Revealing How to Save Thousands on an All American Cruise

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Cruise bahamas, cr-/

Just like any type of holidays, there is a high and low season for cruise lines. Choose the right time of year and you could save hundreds and even thousands of pounds on the cost of your vacation. This American guide is full of insider tips to help you save money on your next cruise.

South America

The slow months for cruise lines operating in South America are in either side of the summer (April and October). Both months are great for cruise goers, with mild to warm temperatures and small crowds. However, the closer you get to Central America the more the humidity rises and the greater the chance of storms. Keep in mind that a trip to the Galapagos during the low season will certainly be a bumpy ride as the seas are normally rough.

Gulf of Mexico

January and May to October is the low season for cruise goers in the Gulf of Mexico. The best time to take a cruise is towards the end of the summer months or early spring. January is the worst time of the year to take a cruise in this region of the world, temperatures go from hot one day to freezing the next.If you take a summer cruise, keep an eye out for regal boat tours that are often offered when the cruise ship is in port. Be sure to compare regal boats before choosing a tour though as the quality of the tour companies varies greatly.


The low season in Bermuda for cruise lines is split on either side of the high season. The slow months for cruising are September through to October and April to May. Out of the three months, May is the best time to take a cruise around Bermuda because the climate is warm while the humidity levels are low. Whichever month you happen to choose however, you are guaranteed a certain degree of privacy because of the small crowds.


The slow months in the Caribbean are September through to January and April and May. Unfortunately for cruise lovers, the low season coincides with the time of year when there are hurricanes. This is something that needs to be seriously considered before booking a cruise as this can affect the cruise itinerary and a severed hurricane can even result in the cancelation of the cruise.


September to December and the months of May and June are the best time to get the cheapest cruise tickets in Hawaii. If you have the option then spring is the best time of year to travel to Hawaii as the weather is warm but not too hot and humidity is low. The other great thing of course is that with children in school, the cruises are more oriented towards adults than families.

Canada and New England

May to August is the low season for cruise lines on the Canada to New England route. With few passengers, ticket prices are at there lowest. Unlike many other cruise routes, the low season for Canada and New England actually coincides with with best weather. This means anyone lucky enough to book a Canadian cruise can expect plenty of sunshine, which is great for the port stops.


May and September are the cheapest months to book a cruise in the most northern of US states, Alaska. The scenery in May is picturesque with the trees growing new leaves while much the highlands will still be covered in snow. September is also nice as the weather is still mild without the cold winter winds, but temperatures can drop suddenly and heavy mists can roll over the sea.

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