Sandcastle Hotel, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Sandcastle Hotel, Cr-tripadvisor

Sandcastle Hotel, Cr-tripadvisor

The Sandcastle Hotel in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is located at 123 Second Street in beautiful Rehoboth Beach.  The hotel has been in existence for many years and is easily located when driving down Rehoboth Avenue, the main street in Rehoboth.

The Sandcastle Hotel has a very distinctive look.  The building is a gray stucco building that is designed to look like a sandcastle.  It has a two level, indoor parking garage which gives guests a feeling of security as parking can be difficult during the summer months.

Our first visit to the Sandcastle Hotel was in late September in celebration of our wedding anniversary.  The rooms are not large, but they are clean and comfortable.  On this stay, the room had a double bed and a twin bed, so there was sleeping space for three.  There was also a sink and refrigerator, which it appeared was supposed to simulate a wet bar.  Each room has a balcony which overlooks the street below.  From higher level floors, you can see the ocean, but the hotel is not oceanfront, so there are really no “oceanview” rooms.  However, with the doors open, you can hear the surf.

There is an indoor pool with a pool deck patio, and a sauna.  There are no workout facilities at the hotel.  The pool deck has high walls so you have privacy while sunbathing, yet they are short enough that you can stand and overlook the busy street below.  The patio also has lounge chairs and tables so you do not need to bring your own.

The hotel does not offer room service, but on our first visit, we were given a discount coupon for the bar and restaurant that was located directly below the hotel, The Conch Island Bar.  We used the coupon for dinner and the food was delicious.  We highly recommend visiting the restaurant if you stay in Rehoboth.

The hotel is showing its age.  There is some rust on the elevators, which is to be expected since the hallways are semi-open air and the salt mist probably makes it difficult to keep rust at bay.  The hallways could use some brighter illumination as they tend to be very dark, even during the daytime.

The staff was incredibly helpful and friendly.  The first trip was planned as a surprise for my husband on our anniversary.  Because I did not want him to see any charges, I contacted the hotel and requested that I be able to pay cash and they graciously agreed.  In fact, they did not even request a credit card imprint upon check-in.  We had a problem with the toilet in the room and it was corrected immediately.

Their hospitality goes above and beyond what normal beach hotels offer.  In late April, we received an email offering us a weekend in May at a greatly reduced price as well as a late Sunday night check out.  We decided to take them up on the offer, and the stay was as pleasant as the first one.  This room only had one double bed, but appeared to adjoin a neighboring room.  Since this was still the off-season, we were pleasantly surprised at receiving the email offering us such a good rate as a thank you for staying with them.

One day, as we were leaving the room, one of the employees met us in the hall and we told him we were heading out and that the room could be cleaned.  He called us by name and thanked us for letting him know.  That was another pleasant surprise.  We assumed that we would not be getting any further discount rates as the summer season got into full swing.

Just recently, I received an email offering us another great rate for a weekend in June, and we will be taking them up on that offer as well.  Despite the age of the property, I highly recommend the Sandcastle Hotel in Rehoboth.  It is within walking distance to all restaurants, bars and attractions in this beach town, and the beach is only two blocks away.  It is well worth the price and we intend to use their facilities quite often.

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