Popular Traditional Village in Cyprus

    Fikardou village

Fikardou village

by Sofia Mendez,

Given an opportunity to travel, would you consider staying in a traditional village in Cyprus rather than in a hotel or a vacation lounge? Some would probably answer “no” because sad to say, many of us are accustomed to focusing on conveniences rather than importance and value. Most individuals forget that most things in life are free and these are often the things that make us truly happy. Discover these simple pleasures in life through a week of experience in one of these traditional villages in Cyprus.


This traditional mountain settlement located in Nicosia displays ancient woodwork and folk architecture. It managed to preserve the 18th and 19th century architecture and physiognomy of the region providing its visitors an authentic village experience that is in harmony with the environment. It has been featured in the Cypriot TV series (Aigia Fuxia), which has hastened the interest of many travelers to visit the place. Only less than five people still live in this traditional village and they still continue the same lifestyle they inherited from their ancestors.

Note: Be sure to visit the cute restaurant of the only couple residing in this place for the best jams, cookies, and sugary treats.


You will find this restored village at the northern portion of Limassol in the southern region of the Troodos Mountains and right at the heart of rural Cyprus. This is classified as an artist haven because of the inspiring view the Troodos Mountain brings. Expect to find souvenir shops and tavernas offering traditional local cuisines for your fancy. Moreover, you will be entertained with the locals that act as storytellers sharing the traditional processes of beekeeping, pear harvesting, almond growing, wine making, and walnut cultivation.

Note: Rent a car in Limassol to immediately transport the family to this traditional village. It is just an hour away from Larnaca and Paphos Airport for a convenient journey to the world of simplicity offered by Lania.


Those who wish to look back in time will appreciate the beauty of Lofou village. Historians believe that this village may have been founded long before the Franks occupied the region. It was originally referred to as Lofos, but due to everyday speech and association with the female gender, it was transformed to Lofou. Nevertheless, the major attraction of the region remains the same.

Note: You will have a chance to live in this traditional village, thanks to the holiday villas offered by various owners in the region. However, you have to make early reservations because these accommodations are easily booked due to the popularity of the place.

You will find other traditional villages scattered in Cyprus. In any case, planning your itinerary and finding the perfect Cyprus car rental will make your journey to these traditional villages most convenient and memorable.

About the Author: Sofia Mendez is an anthropology student. She is currently engaged in understanding the culture of Cyprus and enjoys the affordable services offered by Cyprus car hire for her transportation needs.

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