Sailing across the Grenadines—a Fabulous Experience

A chance to enjoy true freedom while sailing across the Grenadines is a refreshing experience, with the feeling of utmost serenity when you cast your eyes on the vast Caribbean-blue sea. For such an adventure, you can choose either to sail a boat yourself or lay back and let someone do the navigation for you.

Crewed Charter vs. Monohull

boatOpting for Grenadines Crewed Charter is a good idea if you don’t have the skills to sail a catamaran or a monohull. Perhaps chartered luxury cruises will fulfill your desire to discover these Caribbean islands amid a peaceful environment and never-ending pleasures that set the tone for your vacation.

Topography of the Grenadines

grenadaBefore you decide to set off on your dream Caribbean Sailing Vacation, take some time to understand the topography of the islands between St. Vincent and Grenada.

Generally, the time taken to sail across the Grenadines varies according to your route. Some of the most prominent are from Bequia to Tobago Cays and Mayreau, from Carriacou to Tobago Cays, and from Bequia to Mustique.

The uniqueness of the Grenadines

The Grenadines are aren’t commercialized and have stunning, crystal-clear waters. The gorgeous beaches and beautiful marine parks are other top attractions to explore and, to add to the glamour, you’ll relish great cuisine and delicious cocktails.

Another aspect of a vacation here is the warm and tranquil climate throughout the year. The Grenadines are the place you want to explore if you love to sail across open and at times challenging waters. You can also experience the essence of its colonial history and blend of its rich Latin culture.

Apart from sailing among these beautiful islands, you can also experience the beauty beneath the surface on a scuba diving adventure.

Festivals & Food

fishThe food that you can savor in the Grenadines is just impeccable, from sensational seafood to sweet dishes, such as raisin ice-cream, fudge or burfi, and guava cheese.  If you’re one of those tourists who loves to take in the local culture, then time your visit for the National Dance Festival in September and Independence Day in October.

A trip across the Grenadines to admire the beauty of this fabulous destination is worth the money and time spent. There are a variety of travel packages that enable you to explore all that these Caribbean islands have to offer. Now’s the time to plan your dream vacation sailing in the Caribbean!

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