limitless choice of things to buy, do and ways to relax.

An extremely relaxing way to spend an eight hour layover en route to Australasia is courtesy of the swimming pool, sun loungers and hot tub at the Transit Hotel in Terminal 1. There may even be time to fit in a quick manicure before boarding the plane, at fairly reasonable prices too, given the prime location.

Orchard Road Shopping

With a few hours to fill in between flights it is certainly worth checking out what this multicultural melting pot has to offer on the cheap. Or at the very least, try to get to grips with some of that world famous shopping scene. Step on to the immaculately clean and efficient subway and head straight to the main shopping area of Orchard Road.

Singapore On A Budget

If you need a bed for the night, Singapore has a reputation for being packed to the gills with accommodation for all price ranges, but it isn’t that easy to find truly cheap, backpacker accommodation if money is tight, so it is certainly worth trying to book in advance. Double rooms with a shared bathroom, only a short bus ride from Orchard Road or Little India, can be found for around 90 SGD with a little research.

For those on a budget, Little India certainly seems to be the heart of cheap Singapore, as most of the city can work out quite expensive for those more used to typical South East Asian prices in countries like Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia. For dinner, a reasonably priced burger and a pint can be found at pubs like The Prince of Wales, modelled on a typical Australian pub/hotel, which offers some of the cheapest food and drink in the area and comes with a great reputation too.

For those after a more regional supper, as the name of the area suggests, there is a huge range of choice for Indian and other Asian food, and it’s simply a matter of wandering around and making a decision. There may even be time for a spot of shopping after dinner. Items such as clothes and jewellery are some of the best bargains on offer, whilst artefacts and soft furnishings such as rugs, cushions and tapestries are actually quite a bit more expensive than other Asian countries.

All in all, Singapore has plenty to suit every budget, taste and whim. Except if the heat isn’t appealing, of course.

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