Sailing in Mykonos

Sailing in Mykonos

Sailing in Mykonos

by Bryce Swinson,

One of exhilarating things that you can do when in the Mediterranean Basin is to take a sailboat and sail around the Greek islands, most notably around Mykonos. There are multiple companies that will bring you along on an almost-cruise adventure, with sailboats measuring at about 15 meters (about 40 or so feet for you Americans out there). You can do a longer trip that will take you around all of the Greek islands, or you can go out on a sailboat for a day or two, or even a couple of hours while vacationing on Mykonos. The smaller accommodations are quite a different experience from any Mykonos luxury hotel that you may be staying at normally, but the experience is novel, refreshing and exhilarating.

One Week Sailing Excursion

These longer sailing adventures can last about a week, maybe two if you really want to extend it. These sailboats have the capacity to hold about 8 people, so it is an intimate gathering, great for families or vacationing groups of couples. Sailing around Mykonos is bound to be a fantastic adventure, full of fishing, water spraying up around the boat, fantastic sunsets and sunrises, and other nautical niceties.

One-to-Two Day Sailing Trips

The shorter ones are really fun and exciting as well. These will take you around to the private beaches of Mykonos that are only accessible by such a boat as these, and you will get the thrill and experience of having sailed on the Aegean Sea. As you visit each location, you and who you bring with you get the joy of being alone at whatever spot you land, whether it be beach or cove. You have the advantage of knowing who you are with rather than bothering with the crowds and other tourists that are on Mykonos. You don’t have to deal with the super busy Paradise or Super Paradise Beaches or walk amidst a few thousand other people for the day that you are out on the boat. The perk really are endless.

What You Will See

The things that you will see while on the sailboat are precious and exciting! You will have the pleasure of viewing the sunset (and sunrise, if it is a two-day trip) unencumbered by anything at all. The sun blazes its solitary path down to the water, and you get to sit on that water as it catches colorfully on fire and winks out, all as you sit on a steadily rocking boat with those you love. You will get to swim in the deeper seas further out from the beach, as well as fish from the deck and sunbathe there as well. The sea life is vibrant and visible, and the boat crew is friendly and fun as they take you around Mykonos. Sailing around Mykonos is a worthwhile use of your time as you come and visit the beautiful island of Mykonos.

Author: Bryce Swinson is a tour guide in Mykonos and loves taking sailboats out around the island. His family is from a nautical background and has given him a deep love for his job.

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