Punta del Diablo, Uruguay

 Punta del Diablo, Uruguay, Cr-wikipedia

Punta del Diablo, Uruguay, Cr-wikipedia

Laid Back Fishing Village, Killer Beaches And Good Surf Too

Representing everything that Uruguay’s major beach destination, Punta del Este, is not, Punta del Diablo is a haven for those who want to holiday with Uruguayans.

Uruguay’s Beaches

It is well known that Uruguay possesses some of the finest beaches in a continent where the visitor is spoilt for choice. Taking into consideration that Uruguay boasts 450km of beaches along the Rio de la Plata and a further 220km along the Atlantic, beach fiends can rest assured that they will find what they are looking for.

A Place for the Beautiful People

Traditionally the place to go for foreigners was the outrageously chic and hip Punta del Este. The South American Riviera of Punta del Este quickly became the destination of choice in the European off-season for clubbers and beachcombers, not to mention the hordes of Argentines that flood north and have effectively priced the locals out of their own country.

Punta del Where?

Located 298km from Montevideo, 172km from Punta del Este and 43km from Chuy on the border with Brazil, Punta del Diablo promises to be the next traveller destination. A traditional fishing village set 5km back from the highway along pristine sandy beaches, Punta del Diablo has much in the way of laid back and natural holidaying to offer.

What Can I Do Here?

Aside from being an ideal place in the Rocha intendencia (state) to break the journey from Brazil to Montevideo or from Buenos Aires north, Punta del Diablo has a great deal to offer aside from stunning sunsets, breathtaking scenery and friendly locals.

The inexplicably beautiful beaches in the area have good surfing opportunities while the town is really a charming tangle of quaint streets, colourfully painted wooden fishermen’s dwellings, Punta del Diablo is the complete antithesis of Punta del Este.

Eco Tourism – Volunteer and help the plight of the Uruguayan Sea Turtle at the Karumbe Conservation Project some 15km from Punta del Diablo

Fortaleza de Santa Teresa – Built in 1762 by the Portuguese it was then later taken by the Spanish while the two empires wrestled over the spoils of trade routes and territories in the New World. The Fort was restored in 1928.

Laguna Negra – A birdwatchers paradise. The immense lake is great for boat trips out and the surrounding swamplands are home to all manner of migrating birds.

Santa Teresa National Park – 3000 hectares of forested land ( 2 million trees!) on the site of one of the most important battles for Uruguay’s independence and containing flora and fauna from five continents. 60km of walking trails and desolate beaches.

When To Visit

Summer – November to March – average temperatures sit in the upper 70s (26 degrees).

Winter will be cold, never below freezing, but certainly brisk.

Where to Stay

Hands down the best backpacker place on the beach complete with its own bar is El Diablo Tranquilo, run by Brian and Heidi from Wisconsin.

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