Real Reviews From Real Bikers: The Best Blogs for Motorcycle Touring

Biking in England

Biking in England

by Kate Myers,

Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most reliable and influential sources that affect consumer purchases — and businesses love it because it costs them nearly nothing. With the wildfire expansion of social media, word-of-mouth marketing has become an art thanks to “average Joe” blog reviews and the readers who post comments. Every hobby and interest has its own following, and dozens if not hundreds of websites devoted to their brands. Sorting through the good ones is up to end-users.

For bike enthusiasts, some top shelf resources written by fellow motorcyclists can help guide through, for example, after-market purchases and motorcycle accessories or planning the best road trip on two wheels. These are real people writing real reviews, which can have a significant impact on getting the best motorcycle accessories for your ride.

For Bike Fans is maintained by David Webb, an avid bike fan. At times he can be a bit myopic, because it is based on an individual’s perspective, yet Webb’s blogs are genuine and informative. He includes particulars on motorcycle accessories, such as books and gear that he has found useful in his adventures. It’s a great firsthand account of a tips and tricks. Dave cuts out the middleman and gives you genuine firsthand accounts.

For Female Bikers

Motorcycling has become less of a boys club over the past few decades. In record numbers, women have joined the motorcycling community and addresses issues specific to female riders. Originally written to address the lack of female perspective and motorcycle accessories, it has grown into an online community of women who are passionate about riding. This is a great resource for female motorcyclists who care about the gear and accessories designed for them.

Helmet Hair

Originating from Denmark, Jesper Bram is an experienced motorcyclist who has built a solid following for his website because of his mix of anecdotal and illuminating content. It’s written from an amateur’s perspective in that he has no professional affiliations and no secondary motives for sharing his thoughts. You know that when he gives a review, he believes what he is saying.

Vagabond Rider

A self-proclaimed “Motorcycle vagabond with an Internet connection,” Bill Dwyer of says he “likes motorcycles a little too much.” Every accessory he reviews is one in which he has a personal experience. His reviews also include tips for riders regarding general accessories that are essential for every rider. Bill goes out of his way to use and review new products and accessories even though he has established favorites.


Numerous sites dedicated to regional and international travel connect motorcyclists with tours all over the world. Check out’s blog, which details the tours that are geared toward off-the-beaten-path travel in groups of eight to 10 bikes. The guides know the routes and speak the languages of the locals. The site is packed with photos, which are pictorial testimonials for the tours. Smiling faces and first-person accounts of the tours are word-of-mouth advertising at its best.

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