Renting a House in Newport Beach, California, Makes a Perfect Family Vacation

Newport General

Newport General

One thing that makes Newport Beach, California unique as a beach destination is that families, including extended families, or groups of friends, can rent a house together right on the beach.

While some beach cities have hotels or stores along the beachfront, or just parking lots, Newport has homes running all along the beachfront, and also on the bay front on the other side of the peninsula. Many of them are available for rent, and many families make a tradition of renting a beach house together for a week or more every summer. Craig Batley, owner of Burr-White Realty, (2901 Newport Blvd., 855-675-4630) notes Newport has a long history of having vacation homes and says, “We’ve been renting vacation homes to families for decades.” To hear our interview with Craig, and get more info about Newport Beach, click here.

Here are some things to keep in mind when renting.

Rental areas of Balboa Peninsula: Different sections of the city are noted for drawing different types of rental crowds. The area above the Newport Pier, also known as “West Newport” is known for being more lively and is close to a number of bars and clubs. Singles or younger people who want to be where the “action” is, will like this area. The area between the Newport and Balboa piers, below the Balboa Pier, and on the Bay Side, are quieter areas, and generally a better rental option for families with children.

Newport Beach Side vs. Balboa Bay Side: Being in a beachfront home with a porch that sits right up against the boardwalk can be fun for people watching as joggers, bikers, walkers and everyone else parades by. They’re a great place for hanging out and you just have to take a few steps to be on the sand. However, these are also the most expensive rentals. As you move off the beach, prices drop, and the best deals can sometimes be found over on the bay side of the peninsula. It’s more laid-back and quieter, and since the Balboa Peninsula is only a few blocks wide, you’re never more than a five-minute walk from the beach.

Great rental deals: Weekly rentals on the Balboa Peninsula generally start at just below $2,000 and go up from there. When you hear a price, remember a couple of things if you’re comparing numbers against the cost of staying in a hotel. First, divide the price by six or seven, since that’s the number of nights you’ll have it. Second, keep in mind that if you’ve got a large or extended family, you’d have to rent at least two or three or more hotel rooms. Third, remember that you’ll have a full kitchen and can therefore save money by eating out less. Whatever you’re looking for, Batley points out, “There’s a price point for everybody. All families can really afford here.”

Families traveling together: The whole feel of a family vacation in a beach house is very different from being in a hotel. For large or extended families, you would need to rent multiple hotel rooms, so there’s really not a big gathering place where people can hang out together. There’s also not a large kitchen where you can do family meals together. “It’s a family experience you can’t replicate in a hotel,” Batley says.

Newport Beach offers a wide variety of rental options near the beach, it’s just a matter of finding the best fit for you and your family.

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