Poipu beach resorts: Adventure and Relaxation As One

Poipu beach resorts

Poipu beach resorts

Poipu beach resort is indeed one of the most sought after places in Kauai. A lot of people prefer to spend their holidays in Poipu primarily because of so many activities it offers such as kayaking jungle streams, downhill biking, coastal hikes, excursions, surfing, helicopter tours, and scuba diving. The weather is also inviting making it a perfect opportunity for both land and sea activities.

The best time to visit Poipu beach resorts

Poipu beach resorts can be best visited anytime of the year because of its mild climate year round. However, most resort owners spend their holiday getaway during winter. So, if you are going to visit Poipu during winter you have to make sure to arrange your accommodation beforehand because during such time almost all resorts are fully occupied. Poipu beach resorts was named the “2003 America’s Best Beach” according to The Travel Channel.

What made it really stand out among the rest is its beautiful climate, inviting natural setting, comfort and wide range of activities offered for both children and adult. The richness of nature is best observed in Poipu beach wherein you will have the opportunity to enjoy blue waters and close encounter to marine’s endangered species like giant green sea turtles.

Various activities to be enjoyed by both adult and children

Due to the visibility feature of Poipu beach, it becomes the perfect place for scuba diving and snorkeling. In fact, experienced divers find Poipu the right place for deep scuba excursions. Surfing is also another activity to look forward to considering the fact that there are six different surf breaks in Poipu. If you are not the adventurous type, then there are other activities awaiting you such as fishing excursions, sunset sails, snorkel cruises, and scuba diving too.

Aside from water related activities, there are as well land based activities like biking, hiking, noting driving, golfing, and the like. For a more adventurous land based experience, you can try on hiking to a hidden waterfall, kayaking up the jungle stream, visiting secluded coastlines and valleys through all terrain vehicle or ATV or horseback. Poipu beach is not only for experienced swimmers, but as well as for amateurs too. As a matter of fact, there are designated personnel who are willing to help you learn the basic of surfing and riding the waves.

Types of beach resort accommodations to choose from

There are various beach resorts accommodations to choose from in Poipu such as cozy inns, bungalows, and luxurious resorts. There are also accommodations suitable to budget travelers. So, you will always have the opportunity to find the best accommodation that suits your taste, preference, and budget.

There are also on site amenities like shopping centers, restaurants, and spas. You can also take advantage of high end accommodations like condos and hotels. If you are planning to spend your holiday getaway in Poipu, then it would be a wise decision to book your trip ahead of time to avoid hassles and increase your chance of finding the best activity packages and special accommodation.

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