Railcards for Train Travel in the UK

railcard cr: cheaptraintickets.info

railcard cr: cheaptraintickets.info

Cheap tickets are available for many people with railcards, such as family and seniors traveling in the UK. Train travel can be expensive in the UK, but cheap train travel can be available to many people with a little homework.

This article will look at the variety of railcards available to travelers which can help reduce costs, sometimes massively. If a passenger is traveling on a longer journey, the cost of the railcard is often recouped on the first journey making these a fantastic purchase.

Many of these railcards also give discounts on advance fares and admission charges for days out. These offers are always changing, so check online for the latest deals.

The 16-25 Railcard – save a third

This railcard is available to any person under 26 years old, or is a full time student at a recognized college or university. This railcard will give the traveler one third off rail tickets at most times, but is subject to a minimum fare before 10am weekdays most of the year. Further savings can also be made by buying the railcard for three years rather than just the one, but you must be below the age of 24 for this option.

The Senior Railcard – giving cheaper train fares

These railcards are available to any person over 60 years of age and give discounts to standard, first and advance ticket options. The railcard can be used at anytime except on peak trains within the South-East of England. A three year option is available when buying this railcard to make grater savings. There are often many deals for holidays, admission charges and days out for cardholders. More information can be found on the rail companies web site.

Family & Friends Railcard – save a third and more

This is a very good railcard to help reduce the costs of families traveling. The minimum passengers traveling together is one adult and one child. Up to a maximum of four adults and four children can also travel for savings of one third for adults and 60% off children’s fares. These railcards again come with various days out offers, very useful during school holidays.

Network Railcard – save a third on many fares

A Network Railcard is a good deal for those traveling on a lot of journeys within the South-East of England only. There is no age restriction, but travel is restricted before 10am and on certain trains in the evening Monday-Friday most of the year. Similar to a Family & Friends Railcard, three other adults can travel for the same discount and four children travel with 60% off. Offers are again available for days out, and it is best to check online for latest deals. No discount tickets using a Network Card are available on the Gatwick Express.

Disabled Railcard – save a third for yourself and a companion

A Disabled Railcard is available to registered disabled passengers and in receipt of certain UK benefits. This railcard gives one third discount off most train tickets and has few restrictions. Out of all the railcards, this one must be purchased in advance and can take unto about 10 days to arrive. Please check with the railcard companies on how to apply for this card.

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